There's humanity, and then there's Muslim humanity

"The horror, the horror." These are the famous last word's of Kurtz, the Muhammad-like ivory trader who became a god to the savages in the African wilderness, in Joseph Conrad's Heart of Darkness. He leaves behind a pamphlet of which the final surah, so to speak, reads, "Exterminate all the brutes!"

There's humanity, and then there's Muslim humanity

“The last Hour will not come unless there is much bloodshed." They said: "What is harj?" Thereupon he [Muhammad] said: "Bloodshed. Bloodshed”.
— Sahih Muslim/Book 41/6903

Islam is saturated with horror, brutality, blood and fear. Every year at the "Festival" of Ashura, Shi'a Muslims gather in their thousands for the family event to see and participate in men flagellating their own backs to bloody shreds, young boys running barefoot over burning coals, and loving parents gashing their terrified babies' heads with knives. The best way to be a Muslim is to lose your humanity early, otherwise expect a life of tortured hypocrisy with no conceivable alternative, unless you're lucky to still find within yourself the strength of character to escape your grim unhappiness at some point. The only other way is to resign yourself that this life is but a test, and to be patient for that wonderful Life Hereafter that the "scholars" and sheikhs keep promising:

The faith of a Muslim is tested by belief in the hereafter. One cannot be genuinely Muslim until one believes in the unseen and still to be experienced next life. …It is the true life that every soul should try to reach safely. …This earthly life is too short and worthless, and it is no more than a passage to real life in the hereafter.
– Rafik Berjak in The Qur'an: An Encyclopedia, edited by Oliver Leaman).

The grimness of Muslim life consists not in its characteristic ignorance, cruelty or squalor, but in the kufaar, people who reject Allah, not only not submitting to Muslims, but lording over them. Such a life is intolerable. How much more so if the kufaar in question are Jews. Israel has the capacity to, quite literally, flatten all areas under Palestinian control to the ground in a matter of hours. Every time Palestinians perpetrate terrorism on Jews, and Israel's overwhelming force does not destroy them, they celebrate victory. The drug addict spares no thought for the drug slowly killing him, he welcomes the momentary relief from his torments. Every fight they pick with Israel and survive brings them one step closer to “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free” of Jews.

"Kill them wherever you find them," says their holy book. To kill and be killed in the cause of Allah, i.e., in jihad, is the most pious deed a Muslim can perform. Jihad is frequently bracketed together with what Christians call "holy war". It is nothing of the sort. When naïve non-Muslims learns that almsgiving is compulsory on every Muslim, they have a warm appreciation for Islamic compassion. They do not know that while Muslims may disagree over how the alms (zakat) are to be apportioned, they are unanimous that at least 12.5% of it must finance jihad.

Civilian deaths

When the IDF bombs an empty building, the Western dhimmi media, politicians and academics are outraged. “The IDF bombed a residential building!” bleat the dhimmi journalists everywhere. Here’s what happens when the IDF bombs a residential building:

Of course the terrorists operating from amongst the residents get away along with the residents, but it must not be assumed that the residents are necessarily innocent civilians.

Gaza resident: I can’t get all the people out. I need at least two hours to get them out.
IDF caller: Listen. We are going to bomb the building!
Gaza resident: You want to bomb? Bomb whatever you want.
IDF caller: No brother, we need to do everything we can so you won’t die.
Gaza resident: We want to die.
IDF caller: But you have a responsibility for children’s lives.
Gaza resident: If the children need to die, then they’ll die.
IDF caller: God forbid! God forbid! What do you want to die for?!
Gaza resident: This is how we reveal your cruelty.


Muslim humanity is for Muslims alone, but as Muslims always insist, things must not be taken out of context. While their religion commands that they be harsh towards the kufaar, discriminate against the kufaar, abuse the kufaar and kill the kufaar, Allah and his messenger have first claim on the love of any Muslim, and what is left must correspond to that which Allah loves. “Killing unbelievers is a small matter to us” (Tabari 9:69). But so is killing your own children. Under Shari'a, killing your own children is not a crime. Killing your own grandchildren is not a crime. The Qur'an 9:111 commands Muslims to "kill and be killed" in the cause of Allah, i.e., jihad.

Context, that is, Islam, makes the Muslim civilians of Gaza of dubious innocence at best. Certainly, Hamas has opponents, but it was also about to sweep the board in the cancelled May 2021 PA elections. Its flags and slogans are copiously in evidence amongst Israel's Arab Muslim rioters and demonstrators, especially at the Temple Mount. The situation is far trickier than the simplistic formulation of 'innocent civilians' allows for. There is no justification to the assumption that just because Gaza civilians are in harm's way, that Hamas forced them to serve as its human shields. Similarly, there is no justification at all to assume that just because hundreds of Gaza rockets have landed in Gaza and killed civilians, that those rockets have "fallen short".

