Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.

Contrary to the ruling orthodoxy, the Palestinians are not a nation without a land, but a nation without a people. In place of the positive principle of a people preserving their kind, they can only boast the negative principle of annihilating another people.

Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.
Interfaith iftar (come break bread with us) and celebrating the massacre of Jews, 9 October 2023

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History recalls the scourge of Late Antiquity as the barbarian invasions of the Roman Empire, the height of European civilisation at the time, which extended to the entire Mediterranean coast, bounded by the Sahara in the south and the Arabian Desert in the southeast. Different barbarian people assailed this civilisation from different sides. Curiously, history frequently treats the Arab barbarians quite separately, as "the Muslim Conquests," its swiftness and extent described in awestruck terms. It is possible to get a little closer to the truth.

The Arabian deserts were the abode of nomadic, pagan, Arab barbarians, the Bedouin, who, like the Huns, the Goths, the Vandals and others, invaded Europe. They slaughtered their way into North Africa and the wider Western Asia, and came to encompassed many more peoples than just Arabs, forcing on them the need for a unifying imperial ideology. They formulated the ideal system for their ways, named it Islam, and gave a unifying name to all who were worthy of not killing, Muslims. At that time, all ideology was religion, and this particular one was martial and totalitarian.

The architects of Islam were not only barbarians, they were desert barbarians. All the other barbarian invaders of Europe would eventually wean themselves off their barbarian ways, but not so the Muslims, whose way of life, given that they were desert nomads, was instinctively insular and suspicious. They lived by plundering settled peoples unfortunate enough to be within reach. An entire chapter of the scripture, the Qur'an, is dedicated to the mainstay of their political economy: raiding settled, i.e., civilised, peoples, "the people of the towns," slaughtering them and making off with the booty, being treasure, animals and women and children as slaves, killing the men and laying waste to what they cannot seize. The chapter is titled Al-Anfal, The Spoils of War, and sanctifies such raids as jihad. Islam is a religion of barbarians, by barbarians, for barbarians.

Islam locked the Arabs, now Muslims, into permanently isolated, paranoid lives of cruelty, plunder and the killing of anyone who either leaves or deviates, since they are permanently at war with whoever is not Muslim. They made their new religion a death cult, and gave it a founding figure, Muhammad, who encapsulated the very finest of barbarian virtues: they made him a sociopath, and thereby secured themselves against any future civilisational corruptions, a guarantee that today manifests most clearly in the Salafists, the Wahhabists, the Palestinians, the Islamic Republic of Iran, Al-Qaida, ISIS, the Taliban, Hamas and so many others Islamic revivalist movements.

When Muslims boast, “We love death more than you love life,” they express an ancient barbarian virtue that arises out of both the precariousness of nomadic desert life, and their certainty that there is an Afterlife and that that afterlife is the actual real life for which this life is but a preparation. It also has the convenient side benefit of an automatic army of fanatics ready to die for their Heavenly rewards, barbarian rewards, such as everlasting sex, interrupted only for eating and drinking to excess. The divine promise of everything a barbarian could possibly want sets them above such trivial concerns as the comforts and delights of this world.

Muslims also being human, albeit the best of them, are not generally that keen on proving their loving-death-more-than-life boast. The Palestinians, however, forged in the furnaces of Mount Doom, live precisely to give effect to this high virtue. The only ones who sacrifice this privilege are the leaders themselves, for Islam also commands Muslims to always obey their rulers, no matter how cruel and corrupt they might be. As long as Palestinian leaders prioritise the killing of Jews, they are secure. The only time Islam allows Muslims to rise against their own leaders is when those leaders do not carry out Allah's commandments. This is why there are no innocent Palestinians. Muhammad can be understood as endorsing the Palestinians as the best of Muslims, for they try very hard to live for death, and make a point of demonstrably shunning all love of the world, such as the deeply offensive enticements of a Singapore-on-the-Med. It is an effort firmly grounded in Holy Scripture. A hadith narrates:

