Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.

While Gazans remain in Gaza, their priority will be the destruction of Israel. Normal human priorities will only come when far from the Middle East. What Gazans make of themselves once away from Israel is none of Israel’s concern. Israel needs to worry about those who remain.

Muslims are “scum and rubbish,” said Muhammad. The Simchat Torah massacre proves him right.
The Iron Wall

Part 4

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Yet, the madness does not end with the double-farce in The Hague and Jerusalem. On 14 January, Defence Minister Yoav Galant went further, calling for strengthening the PA, riding roughshod over the growing Israeli realisation that the PA and Hamas are simply two versions of the kill-all-Jews imperative. Gallant dispenses his wisdom to the soldiers defending Judea and Samaria:

When it comes to Gaza, there is a double effect: one is of inspiration, and the other is of anger. On this background, there are things that we must regulate and I hope that the government will accept the IDF and Shin Bet’s stance when it comes to labourers and funds. I say clearly: a strong Palestinian Authority is an Israeli security interest, no less.

Hamas’s goal in Gaza is to ignite Judea and Samaria as well as the Temple Mount to get out of the IDF's stranglehold. That’s the story…

Galant seems to forget that Hamas was founded 1987 and built itself up for twenty years to finally seize power in Gaza 2007. Both intifadas, 9 December 1987 – 13 September 1993 and 28 September 2000 – 8 February 2005, in which a total of 1,200 Israelis died, were orchestrated by Fatah, while Hamas played only a minor role. The Security Barrier was constructed around the PA-controlled parts of Judea and Samaria precisely to control Palestinian entry to Israel. Not only do the IDF top brass and Shin Bet want to render that barrier ineffective, they want to pay Palestinians to make their way through it. It would be very interesting to know what concept, exactly, Galant and his friends have in their minds when they think of Palestinians.

I am tempted to say that the defence establishment poses a greater threat to Israel than does Islam, and in the immediate term, that might indeed be the case. This is what the fine young men and women of Israel are dying for in Gaza. The Israeli political and defence establishments seem blissfully unaware that the nation whose acquiescence they still take for granted ceased to exist on 7 October. The Israelis are a different people. The leaders fail to see it because they have no way of seeing the world, other than with themselves in control of Israel. It is an axiom. Yet, all is not lost; there is hope, as exemplified by the Sovereignty Movement.

We can now return to the “Four Corner Plan” for “the day after.” The plan says, with disturbing vagueness, that, “Israel retaining the overall security control of Gaza.” Does this mean: one, the IDF will have “boots on the ground” in Gaza; two, the IDF will be confined to barracks in Gaza; three, the IDF will be stationed just outside Gaza, ready to go in at a moment’s notice, like before Simchat Torah; or, four, something else.

I find it hard to see how anything other than the IDF’s heavy physical presence is going to destroy Hamas. Only emigration of all Palestinians will keep keep destroyed, assuming, of course, that to be the War Cabinet’s intention. If destruction of Hamas is the intention, as laid out on Day 1, one has to wonder why the plan leaves this open to doubt. One cannot even describe this as backsliding, since not defeating Hamas was already present in Benjamin Netanyahu's ambiguity-ridden 7 October Declaration of War on Hamas.

“The Palestinians never miss an opportunity to miss an opportunity,” is a common refrain in Israel, except that it is wrong. The Palestinians never miss an opportunity. Given that their overriding objective is the annihilation of the Jews and, through that action, making it into Heaven (“The Last Hour will not come until the Muslims fight the Jews and kill them”), screaming at them that they could have had Singapore-on-the-Med is completely meaningless. Offering them $50 billion dollars of economic assistance is meaningless. Offering them a “two-state solution” is meaningless. Even some of those who advocate for Gazans to migrate elsewhere still see the issue as one of Gazan economic and social development. This is a recipe for frustration and failure. For Palestinians in general, these are not opportunities. Gazan emigration must be seen purely in terms of Israel’s security, nothing else.

