Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.

I see in this War Cabinet the makings of a coup to form a new, unelected government around Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot that excludes Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich to outright disenfranchise the Jews of Judea and Samaria. It's what the US demands.

Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.

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My hopes for 2024 are: firstly, that the communities of Judea and Samaria, together with the poor of Israel, will finally properly dismiss the elites from their positions of power in the society; secondly, that Israel will find some way of bringing the people of Iran to topple the Islamic regime; and, thirdly, that King Salman finally moves to a better place.

I wish to pay tribute to Ambassador Gilad Erdan. Against the backdrop of the headlong flight from Judaism of the post-73 generation, Erdan’s assertion of his and his nation’s Jewishness inside the lion’s den that is the United Nations is significant. The Israeli UN Mission’s “Hear our Voices: Sexual and Gender-based Violence in the October 7th Hamas Terror Attack,” was simply stunning, and the furthest cry from the awful letter Erdan had written to the UN earlier in the year. My tribute also goes to former Ambassador to the UN, MK Danny Danon, who, as far as I’m able to tell, is basically the conscience of Likud, and who fully understands the fatal error of showing the slightest humanity towards the Palestinians.

I wish to pay tribute to Otzma Yehudit and Mafdal–Religious Zionism, led by Ithamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, respectively. The only political party in the government that seem to be several steps ahead of jihad is Otzma Yehudit. Everyone else seems always to be caught by surprise and forced to catch up to events. Even now, almost three months after the Simchat Torah massacre, Otzma Yehudit receive no acknowledgement that they had been right, and that the actions and policies they have been proposing all along might well have discouraged the Palestinians from perpetrating their outrages. If anything, their leaders are more determinately marginalised than ever. I would suggest that an uncomfortable suspicion that Otzma Yehudit are correct about the way forward might, in part at least, explain the animosity towards them.

One indication of how correct they are is the shrillness of the international community’s outrage at everything they say. As if 7 October never happened, the US government and the US leader of Reform Judaism went into apoplexy after Ithamar Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich made the self-evidently crucial proposal that the overwhelming majority of Arabs be assisted in leaving Gaza, and that Jewish close settlement of the land there be resumed. Instantly, all talk of Gaza being an “open air prison” stopped. Whether by handsomely-compensated voluntary emigration, or some other means, a way must be found to free Gaza of Arab Muslims. This much should be blindingly obvious, but then, along comes the combination of a kangaroo court and MK Aryeh Deri.

Shas Party chairman MK Aryeh Deri is upset with politicians, especially MKs, who advocate voluntary emigration be made available to Gazans and Jewish close resettlement of Gaza. He is worried that such talk makes Israel look bad in the eyes of the International Court of Justice in The Hague. “Be careful with your words,” urges Deri, because the accuser, South Africa’s ANC government, “take advantage of every statement.” Of course they do, Mr Deri. It’s the South African government, rotten to the core, their country heading for economic collapse, on a soap box in a kangaroo court, draped in Palestinian colours. What do you expect? Anyone can say absolutely anything they want about Israel, including that she perpetrates genocide, and Mr Deri will not tell them to be careful with their words. Only the Jews have to consider their whispers carefully.

Mr Deri insists that, “Anyone who talks about moving the population to another place and the return of Jewish settlement causes serious harm to Judea and Samaria…” One immediately has to wonder what “talks about moving the population to another place and the return of Jewish settlement,” caused the endless Palestinian building encroachments into Area C, the Palestinian assaults on Jewish shepherds, the constant Palestinian murders of Jews on the roads, such as the slaying of the Yaniv brothers in Huwara, of kindergarten teacher Batsheva Nigri in Hebron and of Lucy Dee and her two daughters, Rina and Maia, in the Jordan Valley, the intrusions into Jewish homes to murder families in their sleep—all actions that Palestinians universally applaud and are proud of.