The Prophet said, ‘The people will soon summon one another to attack you, [just] as people, when eating, invite others to share their dish". Someone asked, "Will that be because of our small numbers at that time?" He replied, "No, you will be numerous at that time, but you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down by a torrent, and Allah will take fear of you from the breasts of your enemy and cast wahn into your hearts." Someone asked: "What is wahn, Messenger of Allah?" He replied, "Love of the world and dislike of death." (Sunan Abi Dawood 4297)

The only way Palestinians can escape this bind is by physically leaving the Middle East and keeping away from Muslims. Anyone who has any feelings for the Palestinians will encourage them to leave, so their children might stand a chance of growing up with their humanity in tact. Other Muslims are able to save themselves only because opportunities to demonstrate that they love death more than life can be ignored. After all, while their holy texts might say “slay and are slain” (Qur’an 9:111) and “the Last Hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them,” (Sahih Muslim 6985), Muslims in general lack the perverted, Frankenstein identity of Palestinians, who can find neither affirmation nor happiness unless they kill Jews and die doing so. But for so long as Palestinians are indulged in the West, their nihilistic identity will remain and it is the West that will be destroyed as the Palestinians express their nature on Western streets. For as long as Palestinians are able to do this, Western Muslims will stand with them and affirm them, and all are damned.

Once it became clear that the Arabs were not capable of dispossessing the Jews of their land, a rival people had to be manufactured that could lay claim to that land. Such a people would need a strong propaganda advantage in the United Nations. From the shipwreck wars waged to annihilate the Jews, the Soviet Union managed to sweep together enough flotsam and jetsam from which to fashion the “Palestinians,” a “nation” much smaller and weaker than Israel, a natural underdog kept permanently in squalor, that would be an immediate hit with the Western sense of justice and fair play. All that the KGB had standing in its way was the feeble and hopeless Israeli doctrine of hasbara, which did not even equip the Israelis to see what was coming. The Israelis have lost every single battle in this propaganda war because they had, and still have, no idea that they are in a propaganda war.

The real weakness on the Palestinian side, that Israel remains completely blind to, was that the artificial Palestinian nation has no inherent reason to cohere and persist, save for their inherently incoherent Arab tribalism and their intrinsically nihilistic Islam—not exactly top-grade ingredients for strong nation-building. The pre-1948 Muslim Brotherhood jihad to obliterate Zionism had to be repurposed as the “national liberation struggle” of a fake nation. To this very day, Israel will not exploit this weakness, thereby handing victory in the propaganda war to the Palestinians, who, within twenty-four hours of committing the most horrific massacre of Jews the world has seen since the Holocaust, managed to bring the entire Western world’s cities to a standstill in their support. Israel's Jews have hasbara to thank for this. Hasbara and their own stubborn hubris.

Thus was the very Helsingfors Programme on which Ze’ev Jabotinsky had rationalised a Jewish nation alongside an Arab nation perverted into a Palestinian nation that could only exist instead of the Jewish nation. The Israeli political party Yisrael Beiteinu, who consider themselves the inheritors of Ze'ev Jabotinski’s fine legacy, have yet to learn this lesson. Jabotinsky, great as he was, was fallible as any human is fallible, and here he failed badly. This is because he had made the same fatal assumption that Islam is a religion like any other, as has since led the West into the quagmire in which it now finds itself: ravaged and raped.

Contrary to the ruling orthodoxy, the Palestinians are not a nation without a land, but a nation without a people. In place of the positive principle of a people preserving their kind, they can only boast the negative principle of annihilating another people, while annihilating themselves in the process. They can only be a nation in so far as they are able to kill Jews and die doing so. Of this self-negation they are very, very proud. Iron wall or not, they will keep coming, for they exist for no other reason. Should they ever succeed in killing all the Jews, they will themselves lose their only reason to exist. For the Palestinians to live, they necessarily must love death more than they love life. The Simchat Torah massacre might finally have woken Jews up to the terrible reality of their neighbours. I say might, for that is by no means certain.

In light of this, and especially after “seeing with our own eyes” on 7 October, a hint of the cruelty that Muslims are capable of, let no one ever again balk at the idea of putting every single Palestinian on a boat and putting them to sea (with enough fuel and water and other supplies to last until other nations take them in, of course). It would have to be many tonnes of supplies if they were to rely on their Muslim brethren, who love them only in so far as they are able to make trouble for the Israelis and deflect attention from their own problems. No doubt, the Mavi Marmara will be in dry dock the whole time.

