What does Daniel the Dhimmi Andrews know that ex-Muslims don’t?

What does Daniel the Dhimmi Andrews know that ex-Muslims don’t?
Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, excited about blowing $8,500,000 on jihad against Australia.

If you’ve been watching the changing fortunes of Islam over the last two to three decades, you’ll have become aware of the phenomenon of public apostasy from Islam. It started as isolated cases here and there of Muslims publicly declaring their rejection of Islam. But it grew so quickly that it took the remaining Muslims by surprise, scaring the Hell out of them, so much so that they coined the terms, “a tsunami of apostasy” and “an avalanche of apostasy.” And as you probably know, Muslims arrogate unto themselves the right to murder anyone who leaves Islam. Yet, there is now a tsunami of apostasy. Thousands of people leave Islam each day, some having been Muslim for decades, despite the risk to their lives. Whatever it is that these people know about Islam, clearly, they don’t know what the Premier of the Australian state of Victoria, Daniel Andrews, knows, for Daniel wants nothing more than for everyone in Victoria to love Islam. What does Daniel Andrews know about Islam that an avalanche of ex-Muslims do not? Perhaps we can find some clues in the Premier’s recent cringeworthy video announcement of a grant of $8,500,000[1] of Victorian citizens’ tax money to “the Muslim community”.

“I’m delighted to be here at Preston Mosque, the oldest and biggest mosque in our state, with leaders of the Muslim community to make some very significant announcements. If Labour is re-elected, we’re going to have a $5,000,000 Islamic Community Infrastructure Fund to fund projects right across the state to support the community, to build up the infrastructure that they need to deliver services and to make sure that everybody’s got the care and support, but also the exposure to culture and heritage and faith and language that’s so important in a multicultural state. We know that Islamophobia is on the rise and is evil. It’s simply wrong. That’s why we’re going to invest $3,000,000, if we’re re-elected, to educate, to tackle that.

Similarly, the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act is an important piece of law to protect those in our community who may be the subject of hate, may be the subject of prejudice. But, we need to review that act. We need to make sure that it is fit for purpose in this new century. So that’s why, if we’re re-elected, we’ll conduct that important review.

Finally, we think it is important, as part of an education process, that everyone across our state knows about the works of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him. It’s very important that his teachings, his life, his journey, is understood by so many people. That’s why we’ll provide a $500,000 grant to the Islamic Museum in partnership with the Board of Imams, and also the Islamic Council of Victoria to develop a programme to educate, to share those teachings, that wisdom.

This is part of a comprehensive plan and to do what matters. Investing in our multiculturalism, supporting our multi-faith communities and acknowledging this central truth: that Victoria’s Muslim community are about family, are about faith, and are about hard work. Generous, fantastic Victorians, and we need to stand with them, and we always will.[2]

Yes, you heard that right, folks. The infrastructure that delivers services perfectly well for everyone in the state of Victoria is not good enough for Muslims. But never fear, our Danny-boy here is about to put that right with $8,500,000 to bring, "the infrastructure that they need to deliver services," up to Muslim standards, you know, four wives and all that. At least, I think I'm keeping up with the Premier here.

Ah! “Islamophobia is on the rise and is evil. It’s simply wrong.” OK, that’s one thing Daniel knows. Well, that’s not really Islam, is it? It's a purported reaction to Islam. Why do I say ‘purported’? Because Daniel doesn’t tell us what “Islamophobia” is. And that’s not because he’s withholding information, no. He has no information to withhold. This dimwit dhimmi has no clue what “Islamophobia” is. I can say that with confidence because no-one does. And no-one is meant to know. It’s designed to be undefinable so anyone can be nailed with it. And since anyone can be nailed with it, everyone will play it safe and always capitulate to Muslims, of which Daniel Andrews is setting a fine example. That’s the point.

Oh, but it's hatred of Muslims, I hear you say, or of Islam. OK, draft the law that makes “Islamophobia” illegal. Go on. I’m an ex-Muslim and that’s my challenge to you. See if you can define "Islamophobia" to Western legal standards. See? However, if you want to define it to totalitarian standards, that’s easy: anything Muslims don’t like. Voila! Let this idiot Premier do this and you, non-Muslim, will rue the day, for it will be the end of the rule-of-law and the beginning of the rule of Shari’a in your country. The thin edge of the wedge is already in your Senate. All that this dhimmi politician knows is that “Islamophobia” is on the rise and it’s evil and it’s “simply wrong”. And on the basis of that vacuous justification, the hard-working citizens of Victoria are offered a one-way ticket to dhimmitude and hit with a $3,000,000 jizya bill and some lessons from Daniel the dhimmi on how to properly submit to their future Muslim masters. That’s what an ex-Muslim knows.

You’re also going to have to cough up $500,000 for Daniel’s unsolicited service of teaching you, straight from “the teachings and wisdom of the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him,” that marrying a newborn baby and having sex with her is perfectly fine, pimping out your divorced wife before you can remarry her is good for both of you, murdering people like me is ethical, lying to and deceiving non-Muslims is virtuous, no problem if you want slaves, you have the right to kill your own children, marry four wives (even if they’re new-born babies), you may beat any of your wives (even the newborn ones), a Muslim’s agreement or contract with you is only binding on you, never on the Muslim, a Court of Law must be harsh towards you and lenient towards the Muslim, and it goes downhill from there… No doubt dumb Daniel knows all this and is so impressed with “the Prophet Muhammad, Peace Be Upon Him,” that he knows he doesn’t have to ask whether you want to pay for such teaching and wisdom. You obviously want it already.

But what about “reviewing” the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act. Is anything wrong with it? Has the Act failed? Did Victoria’s constitutional lawyers do a shoddy job that now needs fixing? I would wager not, except that if you’re going to want to bump up “Islamophobia” into something you can jail Victorians for, then the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act might get in your way, as the Board of Imams and the Islamic Council of Victoria have no doubt already impressed upon dimwit Daniel. It ain't broke, but it needs fixing. Let me explain.

It is obligatory on Muslims to hate all non-Muslims. Yes, that is correct. A Muslims may only take a non-Muslim, such as the Premier of Victoria for instance, as a friend or a helper, if they pretend to be friendly to him, “but in your hearts, hate them.” Muslims must discriminate against all non-Muslims, and non-Muslims must never be in authority over Muslims. In other words, all laws, all statutes, all regulations, all ordinances, in short, all instruments of law, must favour Muslims over everyone else. A Muslims must never tolerate another religion, except as subordinate to Islam. So you see, if the Board of Imams and the Islamic Council of Victoria can get the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act so fixed as to work in Muslims’ favour, their path to Shari’a will be smoothed for them. But it’s going to take some nifty legal footwork, for which a few million bucks might have to be set aside.

Yeah, so about that "comprehensive plan." Would that be the jihad takeover plan that "Islamophobes" are constantly warning the sleepwalking West about, and did the dummest dhimmi in the dunya just blow it? I reckon.

But then, what do I know? I’m just an ex-Muslim.


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