The resurrection of the monster, or love for crime*

We are witnessing the resurrection of the monster of totalitarianism. Young and beautiful Westerners pant with love for murder. They talk about empathy, they hurriedly erase any trace that might tell them the truth about themselves.

The resurrection of the monster, or love for crime*
Hamas's shields

* Andrzej Koraszewski, 2 April 2024

Presentation on Facebook page: The Red Clinic is an anti-imperialist, leftwing psychotherapy practice providing low-cost psychotherapy and leftwing analyses to mental health.

Murder is resistance, prosecution of murderers is genocide. A Polish woman from England is outraged because I tried to show her that she loved Nazism out of the goodness of her heart. She is a psychologist and specialises in mediation and conflict resolution. I'll come back to that later. 

 The psychoanalysts associated in the Red Clinic send fratelnal greetings to the comrades in Gaza. Help, where am I? In Brazil, I think. I go to the Red Clinic website and read: “The Red Clinic is a collective of communist mental health workers, united for radical psychotherapy, for the care of the oppressed, and for uniting the two in the service of communist politics." The logo amazed me: A winged angelic sphynx, a sickle, and a cigar. Well, I guess it's a satirical website. I read on:

We are members of psychoanalytic organizations in solidarity with our colleagues in Gaza, standing with Palestine against the genocide currently being waged by the Israeli state. [...] Our task is to resist the ideological and state offensive carried out against the Palestinians. We call on our colleagues to dissociate themselves from the war on Gaza and to state unequivocally that they will speak out and act for Palestine. This is no time to be silent. Yes to resistance.

So this is not a new version of Titania McGraff. Probably a small group of lunatics. A long list of names with titles. Brazil seems to dominate, but there is no shortage of names from Europe and the U.S.

The alliance between the Communists and the Nazis was already there, nothing new. In Poland, the Red Army paraded in 1939 together with the Wehrmacht in Brest, then shipments of Soviet oil went to Germany, and Stalin ordered the shooting of Soviet intelligence personnel who reported that Hitler was preparing for war with the Soviet Union. Forty years later, Iranian communists fervently supported the Islamic Revolution. After the victory, they were slaughtered. Today's president, Ebrahim Ra'isi, was one of the main organisers of the mass murder of Communist comrades-in-arms.

There are many smaller examples. As MEMRI informs us, on the occasion of the centenary of Lenin's death, representatives of the International Assembly of the World Workers Party gathered in New York on January 21, 2024. Pre-recorded greetings from comrades from Hezbollah, Houthi militants, Palestinian Jihad and Hamas (members of these organizations salute each other with a Nazi salute) are played to the audience. A lengthy speech by Hezbollah politician Ibrahim Mousawi was also shown, saying that Hezbollah appreciates the demonstrations and statements of the World Workers Party as a form of struggle against Israelis, adding: "We are together one front against Israel, the United States ... and against all Western hegemony."

The Red Clinic may seem like an aberration. However, it is nothing extraordinary, it is only more expressive. On October 19, 2023, the International Association of Sociologists (ISA) issued a statement expressing its deep concern about "the horrific events of October 2023 in Israel and Palestine. [...] There have already been too many victims in this and previous cycles of violence." 

In this statement, scholars go to great lengths to conceal what they think. On the same day, 2,000 American sociologists issued a statement accusing Israel of genocide in Gaza. The Israeli army had not yet entered Gaza. Airforce and artillery shelled Hamas military targets. The "cycle of violence" has a constant pattern: terrorist organisations that pledge to fight the Jews until the Day of Judgment try to kill as many Jews as they can, Israel responds, and it's a "cycle of violence." Tens of thousands of rockets aimed at Israeli civilians are the "resistance" that the Israelis are hindering with their Iron Dome and hiding their civilians in shelters. The answer is genocide, because more Palestinians have been killed than they managed to kill Jews. Israel is shelled daily with rockets from Lebanon.

On Wednesday, March 27 alone, Hezbollah fired more than 50 rockets. One man was killed, there were wounded, houses and other property were destroyed. The world's largest newspaper, the New York Times, wrote: "Israelis Exchange Border Fire with Hezbollah Guerrillas". This term "exchange of fire" is repeated in almost all major media. So writes Reuters, CNN and many others. AP prefers title: "Israeli strikes on Lebanon kill 16".

The Red Clinic actually says the same thing as the others. Perhaps this logo with an angelic sphynx, sickle, and cigar should be adopted more widely. Maybe this concept of a graphic presentation of ideas and goals should be picked up by the UN, Amnesty International, and others?

In an open letter addressed to world leaders, 40 Nobel Prize winners call for increased aid to Ukraine. The letter was published on a Ukrainian website and was picked up by the media.

The signatories of this letter write:

History teaches us that appeasing an aggressor fosters further crimes against humanity. No amount of short-term gain can justify it.

They also write that "Ukraine must win, not just not lose", call on world leaders to significantly increase aid to Ukraine, remind them that Putin's Russia is a threat to humanity, and that the policy of appeasement has opened the way for Hitler.

