The Minaret #1

We Muslims kill and are killed in the cause of Allah — kill and are killed. You have no knowledge, and the Jews have tricked us, wallahi, because we are not killed.

The Minaret #1

As-salaamu-alaikum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu. Brothers and sisters. Spare a thought for our dear brothers and sisters fighting the illegal Zionist occupation in Palestine. The brother martyrs, the father martyrs, the father's father martyrs, the father's brother martyrs, the father's brother's son martyrs, the boy martyrs, the sister martyrs, the mother martyrs, the mother's mother martyrs, the mother's sister martyrs, the mother's sister's daughter martyrs, the girl martyrs and the baby martyrs… “caught up in the violence” (the kafir journalists they tell us those words are better words — they will give more money for our jihad against them, if we say those words — subhanallah), everything was ready, alhamdulillah. We were going to kill many many Jews and we were going to get a lot of money. But the Jews tricked us, and humiliated all 1.7 billion Muslims in the world.

The filthy Zionists they bomb only empty buildings without killing anyone. This monstrous thing they to do, the mujahideen they must now to take revenge for, when the mujahideen they should be sitting back and counting the money rolling in from Borrell and Biden. Now not so much money will come, and the money it will come later, because the Jews they bomb only empty buildings. Allahu subhanallahu wa ta-aala warns us in the Qur'an that we must never trust the Jews. And we never trust the Jews they will even to take revenge properly, wallahi. We hate them even more for that. Wallahi.

Here is the thing, my dear brothers and sisters, we are not ungrateful to our Shi'a brothers and sisters, but our rockets do not have the killing capacity of the Zionists' bombs. This is the truth — may Allah forgive me. With their powerful American bombs, the Jews they can kill everyone in Gaza between Asr and Maghrib, but Jews they bomb only empty buildings, killing no one. The Jews they are playing with us, like a cat it plays with a mouse! The Jews they mock all 1.7 billion Muslims! May Allah curse them. Because the Jews they only bomb empty buildings, the Jews they force us to help them kill us. That way the Jews they make sure the mujahideen in Palestine to have no time to kill them. I mean, kill the Jews. What monsters would do a thing like that? Not even the Crusaders were that cruel. But our scholars were ready for them and their tricks, masha-Allah. Listen carefully to this ayah, dear brothers and sisters. listen to what Allahu subhanallahu wa ta-aala tells us in the Qur'an:

"They kill and are killed in the cause of Allah" (Qur'an 9:111)

We Muslims kill and are killed in the cause of Allah — kill and are killed. You have no knowledge, and the Jews they have tricked us, wallahi, because we kill them, but we are not killed. But, brothers and sisters, no one can go against the decree of Allahu subhanallahu wa ta-aala, especially not the Jews. Keep your iman strong, oh Muslims, my dear brothers and sisters. Those among us that Allah has ordained to have knowledge, they have looked at this ayah and have seen the hidden message from Allah that for all these years has been written there on the page right in front of our eyes, but none of us could see it until now. Until this hour that is upon us. Wallahi it is a miracle. Allahu subhanallahu wata-aala made our way easy for us, dear brothers and sisters. Our scholars they have found a way to defy the Jews. Our scholars they have found a way for you to be killed. Alhamdulillah.

We have fatawa from the scholars in Al-Azhar and in Qom, that we can take revenge for all the Muslims the Jews they kill, and for all the Muslims the Jews they should have killed but tricked us and they did not kill – may Allah curse them and burn them in a terrible fire. Now you may think, how our mujahideen they are going to manage to kill so many Jews? The revenge killings might not be over by the time the next Ramadan it comes, insha-allah, and as our Western scholars say, it just gets really messy when you get your revenge killing mixed up with your scheduled killing. I cannot make their accent; I think they speak through their nose. I do not understand this miracle, but alhamdulillah, Allah knows best.

The Jews they thought the mujahideen they will use all our rockets to kill Jews, but our scholars they say we use the rockets to kill Palestinians in Gaza ourselves—I mean, themselves, and Allah will still reward the martyrs as if they had been killed by the Jews. Subhanallah. Subhanallah. Allah willed our brothers they to find a solution the Jews they will never figure out. Never.

The mujahideen they put extra bombs into the heads of some rockets. Now those rockets they will kill more Jews, but because those rockets they are heavier than they should be, those rockets they never reach occupied Palestine, but fall inside Gaza instead. Now we will more quickly make up for our people the Jews they refuse to kill. But the real miracle of this, subhanallah, is that the Jews they will see the rocket rise into the sky towards them, and the Jews they will all run into their shelters like the cowards that they are, afraid to die. And we will see the superiority of the Muslims confirmed to us on their TV. Astahfirrullah, these people have no shame. The Jews they fear death, and they do not even hide it. And now, when the Jews they see how many Muslims in Gaza we can kill ourselves, even Netanyahu he will think the mujahideen they do not know how to use rockets. May Allah curse him and burn him in a terrible fire.

Nuff said.

On the Internet — Internet in not haram – we can see what the kufaar say about us. Insha-Allah, I will read what this one kafir says about Islam, a-uthubillah. "For the world’s most violent religion," this is what the kufaar they say, "For the world’s most violent religion, violence is itself an act of worship, and where best to perform worship than at one of your most holy sites during your holiest month. Of course they are worshippers." This is about what happened at? ...Al-Aqsa. Masha-Allah. "But they are Muslim worshippers, and in Islam, worship includes violence, rioting, beheading, raping, intifada and genocide. If it is in the cause of Allah, then it is all 'pleasing to Allah'; it is all holy. Anything that a Muslim can do against a Jew, any Jew, even a new-born one, or against their holy sites or against their forces, institutions or state, their libraries, their parks or their traffic lights, is pleasing to Allah, and so these are all acts of worship." The kufaar they write this.

My dear brothers and sisters. This is dangerous. If the kufaar they write things like this on the Internet where every kafir he can read it, especially the Jews, then it will not be long, a-uthubillah, before the kufaar they will know everything about Islam. We must be very careful what we say and what we show. When the kufaar they see death and they see blood and they hear crying, they submit. We must show them death. We must show them blood. We must show them tears. Then they will submit, insha-Allah. And Allah knows best. As-salaamu-alaikuum wa rahmatullahi wa barakatu.