22 years after Ahlam Tamimi, Jews are STILL surprised that Palestinians celebrate murder

The Palestinian nation is a pathology. It can know happiness and national affirmation only in the death of Jews. It cannot, by virtue of that fact, be permitted within striking distance of Jews, unless under close and constant armed guard. That is reality.

22 years after Ahlam Tamimi, Jews are STILL surprised that Palestinians celebrate murder
Dream and Reality

Murtadd to Human does not consider that much more needs to be said about the scenes of Palestinian jubilation following news of the jihad murder of seven Jews outside a Jerusalem synagogue on Yom HaShoah. Some remarks on the nature of the Palestinians as a nation do need to be made, though. But first, a brief word about the media handling of this news.

Within two days of the Yom HaShoah synagogue jihad killings in Jerusalem, the media were already marginalising this outrage. Indian news channel WION, broadcast an 11-minute item under the headline, "Israel Attack: Netanyahu promises strong, swift and precise response to attacks." The first two-and-a-half minutes was a bland enough account of events surrounding the Yom HaShoah killings and a thirteen-year-old boy's attempted jihad murder of a family the next day, interspersed with an account of the Israeli government's measures in response. WION then interviewed someone, "for more on this story." The interviewee who was to provide more on this story was not Jewish, not from Jerusalem and not in any way linked to the events. WION chose a political science professor in Gaza. Of course, the professor launched a full uninterrupted six-and-a-half minute rant against the "apartheid state" and its litany of evils against the "Palestinians," without once mentioning the story he was supposedly there to provide more on. A journalist (as opposed to a "new journalist") would interrupt a politician who behaves this way, how much more so a political science professor. With the marginalisation and denunciation of Israel, the beatification of Palestinian and their terrorists, and the attacks on Jews in the West going into high gear, bandwidth must be clawed back from any Jew-sympathetic news as soon as what still counts as decorum permits. What still counts as decorum will steadily be cut back from this point, until mass murder of Jews barely warrants a mention.

3 years after Mansour Abbas, Jews are STILL surprised that Palestinians desecrate Yom HaShoah.

"As a religious Palestinian Muslim Arab..." Throwing down this supremacist gauntlet, Muslim Brotherhood MK Mansour Abbas opened his address to the Knesset on Yom HaShoah 2020, and proceeded to equate the Shoah to what the Jews are supposedly doing to the Palestinians. The real tragedy of this speech is that so many Jews admired him for saying that Holocaust denial is a bad thing. This is how low they are prepared to push the bar to feed their co-existence fantasies: all a Muslim has to do is make a truthful statement and he becomes one of the Righteous. Social media in Israel were awash with praise for him. "At last!" cried many. "Finally!" said others. Now, of course, there will be peace. Few were the voices who warned of fatal fantasy that had taken hold of the minds of so many Jews.

When a Muslim makes a point of expressly informing a kafir that he is a religious, devout or pious Muslim, he is saying "I hate you as my religion tells me I must, and I aspire to kill you, as my religion tells me I must." In Mansour Abbas's Knesset speech, "As a religious Palestinian Muslim Arab..." also communicated clearly to his Muslim constituents, "Don't worry, everything you are about to hear me say is deception." It does not help us to see good news where there is none, especially if it's bad news. Being desperate for Muslims to make peace with does not produce Muslims to make peace with. Worse, no amount of gushing over Arab Muslims who call themselves Israelis, of whom there are, by all accounts, a growing number, gives reason to see in them the transformation of an Arab Nazi organisation that exists expressly to crush Zionism into one on which to pin one's dreams of coexistence:

We aim to smash modernism in government and society. In Palestine our first duty as Moslems is to crush Zionism, which is Jewish modernism. It is our patriotic duty. The Koran commands it.

When a Muslim taunts Jews from the podium of the Knesset with "As a religious Palestinian Muslim Arab...", that is bad enough. When he does it expressly on Yom HaShoah, then not listening will lead to a catastrophe, for the ante must be upped. On Yom HaShoah 2023, on Shabbat, as people were leaving a synagogue, in Jerusalem, a religious Palestinian Muslim Arab shot dead seven worshippers, failing to kill five others. "Inside the bus, they were all congratulating one another." "We passed a Palestinian police checkpoint, and the policemen were laughing. One of them stuck his head in and said: 'Congratulations to us all.' Everybody was happy."

How fresh these evil words sound after more than two decades. How many Jews today recall these words as those of a beaming Ahlam Tamimi. Very few if any, I'm afraid, because even if they heard them, they would not listen. Now they are surprised and horrified that:

Seven Israeli civilians were murdered this weekend outside a synagogue after a Palestinian terrorist shot them dead. And what did the Palestinian people do? Did they condemn it? Heck, no! They went on the streets, shooting fireworks, handing out candies, dancing. These are our "peace partners". They don't want peace with Israel. They don't want peace with the Jewish people. They don't want to see us living next to them. They want a state on top of Israel, instead of Israel.

These are the painful words of rude awakening of a Jew clearly feeling betrayed by his "peace partners," especially after he's been trying so hard to maintain a clear distinction between "radical Islamists" and "Muslims," even going so far as imploring the whole world to accept, "I love Muslims." And now that the monstrous reality has finally broken through that his wonderful Palestinians make no distinctions between Jews who love Muslims and Jews who go after them, he presumes to enlighten the world, "Let the world know, these are their true colours."

I know you're hurting right now, but sorry, mate. This is not news to us. We've known it all along. It was you who needed to know this. Many in the world, Jews and Gentiles alike, starting with Theodor Herzl, have given years of their lives to get this through an all-too-pervasive and impenetrable self-righteousness. You would not listen to those who warned you, just as many would not listen to Herzl.

You knew better than the critics who have studied Islam, better than those honest enough to call Islam Islam, better than the Jews who know that there is no peace to be had with Palestinians unless Jews either impose it on them by force, or become dhimmis again, better than even people who have left that horrible, barbaric religion and can tell you from the inside that you were wrong. But you were never going to betray your precious Palestinian friends, people whose religion commands them never to take Jews as friends. Even now, you take extra-special care to insulate "Muslims" from"radicals", even when just two nights ago, they were all dancing in the streets together, revelling in the death of Jews.

You were convinced that you were onto something. You, singlehandedly, were going to change a violent culture of 1400 years. What hubris. Seven more Jews lie dead, murdered on Yom HaShoah, on Shabbat, outside a synagogue, in Jerusalem, while the mosques blare out, Allahu-akbar! in triumph. How much further do you think they can take this? Think on that, then at least let this be your Dreifus moment. Judenstaat is not only one word, it is one concept.  Do not let the great man's life's work go to waste.

We shall live at last as free men on our own soil, and die peacefully in our own homes. —Theodor Herzl, Der Judenstaat.

The Palestinian nation is a pathology. It can know happiness and national affirmation only in the death of Jews. It cannot, by virtue of that fact, be permitted within striking distance of Jews, unless under close and constant armed guard. That is reality. No doubt, those Jews who care more for this nation of death than they do for the nation of L'Chaim will find other excuses to vilify and denounce their brethren who recognise the Palestinians for what they are. This tragic tale, unfortunately, still has many chapters to run.