The "migration crisis" on the Polish border, Part 1

Asylum — n. The right of any Muslim to settle anywhere, be paid forever for not working, and not be punished for whatever they do. Linked to multiculturalism and jihad. See also: represent, community, violence, racism, privilege, critical, peace, diversity, extremist. — Standard Newspeak Lexicon.

The "migration crisis" on the Polish border, Part 1
Lies withiin lies within lies...

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I smell an EU rat inside a Russian doll.

According to the disingenuous EU, sending thousands of "migrants" (let's not call them 'Muslims,' or, Heavens forbid, 'muhajirun') to break into Poland is Aleksander Lukashenko's revenge for the EU imposing sanctions on the dictator for usurping the last elections in Belarus, issuing a bomb hoax, highjacking an international airliner, and kidnapping two passengers. The events are true, but the narrative — how shall I put it? — has holes in it.

What has been underway on the Polish border with Belarus is not a migration crisis, let alone a humanitarian one. On the surface, all sides present this as a border/migrant/humanitarian crisis, with the EU side saying that Lukashenko deliberately precipitated the crisis on Poland's border. This is true, but there is a lot more to it than that. Russia/Belarus, for their part, accuse the EU of violating its own humanitarian preaching by not allowing the "migrants" to pass through Polish territory to Germany. Poor Lukashenko is just doing what any right-minded person would do: help people in need. Keep an ear out for this "people in need" drum.

"Migration crisis" is a narrative that suits both sides. Unfortunately, none of it is true. The truth, I propose, lies hidden inside a series of Russian dolls. Poland is a problem for Vladimir Putin, all that NATO hardware on Polish soil being a little too close for comfort. The former KGB lieutenant colonel might have got the idea for this plan from Turkish President Erdoǧan, who pulled the same stunt against Greece in March 2020, and waited for the right opportunity to strike, the installation of Joe Biden as US President providing just that opportunity. But Poland is also a problem for the EU, arguably much more so than for Russia. You do not deny a member state financial support for strengthening its border if you want its border strengthened. But if you want such a member state's border to be violated, you deny it support and you make your denial public. This is exactly what the EU has done. I am not going to insult the EU by suggesting that this action is ineptitude on the its part.

Putin seeks geopolitical advantage over NATO, and to that end, needs easier access to his bristling arsenal that is the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad. From this Baltic, former-German city, it is easy to blockade NATO's Baltic members and lay waste to several European capitals, including Warsaw and Berlin, but the exclave, in turn, is wide open to blitzkrieg from surrounding NATO territory, especially Poland, including blockade from the Polish port of Gdansk. The Poles see Russian shenanigans in Ukraine and have every reason to be on their guard for any trouble that Putin and his side-kick Lukashenko might create in Poland. It is only a matter of whether Ukraine is a distraction from Kaliningrad, or Kaliningrad is a distraction from Ukraine. My gut feel is that the massive Russian troop build-up on the border with Ukraine is a prelude to military action in Poland.

Russian forces in and around Kaliningrad on the Polish northern border

The EU's masters, the Organisation for Islamic Cooperation (OIC) and the Arab League [1], have always been unhappy about the EU's 2004 eastwards expansion, fearing that the bloc would be deflected from its duty of pumping money into the Mediterranean Arab states and Islamising the continent. Not for nothing does the European Court of Justice (ECJ) trump the member states' national courts, does the EU Commission's directives trump national laws, and is the elected European Parliament subordinate to the unelected Commission.

I would not credit the Muslims with anticipating Poland's present role as defender of European civilisation against the eagerness of the Commission to destroy that civilisation. The Muslims were quite happy to settle for the pre-expansion Europe, after all, a bird in the hand is worth more than one-and-a-bit in a bush. By the time the eastward expansion came along in 2004, the West European population had already been well softened up, i.e., dhimmified, for Islam through multiculturalism. All that hard work is now at risk from a population that knows what it means to not have freedom, and are not enthralled by beards and hijabs. Every EU directive reminds the East Europeans of their wonderful life under the Soviet yoke, and Poland, a country with a few ego issues of its own, speaks for all of Eastern and Central Europe when it declines to acquiesce in the EU's demands for submission.

When Poland and Hungary refused to subordinate their justice systems to the ECJ, it struck right at the heart of the EU Commission, and hence the OIC/Arab League instrument for subjugating Europe. The EU's response was an astonishingly unseemly spectacle of Members of the European Parliament baying for the heretics' blood.

On the Polish border we might be witnessing Putin's next salvo in his campaign to join the Kaliningrad exclave to mainland Russia. The strategy could rely on at least three prongs: 1. the completed, but not yet operational, Nord Stream 2 gas pipeline, a strategic noose around the EU's neck that can be tightened at any time; 2. making Belarus effectively part of Russia and hence militarily more easily accessible; and 3. destabilising Poland. These three moves combine to destabilise both the EU and EU-NATO relations, and so create conditions under which Russia can seize the Polish Suwalki Gap and complete a land bridge between mainland Russia and Kaliningrad, especially while all eyes are on Ukraine.