Mr Deri complains that such talk, “unnecessarily raises the Palestinian issue again.” (My emphasis) In the middle of a court case in which Israel is on trial for genocide of the Palestinians, three months after Palestinians had burst through the Gaza fence to commit the worst massacre that Israel has ever experienced, and while a war against Palestinians is underway, practically all the news over the last three months has been “the Palestinian issue,” and yet, for Mr Deri, the Palestinian issue has already died down. Shame on those far-right extremists for bringing it all up again.

Deri further informs us: “The threat that existed before Simchat Torah no longer exists today,” as if he knew of a threat that existed before Simchat Torah—or did he; or does he simply have a different conception of what constitutes a threat? Whatever that threat was, if it no longer exists today, then what does it matter if someone takes advantage of MKs' words. The issue is moot. It is only when we learn what constitutes a threat in Mr Deri’s mind that his strange conception becomes clear.

The main goal of the war that was imposed on us is to remove the threat that emanated from the Gaza Strip. Everyone understands what we are dealing with. 550 km of tunnels and tens of thousands of fighters.

Ah, no Islam then. No jihad, no Palestinians, no Muslim Brotherhood, no PA, no Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, no Lion’s Den, no Palestinian Islamic Jihad, no Islamic Republic of Iran, no Russia, no China, no Qatar, no Aljazeera, no mainstream media, no Biden Administration, no US State Department, no EU, no BDS, no Western universities, no peace movement, no genocide hadith, no Houthis, no Hezbollah, no wokism, not even Hamas. None of these are a threat. Just 550Km of tunnels and tens of thousands of fighters. It’s not so bad.

Aryeh Deri reminds one of the Old Yeshuv, when Jews had no choice but to submit. While a Muslim was busy beating the living daylights out of a Jew, the Jew would “be careful with his words,” lest he provokes the Muslim into beating the living daylights out of him. If, at the end of the beating, the Jew found himself still alive, then it was not so bad. Voila Aryeh Deri. Everything about this man screams dhimmi. If Aryeh Deri had any shred of hadar in him, he would thank God for Otzma Yehudit. If nothing else, they compensate for his lack.

And lack is precisely what characterised the Labour Zionist leadership of what was about to become the Jewish homeland reborn. According to Dr Uri Milstein in his essay, “What is the ‘iron’ in the Iron Wall?” (translated by Ben Dor A.):

In 1947, Ben-Gurion succeeded in convincing the Jews of the Land of Israel and the Zionist movement to adopt a limited national goal - the establishment of an independent Jewish state in part of the Land of Israel (although he and his political allies aspired to a Jewish state in the entire land, what is called the Land of Israel today) - but he was unable to convince them to build a professional regular army that would ensure the fulfilment of this goal, and he did not know what to do in order for such an army to be established.

One leader who would not have let this happen had died seven years earlier, in 1940. That man was Ze’ev Jabotinsky, a man who strained every fibre of his body to solve the Jews’ lack of national security. It was he who seized the opportunity of the First World War not only to raise a Jewish armed force, but for that armed force to itself liberate the Jewish homeland from the Turks. And it was then that David Ben-Gurion parted ways with him. Jewish national security went downhill from there. Dr Milstein again:

In this speech, Ben-Gurion did not mention that he was responsible for the Yeshuv’s security apparatus, which did not turn the non-army into an army, and that he dealt with political and party problems that constantly preoccupied him, and that he did not have time left to deal thoroughly with security problems. Therefore, the Jewish community did not have a minimal army when the war broke out…

Most Israeli Jews now accept that reality is reality, even if it is unpalatable or does not make any obvious sense. We see this change reflected in prominent media personalities, such as Caroline Glick. The Simchat Torah massacre has shown them the urgent need for recovering what some call Hebrewness. The demand for Jewish resettlement of Gaza, that, according to several recent surveys, now comes from the majority of Israeli Jews, is reinforced by many Diaspora Jews who are preparing to make Aliyah specifically to settle in Gaza. Something tells me Israel is on the verge of a significant influx of Jews from South African. There is a confident and highly vocal Sovereignty Movement that is done with “being careful with their words,” done with always submitting to the interests of others, in short, done with dhimmitude.