The worldwide Muslim reaction to the 7 October massacre is well-encapsulated in the immortal words of Latifa Abouchakra, “Nothing will ever be able to take back this moment of triumph. This moment of humiliation on behalf of the Zionist entity. Nothing. Ever!” They show the Palestinians to be nothing more than the distilled essence of being Muslim. The Western kufaar seems finally to have made the connection, and the decades of trying all they can to respect Muslims and to give them the undeserved benefit of the doubt, have given way to disgust and the evaporation of the misguided avoidance of “Islamophobia.”

Since the Simchat Torah massacre, accusations of “Islamophobia” have been increasingly dismissed—“yeah, whatever.” The spell is broken. Let us hear no more of that embarrassing pre-emptive apology, “Of course, not all Muslims…” Open, unapologetic criticism of Muslims, directly and by name, and to their faces have become commonplace since the worldwide Muslim celebrations of well over a thousand Israelis dying horrible deaths at the hands of Hamas and all the “innocent Palestinians” who rushed in after the slaughter to partake in the spoils, including capturing women. Timidity in the face of Muslim barbarism is gone. The West has 1200 Jews to thank for that. Civilisation owes them.

Yet, despite so profound a debt, the next myth is already in the making to take the place of the moribund “Islamophobia.” Since all eyes are now on the Palestinians and the Jews, jihad of the tongue has started shifting to “settler violence,” the new slander du jour. This is no accident. The most Zionist of Israelis are in Judea and Samaria, amongst whom are also the most civic of citizens, the most committed of soldiers, and the most hard put-upon of Jews. Everyone abuses the communities of Judea and Samaria as if they created the pathology that is the Palestinians, and as if they, uniquely, frustrate a solution to what is politely called “the Middle East problem.” All the unfairness that the world heaps upon Israel ends up on her finest communities, those in Judea and Samaria.

Since the 7 October massacre, Western dhimmis and useful idiots, from the President of the United States and the Secretary-General of the United Nations, to “new journalists,” academics and students, have been elevating their secondary propaganda device, “settler violence” to their prime slur. The US State Department has been feverishly constructing the necessary eco-system to sustain the “settler violence” propaganda, since it became clear that Israel was not exactly backing down from the war in Gaza, and the people of Israel want Gaza restored to their territory and to resettle it in overwhelming numbers.

The Western dhimmis and useful idiots are not the only ones fighting back. Their Muslim masters continue to believe, as they consistently believe each time they attack Israel, that this time, Allahu-subhanallahu-wata-ala might will them to prevail. Of course Hamas’s massacre of so many Jews in Israel, where Allah had gathered them in one place to ease the task of slaughter for the Muslims, might be the great eschatological moment they have been waiting for. On the one side, the Palestinian Authority (you know, the US’s darlings for taking over Gaza after the war) wasted no time in reminding their citizens of their religious obligation to kill all the Jews, while the Muslims who had made hijra to Europe over the last decades accelerated their takeover, spooked by European tolerance for Muslim excesses seemingly having reached breaking point.

The landslide election victories of Geert Wilders in the Netherlands and Giorgia Meloni in Italy threaten the entire Eurabian project. The Muslims in France, where Eric Zemmour, a Jew of all things, is suddenly making a lot more sense to many more people, are openly seceding their urban ghettos from French territory and jurisdiction, while in the UK, where regard for Muslims amongst the natives is collapsing fast, Muslims are closing down state schools that teach values not to Muslim liking. In London, shielded by the Muslim Mayor and the London (read Dhimmi) Metropolitan Police, they are reducing the capital to chaos. Muslim immigrant pupils have long threatened to kill their teachers in Austria, France, Sweden, Germany and elsewhere. The dhimmi excuse: they are children; we can do nothing about it.

Accelerated jihad escalation can happen all over Western Europe at any moment, and the dhimmi leaders will scramble to keep their native populations down, Ireland being the most recent scandalous case in point. In November 2023, an Algerian immigrant attacked and stabbed several women and children outside a school in Dublin, setting off riots by the local Irish, who have had enough. The government's response was to punish the Irish by eroding their freedom, and to lecture them on the virtues of diversity.

