The "migration crisis" on the Polish border, Part 2

Sanctions? What sanctions? Quite clearly, democracy and peace in the Middle East presents the EU with a serious problem: no refugees to harvest. The EU's mendacious "European values" grandstanders now have to double down

The "migration crisis" on the Polish border, Part 2
Svetlana Tikhanovskaya won the Belarusian election with 61% of the votes. She is now a refugee in Poland.

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The EU remains quiet about the invaders putting their own children's lives at risk on a freezing border, and instead accuse Poland of heartless inhumanity for refusing to interfere in what another country freely gets up to within its own borders. The EU expects us to overlook the fact that by no stretch of the imagination can these "migrants" be in need of asylum. Instead, we are told to see a "humanitarian crisis," and to agree with Lukashenko, Putin and the invading Muslims that the crisis is of Poland's making. The EU, for its part, has been relentless in its psychological attacks on the Polish population. Listen to EFA/Greens MEP, Viola von Cramon-Taubadel, in the clip below.

The EU showing solidarity with Poland

"Lukashenko has shown to us the weakness of the migration and asylum system." Are you kidding me?! Muslim rape gangs running amok for decades in several EU countries shows the asylum system is strong? Fifteen jihad mass murder attacks in the EU in 2021 (a very quiet year) proves the asylum system is working just fine? Jihad attacks on churches now a regular feature of the European cultural scene tells us that the asylum system is in good nick? Municipalities buckling under the financial strain of supporting thousands of Muslims who refuse to work illustrates that the asylum system is great? The Muslim prison population is way out of proportion to their numbers in the population, and this in the context of massive under-arrest and under-incarceration of Muslim offenders (as the Shari'a commands) confirms the asylum system is just tickety-boo? Poland refuses to reward those who destroy her border installations and physically attack her soldiers with the prize of asylum, and now we can see the asylum system has a weakness. Exactly how stupid are European citizens expected to be?