Such Jews, unsurprisingly, do not include the Israeli Left, such as Yoav Galant, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, for whom the massacre only urged more rapid dismantling of the Jewish state. Yoav Galant and Benjamin Netanyahu’s pushing for saving the Palestinian Authority predates the Simchat Torah massacre. Store that one away somewhere. The very last thing that the likes of Deri, Galant, Gantz and Eisenkot want to hear are the testimonies of Hamas’s prisoners of war released from captivity. For them, the US and the EU, the distinction between Hamas (terrorists) and Palestinian (innocent civilians) must be maintained at all costs. To blur this distinction means the end of an eighty-year-old folly: that there can be peace between Jews and Arab Muslims.

“Everyone there are terrorists,” said Mia Schem, who spent 54 days in Hamas captivity, in an interview on Israel's Channel 13. “There are no innocent civilians, not one.” On 7 October, Yoav Galant swore to destroy Hamas; ten days ago he pronounced that “Gaza residents are Palestinian, therefore Palestinian bodies will be in charge, with the condition that there will be no hostile actions or threats against the State of Israel.” There can be absolutely no doubt in Yoav Galant’s mind that he is able to distinguish between Hamas and Palestinians. Without such absolute certainty, he has no plan. One of the captive families, the Goldstein-Almogs, recounted:

We will never forgive and we will never show any kind of empathy towards these people. If we previously believed that there was a chance for peace, we’ve lost all faith in these people, especially after we were there and among the population.

Yoav Galant’s plan puts Hamas back in charge! His plan is the only enabler of Hamas needs to do the whole thing all over again, and again, and again. Defence Minister Yoav Galant must be made to defend his plan before a panel of released Israeli captives. That is the only way to ensure that Hamas is actually destroyed. And yes, it would almost certainly mean encouraging, strongly encouraging, and assisting, strongly assisting, every single Gazan not imprisoned for terrorism, to leave the Strip. No forced expulsions required, but if needs be, then so be it.

Yoav Galant is above the captives’ base sentiments. Jews are better than that. “Gaza residents are Palestinian, therefore Palestinian bodies will be in charge.” This man insists that the elected government of Israel keep out of his way, so he can draws up his plan for Gaza. Mia Schem might not be a government Minister, but the Israeli people can rest assured that in her hands, the Gaza plan with not lead to the next massacre; in the hands of Galant, we’re heading straight for it. It is screamingly obvious that Mia Schem and the other released captives have infinitely more experience, real, raw, firsthand experience, both of Gaza and of Palestinians, than the entire War Cabinet combined.

What kind of thinking results in an Israeli War Cabinet prosecuting a war against Hamas, that excludes Ithamar Ben-Gvir and Avigdor Lieberman, but includes Yoav Galant, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot, two individuals neck-deep in culpability for reducing their country to a condition that presented the Palestinians with an opportunity they were never going to miss? That Ron Dermer is part of the War Cabinet (albeit as an observer, as is Gadi Eisenkot) tells us something about Benjamin Netanyahu’s priorities. Certainly, a war cabinet benefits from the presence of a former general, but do such generals have to be anti-Zionist, Palestinian-supporting, insurrection instigators when the enemy is Palestinian mass-rapists and mass-murderers?

My cynical mind sees in this War Cabinet the makings of a coup to form a new, unelected government around Benjamin Netanyahu, Benny Gantz and Gadi Eisenkot that specifically excludes Ben-Gvir and Bezalel Smotrich, a move that will, with the aid of the ever-subversive Supreme Court, outright disenfranchise the by then thoroughly-demonised Jews of Judea and Samaria on the pretext of US-propagated “settler violence.” It's what the US demands.