Another outcome of the Simchat Torah massacre has been that Western ex-Muslims finally seem to be climbing off the fence with regard to Israel, and going against the ruling orthodoxy to recognise the Jewish state not only as a force for good, but as a force for their good. I pay tribute to such ex-Muslims. It is to be hoped that the Jews, finally seeing Islam for what it is, will also see the corollary: that those who have escaped Islam are the most committed supporters they could ever hope to have and for the right reasons.

Israelis who do see their government’s subservience to the West as a problem, see the US in particular as forcing them to fight their enemies with one hand tied behind their backs. This is true, but it is also misleading. Israelis themselves, through their doctrine of hasbara, hold their own hands behind their back for the US to tie. Here and there, Israelis can see this and are saying so, especially since the massacre, and also the now indisputable Western refusal to treat Israel with even a pretence of fairness, as well as the US’s blatant support for the Palestinians.

It is more important to the proponents of hasbara that Israel has Arab Muslims in the Knesset, than that the security implications of their presence there be considered. Israel is at war with Hamas, yet Hamas’s MK sympathisers, instead of being in prison, remain in the Knesset. The head of the Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Islamic Movement, Mansour Abbas, is ipso facto affiliated to the Islamic Resistance Movement (Hamas). Yet he sits in the Knesset and, worse than that, was part of the previous Israeli government. Far from this being a disgrace, it is seen as an affirmation of Israeli goodness. They boast about it.

Arab Muslim MK Ayman Odeh (Hadash-Ta'al), right after the Islamic Resistance Movement called for the release from Israeli prisons of all Palestinian “hostages” in exchange for the Israeli hostages they hold in Gaza, echoed that same call for the release of all Palestinian “hostages” (his word) in Israeli prisons. In this man's mind, killing Jews is not a crime. This should have sent screaming alarm bells through the brains of every Israeli, especially as he was still the subject of an open investigation for inciting Arab members of the IDF to mutiny. But nothing was done—worse than nothing. The two-year(!) investigation will not lead to prosecution, because the case has just been dropped, thereby rewarding Odeh for his Hamas support. Exactly when Israel needs to show strength, she shows weakness, and risks emboldening Israeli Arab Muslims, who, till now, have been too afraid to join their Gaza brethren's jihad against Israel. Hasbara is the opium of the Israelis.

Yet all of this pales against what the Israeli interrogators of the captured Hamas terrorists are doing. Their interrogation videos show them asking the mass-murderers and mass-rapists from the Islamic Resistance Movement whether Islam allows them to do what they did. “No, Islam does not allow that,” these mujahideen, expecting to die in the act of killing Jews in the cause of Allah and immediately going to Heaven, there to f*ck for all eternity with permanent erections, as the Qur’an promises, all declared with straight faces that they acted against Islam.

One jihad terrorist even goes so far as to say, “The prophet said, ‘Do not kill a woman. Do not kill a child.’” Did he forget this when he went butchering women and children? Never mind remorse for killing women and children—that would be way too much to expect—but do these interrogators seriously believe these Muslims admitted defying their prophet? Even "moderate Muslims" would never admit such a thing. And to top it all, these enthusiastic mass-murderers and mass-rapists would have us believe that the leaders of Hamas tricked them into doing it! Dear reader, observe very carefully the body language of the Hamas prisoners as they speak these words.

How is this bizarre theatre to be explained? I will not insult the intelligence of Israel’s interrogators by considering that they might genuinely believe Islam to be something other than what Hamas believes and practises. The question then narrows down to: what would be the purpose of releasing to the Israeli public videos in which the mass-rapists and mass-murderers of the Islamic Resistance Movement are seen to distance themselves both from Islam and from the leadership of their movement? This is exactly what you would do is you wanted to scale back from destroying Hamas to targeting only the leaders of Hamas, with the added hasbara benefits of, one, protecting illusions about Islam being a religion of peace, and two, exculpating these monsters.

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Alisdare Hickson from Woolwich, United Kingdom - A Prayer for Palestinian Children, CC BY-SA 2.0,


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