"Fallen short"

"Since the conflict began on May 10, about 4,340 rockets were fired by Hamas from the Gaza Strip toward Israel, with at least 640 falling within Gaza, according to the Israel Defense Forces (IDF)," reports the Algemeiner on 24 May. Gazan population density is over 13,000/sq Km, third highest in the world. Even discounting rockets hitting the 300m buffer zone, such rockets are far deadlier for that reason alone. No doubt there are "errand rocket", but I would not describe a rocket deliberate overweighed with explosive and therefore falling short as "errand".

The question no one seems to be asking, though, is where is the Muslim outcry over these Muslim deaths at the hands of Muslims? (this is a point about how Muslim attitudes to death, rather than about the thousands of very angry pro-Palestinian demonstrators on Western streets for whom Palestinian lives only matter if they are killed by Jews). For all Palestinian terrorist organisations, including Fatah, civilian deaths is where the money is. At the same time, terrorists are urging Muslims to "revive the glory of martyrdom operations". The point here is that Hamas does not necessarily have to force or deceive Gazans into putting their lives and their children's lives at risk against the might of the IDF, civilians just need to be devout enough Muslims or profoundly ignorant, and the need for dead civilians takes care of itself. The IDF was keeping the Gaza civilian death toll down not as a cynical ploy to undercut Hamas's revenue, but because human lives matter.

Every Muslim who dies in the Gaza conflicts is a "martyr", whether killed by Israeli bombs or by Hamas rockets. Muslims believe that such a death delivers them directly to Paradise. Islam is an industry of human sacrifice. It might be a bit much, even by the eroded Western ethical standards that hold all cultures to be equal, to expect the "Palestinians" to complain about terrorists bombing Israeli civilians, but the silence of Israeli's Arab Muslims about Muslim deaths under Gaza rockets warrants a great deal more attention than it is receiving. For the IDF, for example, to not recognise Islam as a factor at least as important as anything else in the presence of civilians around terrorist weapons is to lose the peace.

Trust them wherever you find them

In the midst of the great slaughter that is the on-going Syrian civil war, injured Syrian soldiers and civilians end up getting treated in IDF field hospitals.[1] Palestinian babies that Palestinians themselves have given up for dead are saved in Israeli hospitals, often after Jews have collected money from amongst themselves to pay for life-saving operations, this despite the Muslim priority remaining to “kill them wherever you find them”.

"And kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out" (Qur'an 2:191)

The kufaar are shocked that there seems to be a worldwide surge in anti-Semitism. So much has been said about this.[2] Had those who are so shocked at the outburst of gross anti-Semitism on the streets of Western cities but listened to Islam's critics, and especially ex-Muslims, they would have known that there is no surge in anti-Semitism, but that the permanent and intense anti-Semitism of Muslims are now coming into the open, leaving the whole delusion of peaceful co-existence with nowhere to go.

In spite of centuries of rock solid evidence to the contrary, Palestinians (Arab Muslims who claim Israel for themselves) will always be convinced that Jews have "driven them out" and that they, in turn, must "drive them out". Their religion tells them that once they take a land it can never again be taken from them; it has always been theirs. It also tells all Muslims to "kill them wherever they find them". Despite centuries of rock solid evidence to the contrary, it seems that Jews will always be convinced that Muslims can co-exist with them. They cede land justly conquest from aggressors, in hope of peace with them. Many of them dream of the day an "Israeli Arab" will be part of their government. Their delusion tells them to treat all religions equally — apparently a religion that is out to annihilate you is the same as one that is not. It tells them that the Muslims within their borders want to share the land with them. It also tells them to trust them wherever they find them.

"We'll cut the head off anyone who says our religion calls for violence"

Life isn't precious

About ten years ago we were treated to the sickening spectacle of a young Palestinian mother telling the deluded Israeli journalist Shlomi Eldar, who had gone out his way to raise money from Jews to save her baby son’s life, that she will raise him to be a suicide bomber in Jerusalem. “Life isn’t precious,” she radiated in triumph.

It should, therefor, come as no surprise either that Palestinian terrorists stash their arms and munitions in the midst of civilians, and launch attacks from such locations, or that those civilians feel themselves engaged in “the resistance” by having those terrorists in their midst. They all know that they can all die, but they all also know that they cannot lose. If the IDF is deterred from bombing the terrorists for fear of injuring civilians, the terrorists are protected and they all declare victory. If the IDF bombs the terrorists, then “Women and children get caught up in the violence,” and the dead terrorist and the civilians who died around them, go straight to Heaven. Allahu-akbar!

And a messed-up world will condemn Israel.

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  2. If Andrew G. Bostom's The Legacy of Islamic Antisemitism (Updated): From Sacred Texts to Solemn History is not required reading on university courses in Israel, then it should be. The same goes for Robert Spencer's The Palestinian Delusion: The Catastrophic History of the Middle East Peace Process and The Dhimmi: Jews and Christians Under Islam, by Bat Ye'or.