"Palestinians are just like us," intones sage Blinken.

So many American families found places in their homes to conceal their new slaves. The women of the family made sure the slaves in the attic or the basement, or under the stairs, were fed enough to not die, while the children honed their taunting skills and enhanced their cruelty on the captives.

"Palestinians are just like us," intones sage Blinken.
"We cannot, we must not, lose sight of our common humanity."


The overwhelming majority of people in Gaza had nothing to do with the attacks of October 7th. And the families in Gaza whose survival depends on deliveries of aid from Israel are just like our families. They're mothers and fathers, sons and daughters, want to earn a decent living, send their kids to school, have a normal life. That’s who they are. That’s what they want. And we cannot, we must not, lose sight of that. We cannot, we must not, lose sight of our common humanity.

Thus spake Antony Blinken.

I humbly offer my exegesis:

The central wisdom that might be beyond the lay observer is: "The families in Gaza are just like our families." Words of wisdom, indeed, for as we all know, when the planes flew into the Twin Towers on 11 September 2001, whole American families took to the streets in exhilarating joy, dancing wildly and handing out candy to all. Young and old alike, men and women alike, rich and poor alike, all celebrated. Church bells rang, exulting the name of the Lord. A wondrous day it was in America, when all felt confirmed in their humanity. Everybody did everything.

American families, in fact entire American communities, keep up this beautiful all-American tradition of joyfully handing out candy to complete strangers. Whenever an American kills a non-American, the news spreads like wildfire as everyone wants to know who the hero is and whether he was killed while killing the non-American. We must understand that when the American is killed during the killing of a non-American, this is no ordinary killing. Ordinary killings please God, that is true. But killing in which the killer is also killed ensure immediate entry to Heaven and the reward of sex with seventy-two virgins takes immediate effect. Also, and this is a little-known detail, the martyr will intercede for seventy of his family members before God on the Day of Judgement (the rest need another martyr).

Although Americans killing non-Americans is a Commandment from God, God is ever compassionate. He does not require every single American to go out and kill non-Americans. If only some in the parish to do it, the rest is relieved of this obligation. This explains the extraordinary community cohesion when it comes to supporting the one who will do the killing. It is in everyone's interest to make sure they succeed. This is why it was such a good idea to defund the police.

American families inculcate their very young children to hate non-Americans. Americans' love for their children is clearly shown by the fact that when children have difficulty getting to sleep at night, parents place RPGs, Kalashnikovs and grenades under their beds, and the children sleep soundly after that. The American education system, thankfully, has the notable feature of ensuring that these excellent parental efforts do not go to waste.

American families can rest assured that no school time will be wasted on frivolous distractions like Civics, Philosophy or Drama, and that necessary irritants like Mathematics and Science have the correct, character-building content, such as being able to calculate very quickly the mass of the stone required in a given size sling to hit a non-American soldier 50 metres away with deadly force. It goes without saying, of course, that History now stands corrected.

The American child's education is not only theoretical, but also practical. Every year parents jostle to enrol their children in summer camps, where youngsters toughen up on obstacle courses of fire and barbed wire, master the proper way to slit a non-American's throat and learn to convincingly lie under interrogation. By the end of summer camp, American children want nothing more than to kill non-Americans, and live for the moment the call comes to break through the border and attack. American families with children in summer camps can hold their heads high, although they cannot help wishing it was a non-American's head they were holding high.

The efficacy of these summer camps, indeed, all elements of the child's upbringing working together, was proven when hundreds of American men, products of this fine rearing, cut through the border fence, invaded a neighbouring country and proceeded to slaughter, rape and burn everyone they could find. They communicated their exploits back to those at home who congratulated them heartily and wished them God's protection, while they waited patiently. As soon as word came that the killing was done, they rushed in for their share of the spoils, jumping over dead bodies to seize all the household goods that now had no owners, including living women and children who would become their future slaves, taking care not to slip in the blood on their way out. They had to think of even this, praise God.

So many American families found places in their homes to conceal their new slaves. The women of the family made sure the slaves in the attic or the basement, or under the stairs, were fed enough to not die, while the children honed their taunting skills and enhanced their cruelty on the captives.

In brazen effrontery, the non-American nation dared to launch a genocidal war against the Americans, invading American territory with the intention of killing as many American civilians as possible and of stealing their war booty. These people have no shame, no morality whatsoever, even denying aid to these poor families. They gave themselves license to dehumanise Americans, as the sage said.

The deaf, the dumb and the blind will continue to deny what is clear as day, that the families in Gaza are just like our American families. This is the exegesis of which there is no doubt.

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On 15 February at 17:13, Ben Dor A. wrote:

I love the sarcasm 😁

You forgot one major issue.

Americans love to dig underground reinforced tunnels as a national project.

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