Another illusion that will persist is that a significant number of Israelis will continue to believe that the turmoil that convulsed their nation for eleven months was simply another case of the bickering for which Jews are so endearingly famous, and that the Gaza War has united the Jews, as always happens when they face an existential threat. I remain unconvinced, as too much points to the contrary.

Benny Gantz sabotaging the police preparations for a possible Arab Israeli uprising; officials frustrating the National Security Minister’s efforts to secure the nation; Gadi Eisenkot casting doubt on Israel’s ability to retake control of Gaza; IDF top brass forcing soldiers to paint over their graffiti in Gaza after the Gazans had slaughtered 1200 Israelis and the soldiers having to pussy-foot around those same Gazans, while the Gazans continue firing rockets into Israel; the Supreme Court rushing through their striking down of another step in the Judicial Reform process within days of Supreme Court President Esther Hayut’s retirement; and goodness knows what else, all indicate that the “bickering” continues under cover of “uniting.”

The real existential threat is not the Simchat Torah massacre, but the insurrection that preceded it and continues through the war. Still, the silver lining to this morbidly dark cloud is that large numbers of Israelis are finally waking up to the character of the Palestinians, the nature of Islam and the reality of their situation. It will be a long time before we can list the full fallout from the Simchat Torah massacre, especially for Islam and for wokism, but also for the Israeli power structure. And that is a better start to a new year than to many a new year before.

When Sunan Abi Dawood 4297 narrates Muhammad as saying that when Muslims are numerous and the kufaar bandy together to attack them, Muslims will be “scum and rubbish,” they will not be scum and rubbish because they lie, steal, deceive, torture, mutilate, enslave, rape and murder, but because most of them will no longer lie, steal, deceive, torture, mutilate, enslave, rape and murder. Most of them will have ceased to be barbarian, and it is precisely through barbarism that they have prevailed for a thousand years. Their religion, Islam, is designed specifically to accomplish and maintain their dominance over all others. Lying, stealing, deceiving, torturing, mutilating, enslaving, raping and murdering the infidels, together with all Muslims who have become “scum and rubbish,” are all virtues in Islam. Doing these things “pleases Allah.” Unless the fathers of Zionism took these facts into account, their national home right in the midst of Muslims will forever be in peril.

Because Ze’ev Jabotinsky arbitrarily excluded Islam as a factor from his meditations, and imposed his conception of nationhood on the Arabs, he would fail to anticipate the creation of what would come to be called “the Palestinians,” let alone understand the motivation for their creation. His iron wall would not serve to protect the Jews from another nation, but from an anti-nation, a nation that exists not to exist, but to stop another from existing. Although Jabotinsky’s iron wall proposal was right for not quite the right reasons, the bottom line remains that it was right: an iron wall around the state of the Jews is indispensable. And an iron wall is not an iron wall if you let Palestinians through to work in Israel. That’s an iron sieve. The opportunity the Palestinians will seize is not to improve their lives, as deluded Jews imagine, but to end the lives of the Jews.

Every help that Israel has hitherto given the Palestinians has come back to haunt the Jews, be it saving the lives of babies in Gaza who then grow up to become suicide bombers in Israel, or performing life-saving brain surgery on prisoners who then recover to orchestrate massacres in Israel. Give a Palestinian a job in Israel and you give him a perfect opportunity to fulfil his raison d’être: kill Jews and die in the process. This is both a religious and a nationalist imperative, which is why drawing a distinction between Hamas and the PA is so much piffle.

The only help that Israel can give to the Palestinians that is not going to blow up in Israel’s face is to help them leave the Middle East. That is the only chance that they might cease to be Palestinians, and each become part of a real nation somewhere, finally to enjoy the fruits of being human, especially if they also cease to be Muslim. Such help will turn out to be a real investment in civilisation. That would be the ultimate goodness that Jews can do.


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There are many reasons why I cannot tolerate the US but here's another reason in the long list.

Regretfully, we cannot blame anyone but ourselves.
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