The signatories are dominated by representatives of sciences, an awful lot of scholars of Jewish origin, I do not see the names of well-known Israel-haters. This letter has also been signed by 374 non-Nobel Prize winners so far. A more thorough study would take too much time, sociologists are nowhere to be seen, but there are probably people hiding here as well, demanding a ceasefire in Gaza.

The Polish psychologist living in England posted a screaming poster on her website:

It's hard to disagree, genocide is abhorrent. When I point out that it is Hamas that declares its intention to commit genocide and is constantly trying to carry it out, I get the reply:

You don't seem to have any idea what I mean. For a safe world for all. And the same to you. Greetings and I wish you peace, love and a little more empathy.

When asked if she has read the Hamas Charter, she replies that she is not that interested in Hamas. Is it worth convincing her that her love and empathy are highly suspect? I write that the Palestinians are victims of a criminal ideology, that they have been turned into dogs of war, that they have been provided with the means to turn Gaza into a Nazi stronghold.

Qatari money, Iranian money, Western billions of dollars went to build a gigantic network of terror tunnels, to buy armaments, to indoctrinate people to carry out genocidal plans. I'm trying to make people aware that Nazism survived in Egypt and Syria, that the Muslim Brotherhood developed in symbiosis with German Nazism, that Hamas does not seek peace or the welfare of the Palestinians, that, like Abbas, it imprisons, tortures and murders its opponents. I remind her how many authors have wondered why the Germans massively supported Hitler, why the Russians supported Stalin, why Chinese supported Mao, why millions are taken in by beautiful religious slogans.

They were driven by love and empathy. What does it take for a Muslim, a Christian, or a Marxist to reach for a knife? It's easy, all you have to do is appeal to their feelings, awaken their anger, turn off their mind. It is enough to shout that the Jews kidnapped a little boy in order to kill him and use his blood for matzah. It worked for a thousand years. Now we have to change it a little bit, we have to shout that they are mass-murdering Palestinian babies. Where did the story of King Herod's slaughter of infants come from? From psychology, from the knowledge of how the mind works, how reason is switched off to leave naked hatred. When feeling and faith speak to you more powerfully than boring fact-checking, the knives are in motion. Caricature replaces analysis, you are an angelic sphynx, you have a reason to reach for the sickle, then you smoke a cigar.

Muslim reformers dream of Islam with the teeth of a venomous beast knocked out. When the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria broke out, a Muslim philosopher living in France addressed his Muslim brothers in an open letter. In it he wrote, among other things:

I see you in the process of birthing a monster that presumes to call itself the Islamic State, and which some prefer to call by a demon's name – Da'esh. But worst of all is that I see that you are losing yourself and your dignity, and wasting your time, in your refusal to recognize that this monster is born of you: of your irresoluteness, your contradictions, your being torn between past and present, and your perpetual inability to find your place in human civilization.

What do you [Muslims] say when faced with this monster? You shout, 'That's not me!' 'That's not Islam!' You reject [the possibility] that this monster's crimes are committed in your name.

What advice did Abdennour Bidar give ten years ago? The monster that the Muslim philosopher writes about is a way of teaching religion, and above all proselytism, a struggle for world domination, a refusal of religious tolerance.

"This denial of the right to freedom of religion is one of the roots of the evil from which you suffer, oh my dear Muslim world; it is one of those dark wombs in which, in recent years, monsters have grown, and from whence they leap out at the frightened faces of the whole world. For this iron religion imposes excruciating violence upon all your societies; it too closely confines your daughters and your sons in the cage of good and evil, the lawful (halal) and the illicit (haram), chosen by none but imposed on all. It traps the wills, it conditions the mind, it prevents or hinders every personal life choice. In too many of your countries, you still tie together religion with violence – against women, against 'bad' believers, against Christians and other minorities, against thinkers and free spirits and against rebels – so that religion and violence ultimately blend within the most unbalanced and vulnerable of your own sons – in the monstrous form of jihad."

Bidar was addressing the Muslim world, that is, no one. He wanted to believe in a grassroots reformation that would lead to a change in the way religion was practiced. There have been many similar voices from the Muslim world and they have been, and continue to be, systematically ignored by the Western mainstream media. The West fights Islamic terrorism but refuses to call it Islamic, shoots terrorists but hurls insults at anyone who points to the ideology that drives them to terror.

Among the Muslim supporters of the Islamic Reformation, there have been people who are aware that the pressure on the Reformation from below is very weak, that Muslim liberals are practically powerless, and who argue that this Islamic Reformation must begin with an enlightened tyranny that will force the clerics to change their forms of religious instruction, gradually detach the state from the mosque, and return human rights to Muslims. Many of them look with hope to the young prince of Saudi Arabia. Their hopes may turn out to be in vain. The monster of Islamonazism has strong support.

The Western Left wants to be an angelic sphynx with a sickle in his hand (a great tool for beheading), the ears of grain on the Red Clinic logo are just an embellishment. We are witnessing the resurrection of the monster of totalitarianism. Young and beautiful Westerners pant with love for murder. They talk about empathy, they hurriedly erase any trace that might tell them the truth about themselves. The American newspaper Washington Post decided to remove the caricature drawn by their regular graphic designer Michael Ramirez because it hindered empathy towards Palestinian children. An angelic sphynx with a sickle and cigar is celebrating his resurrection today.

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