However, so harsh are material conditions in Gaza that, according to Gedaliah Blum of the Heartland Initiative, “nearly 90% of Gazans wish to emigrate.” It is not clear where this figure is from, but it is highly plausible, given that some months ago, Gazans actually took to the streets in frustration with their Hamas government for consistently failing to deliver on services. These same people would turn on Hamas in an instant, should they stop attacking Israel, or be made to stop through humiliating defeat.

My point is that while the Gazans remain in Gaza, their priority will be the destruction of Israel. Normal human priorities will only come when they are permanently far from the Middle East. Talk of Gazans able to “breathe free, dream big and embrace the opportunities the world has to offer,” is just more Jews showing how good they are. What the Gazans make of themselves once they are away from Israel is none of Israel’s concern, nor should it be. Israel needs to worry about those who do not leave.

One by one, all the prevailing Palestinian myths and narratives will collapse under the weight of the perverse Palestinian nationhood. The first to go will be the myth of “innocent Palestinians” and of the “nakba”, followed by “stolen land” and the “two-state solution.” It is hard to see “settler violence” gaining the kind of traction that “apartheid state” had enjoyed, which is perhaps why the inheritor of all the worst excesses of the apartheid state (Jews are the new blacks) saw the need to bring the charge of genocide against Israel in the first place.

Some illusions, sadly, will persist into the new year. In the endless hasbara search for a Palestinian “partner for peace,” for example, Israeli prevarication over how to deal with a post-Hamas Gaza has thrown up Muhammad Dahlan, an ex-Fatah black sheep and one-man Palestinian sleeper cell in exile. Dahlan, nemesis of PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, if recent reports are to be believed, is touted as US-Israeli compromise candidate to lead Gaza, continuing the failed strategies of playing Palestinians off against one another, and trusting a Muslim’s word. Certainly, Palestinian propensity for internecine bloodletting is real and easy to exploit, but they do not kill one another over whether Israel has to be destroyed, only over how this is to be accomplished.

Dahlan is an extremely shrewd operator who, and I suspect that, by oiling the wheels of the Abraham Accords, he is playing Israel in order to topple Abbas and get his hands on the PA leadership. From the Israel/US side, the smart-suited, handsome and worldly Dahlan is preferred, because he is less of an embarrassment than the cantankerous and decrepit Mahmoud Abbas, but he is no less corrupt and no less ruthless, and all the more dangerous for it. The Israeli government is too timid to seize the opportunity that Hamas has provided to simply rid themselves of all Palestinians once and for all, something the majority of Arab states, not least Saudi Arabia, would thank them for.

After 7 October, some may draw strength from Israeli Arabs not wishing the fate of Gaza upon themselves, though this is open to interpretation. For questioning Muslims more generally, the Simchat Torah massacre has been a more profound shake-up than the holes-in-the-narrative debacle in 2020. For some, it will be the shattering of a cognitive dissonance they can no longer hold together. For others it will be the loss of influence over the kufaar, or the decades of tireless da’wa come to nothing, or the daily humiliations at the hands of the kufaar no longer willing to tolerate anything associated with Muslims, especially their lies. But for regular “moderate” Muslims, it will be the beginning of the de-Islamisation of Europe that will distress them the most, wherein lies their voluntary repatriation to Muslim lands, the snake returning to its hole, as Muhammad is narrated to have prophesied.

The ultimate humiliation for all Muslims will be seeing millions of Gazans freely choosing to permanently leave “Palestine,” the one cause that still, more or less, held the ummah together. No Muslim power can stop this, but the dhimmi US government will try, as will the UN and those Israelis still determined to share their country with the Palestinians. Some are alarmed by Egypt, Saudi Arabia and the UAE, joining BRICS alongside Iran. BRICS cannot build anything and I believe this Arab action to be no more than is a message to Israel: stand up to the United States, wipe out Hamas, rid us of the Palestinians and retake Gaza and Judea and Samaria, otherwise we have no choice but to take our chances with whoever will be the next top dog in the region. The responsibility on this tiny country is huge.