Source: The Suwalki Gap: NATO's fragile hot spot

On the Polish border we might be witnessing the next EU salvo in its campaign to bring the troublesome Poland to heel. This must be seen in light of the EU's refusal to help fund border reinforcements for its external borders, its withholding of Covid-19 recovery funds from Poland, the incredibly weak response to Lukashenko's dumping thousands of Muslims on the Polish border, and that in winter, and the ambivalent messaging in response to thousands of people freezing on the Belarusian side of the border.

The first whiff of a rat came as Angela Merkel's talked to Lukashenko, "asking for Putin's help" without consulting Poland. How does this not raise alarm bells that the EU, through Angela Merkel, colluded with Vladimir Putin to engineer the Polish border crisis, just as she might have colluded with Erdoǧan to engineer the Greek border crisis, and almost certainly colluded with Mark Zuckerberg to censor people on Facebook? Erdogan, himself a big shot in the weaponised people business, had Belarusian planes hotwinging it also between Istanbul and Minsk.

With jihad, people themselves are the weapons. In other words, while nuclear war with hypersonic weapons still maintains the distinction between soldiers and civilians, jihad, even barehanded jihad, makes weapons of civilians themselves. Here I am not referring to strapping on a suicide vest and killing by blowing yourself up. In this instance, the suicide vest is the weapon, a bomb, and the one who wields it simply doesn't bother getting out of the way before detonating it. I am referring to the Shari'a treating jihad, warfare by Muslims against non-Muslims, as properly belonging within the purview of justice. Jihad is considered justice because it "restores" to Muslims that which has been unjustly taken from them, namely, the world. It is, therefore, permanent war and total war; war involving everybody. Whether they are physically capable of wielding a weapon or not, they are weapons.

This is the context in which we have to understand Muslims on the Polish border deliberately blowing smoke into their little children's eyes to make them cry. These children are weapons wielded against the Polish population to break their will, to demoralise them, to force them to put pressure on their own government to capitulate and let jihad in. We are here talking only about the 99.95 percent of the Polish population who are not Muslim. What of the hallowed Muslim Tatars of whom the other 99.95 percent are so unshakeably proud, "Polish, just like us"? They reside mostly in the Białystok area, precisely where the border is under attack. The Tatars showed just how Polish they are the moment the first Muslim invader died on their country's soil, having breached their border. The Tatars instantly crystalised right out of the population into which they had been "integrated for centuries" to give their fellow Muslim, an enemy who had just attacked their supposed homeland, a proper Muslim burial. What lesson did the non-Muslim 99.95 percent take from this treason? I would wager none.

Totalitarian regimes are masters of psychological warfare, the Soviet Union having been one of the most accomplished in the modern world. A former Soviet KGB officer is now the President of Russia. Poland finds itself under hybrid warfare attack from three sides: Russia, Islam and the European Union. If the Polish strategists took their hybrid warfare insight to its logical conclusion, they would see a potential vulnerability in their Muslim attackers taking an unhealthy interest in the Tatars just across the border, and vice versa. Being Muslim means assisting Muslims on jihad. The less the "migrants" know about the Tatars, the better, as it is an extremely handy Muslim population for them to disappear into once they get across the border. The Polish authorities made the strategic blunder of allowing the media to broadcast the Muslim burial of a body recovered inside Poland, imam and prayers and all, instead of recovering and storing all dead bodies in secret for later return to Belarus. The Polish authorities and people would do well to finally realise that you do not win a hybrid war just by accusing your enemy of engaging in it. You'll only end up superior and dead.

It is very hard to avoid the suspicion that the European Union is colluding with Russia and the OIC/Arab League to undermine Poland. At least this time, the EU is not trying to pass off the Muslim invaders as "refugees." The continuity of policy would be lost on many, were it not for the occasional journalist and EU spokesperson slipping up and saying "refugee", as has been drummed into them in 2015 and they are now unable to unlearn quickly enough. This time the invaders are "migrants," and the EU does not care to mention that they have tourist visas for Belarus, having entered that country legally. Somehow, these tourists, people who are supposed to return home at the end of their vacations without busting their way into any neighbouring countries, must now be exempted from any legal proocedures to enter Poland, in breach of international law. Yet at the same time, the EU insists that Poland has obligations under that same international law that the EU violates by de facto treating the invaders as refugees, even if they do everything avoid using the word. This line is uniform across the media, as here in the jihad propaganda organ, Aljazeera:

Apparently, attacking a neighbouring country's border with live human beings is not against international law.

Poland is being subjected to a similar abuse of international law as that which Israel has had to endure for decades at the hands of those who seek her demise. Poland's first obligation under international law is to preserve its territorial integrity and to respect the territorial integrity of its neighbours. International law loses all meaning in the absence of national sovereignty and international borders that define the limits of that sovereignty. The EU ignores that these "migrants" forcefully destroy Poland's border installations and violently attack its border personnel, some of whom sustained injuries. Since they are not refugees, they cannot be asylum seekers, which the EU, the NGOs and the media pretend they are. Since they are not destroying the Polish border to save their own lives, they are breaking international law, as is the Belarusian regime for aiding and abetting them. They make themselves criminals at Poland's expense before they have even entered Poland, yet the Polish people must welcome them with open arms and the Polish state, the only party observing international law here, must account for its supposed violation of international law.

I wonder whether there is an entry for 'International Law' in the Standard Newspeak Lexicon.


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