The Crusades: When a real outrage is made fake

What hope is there of peace while horrors are only real when they are fake?

The Crusades: When a real outrage is made fake
The Mongol invasion of Japan

I have always contended that Muslim “hurt” over the Crusades is manufactured. They are not nearly as upset about it as they would have the world believe, given their anaesthetic responses to jihad massacres (“some people did something,” etc.). Outrage at the Crusades is nothing more than a deceit that pays handsomely. Here is Sheikh Dr Yasser Qadhi unwittingly exposing that deceit:

It is truly symbolic that out of all the magnificent and glorious capitals of the Muslim lands, Baghdad and Damascus and Istanbul, all of them were literally conquered by the Allies [during the closing months of WWI, AP]. Literally, Western troops entered into Damascus and Baghdad and Istanbul, and then, of course, Jerusalem, the Holiest of Holy in that region. There is no doubt in my mind that in terms of political humiliation, this was one of the lowest in the entire history of the ummah. Perhaps the only disaster, politically, that was bigger than this was the Mongols, (emph. orig.).
—Yasir Qadhi, 1914: The Shaping of the Modern Muslim World - Part 1, YouTube, 19 January 2014.

The Crusades don’t matter! Only in Part 2 of his series does Qadhi get around to mentioning the “unprovoked and without any reason” Crusader reconquest of Jerusalem from its Arab, now-Muslim, invaders:

A very evil and infamous massacre ensued of every single man, woman [and] child in the city. Every single Muslim in the city was slaughtered by the sword. …It is estimated that at least half a million died by the sword until the streets of Jerusalem, by the testimony of the Franks themselves, were knee-deep or ankle-deep in blood—Muslim blood, (emph. orig.).
—Yasir Qadhi, 1914: The Shaping of the Modern Muslim World – Part 2,

The massacre of Jerusalem’s entire Muslim population is, apparently, not enough to earn the Crusades a mention on Qadhi’s list of the biggest political humiliations to befall the Muslims. When do we hear Muslims complaining about the Mongols? Is it that they weren’t cruel enough? Hardly! Just ask the Japanese. But why would you draw attention to yellow barbarians massacring and raping their way across continents when you can batter the white man, Christianity and the West all at once by raging over gruesome events in the Levant that pale against your own jihad massacres and rapes? Some even argue that by the time the Mongols ravaged the Middle East they were Muslim. Perhaps there is more to this non-narrative than meets the eye.

Yet thanks to Yasir Qadhi putting things in perspective, all those Western sports clubs that fell over themselves to ditch their “Crusader” names can now safely return to their proud tradition without incurring rebuke from their Muslim masters or the woke thought police. Since Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi is not just any Muslim, but one of the most prominent Muslim authorities in the United States, and crucially, he delivered this address to a Muslim audience. You might try advancing in a Court of Law that calling your team Crusaders is not “Islamophobic,” although given the capitulation of the US court system in November 2020-January 2021, I shouldn’t be that confident.

Incidentally, even this learned man refers to Salah ad-Din’s invasion of Jerusalem as Allah returning the city “to its rightful owners". "We firmly believe that that land is our land,” insists Yasir Qadhi. “That is our territory. It is Allah’s right and privilege to us that He has given us. …Allah knows who will be the next Salah ad-Din.” Yasir Qadhi’s rather transparent attempts at blowing life into his moribund ummah on the backs of the dysfunctional Palestinians are badly timed. The Palestinians are over; the Saudis saw to that. The irony here is that it’s not some semi-educated Palestinian mother dreaming of her children blowing themselves to bits in Jerusalem; this is a five-degreed, Yale-educated American doctor fanning the flames of jihad with dreams of “the next Salah ad-Din.” What hope is there of peace while horrors are only real when they are fake?