A feature of the twentieth century that is seldom mentioned is the hadith about “people… summon[ing] one another to attack you [Muslims].” Throughout that century and into the current, Muslims are frequently heard complaining about the rest of the world “attacking the Muslims.” If the hadith’s formulation is to be followed, then the kufaar “summoned one another” to colonise various parts of the ummah, as Muslims would see it. They “summoned one another” to seize parts of Muslim lands from the Ottomans in the Balkans already in the nineteenth century, and forced the Caliphate to curtail Shari’a. They “summoned one another” to attack the Caliphate in 1914. They “summoned one another” to divide up the spoils of the defeated Ottoman Empire, “Muslim lands,” to create Israel, and again to steal the Suez Canal from the Muslims. They “summoned one another” to fracture the ummah, and put “hypocrites” in charge of the shattered remains of the Caliphate. They “summoned one another” to support “the Zionist entity” in its various wars against the Muslims. They “summoned one another” in great coalitions to attack Iraq, then Afghanistan, then Iraq again, and now Yemen. If this “summon[ing] one another to attack you [Muslims]” were to be discussed, attention would quickly be drawn to the hadith Sunan Abi Dawood 4297:

The Prophet said: ‘The people will soon summon one another to attack you, [just] as people, when eating, invite others to share their dish. Someone asked: Will that be because of our small numbers at that time? He replied: No, you will be numerous at that time: but you will be scum and rubbish like that carried down by a torrent, and Allah will take fear of you from the breasts of your enemy and cast wahn into your hearts. Someone asked: What is wahn? Messenger of Allah: He replied: Love of the world and dislike of death.

Muslims complain about kafir powers clubbing together to attack the Muslims, but they avoid drawing attention to their prophet warning them of exactly such a time as the present, for he also described Muslims as both numerous, which they constantly remind us of, and “scum and rubbish,” that they prefer not to mention. In their religion’s barbarian terms, they are scum and rubbish because many of them are no longer as barbarian as Shari’a commands them to be and as they once were, presenting them with a multi-layered conundrum: do they criticise their religion’s call to barbarism, or do they criticise their fellow Muslims.

The likes of Al-Qaida, ISIS, Hamas, the Taliban, the Islamic Republic of Iran, etc., are clear: Muslims are "scum and rubbish" for not being barbaric enough. Muslims who cannot stomach the barbarism, “hypocrites,” as the Qur’an calls them, assert that the barbarians are “not real Muslims,” and that what they practise is “not true Islam.” They exert themselves to sanitise the Qur'an, the Hadith, the biography of Muhammad, and the Shari'a, and dream up more palatable interpretations. These are the Muslims who tell the West how wonderful Islam is, and the West embraces them as “moderate Muslims,” our allies against the “extremists,” people we should be supporting against the extremists, and who must be protected against those Westerners who would criticise them. Herein lies the germ of the ICJ genocide case against Israel.

As critics of Islam became increasingly public and vocal, and were clearly winning debates and arguments hands down, using nothing but the Islamic holy texts and Muslim conduct, those for never criticising Muslims had to reinforce their credential to Muslims by ingratiating themselves to them, similar to the way some white people ingratiate themselves to black people to reinforce their woke credentials.

For the recently-retired former President of the Israel Supreme Court, Ester Hayut, it was not enough that Arabs were free to vote for whoever they wanted to represent them in the Knesset, and that any of them was free to be that representative. For her the tragedy was that Arabs were not in the government. The fact that they exercised their democratic right to vote for parties that always lose was irrelevant. For Hayut, democracy got in the way of "equity," as it necessarily must. The forever bending over backwards to please Muslims that so bedevils democracy in the West, in Israel takes the form of forever bending over backwards to please the Arabs, and is destroying not only democracy in that country, but the country itself. Following former President Aharon Barak’s Supreme Court changes in the 1990s, the country has been consistently on track towards its own destruction. The Simchat Torah massacre might just have changed all that.

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