Salah ad-Din Road ends in Rafah, so do Salah ad-Din’s descendants

The humiliation of Yahya Sinwar must be such that a barbarian would recognise it as humiliation, i.e., an entirely different order of humiliation to that meted out to the Japanese by MacArthur.

Salah ad-Din Road ends in Rafah, so do Salah ad-Din’s descendants
When your enemy is totalitarian and supremacist, only humiliation means victory.


Ramadan, the Muslim month of mass murder. The heroic Israeli soldiers have been decimating the mighty Muslim murder machine in Gaza, even as the IDF Generals, the War Cabinet and the Biden administration contrive to give Hamas as much supplies and latitude as the Israeli public will let them get away with. The Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, vacillates. He is a man caught between a rock and a hard place. But, he is moving, and in the right direction, as attested by his speech on International Holocaust Day, 27 January 2024, and his fresh order on 10 February that Rafah be conquered before the start of Ramadan on 10 March. It is possible that this order comes at the urging of Arab states such as Saudi Arabia, the UAE and Egypt.

Many will recall the scenes in Gaza when the IDF finally pulled out and handed over the Strip to the Palestinians. Instant destruction of all synagogues and other obvious traces of Jewish presence ensued. Such eradication was not simply wanton vandalism; it was humiliation of the Jews. Humiliation is central to Islamic victories and a victory for jihad that certainly was. No matter the extent to which their enemies overpower them, unless Muslims are humiliated, they have not been defeated, and it is only a matter of time before they resume the war, whether within the hour or after millennia have elapsed.

The necessity of humiliating a vanquished supremacist enemy is not an alien concept. General Douglas MacArthur understood very well that to defeat the Japanese for good required the Japanese to abandon Kokka-Shinto en masse. This, in turn, required that the Emperor, the Kokka-Shinto god, be seen to be commanded by the Americans and to serve them, and that the Japanese formally surrender on the deck of the warship USS Missouri, a reminder of Pearl Harbour. For the pose in the famous photograph above, MacArthur's towering stature over the Japanese god would have been humiliation enough, but it must not be forgotten what the Japanese had done. While Hirohito stands in stiff formality, impeccably attired, mustering whatever shred of dignity he still can, MacArthur slouches casually beside him in less than full dress uniform and with his hands in his back pockets. It was efficacious.

This act of public humiliation drew a line under the Kokka-Shinto ideology and finally broke its spell over the Japanese people. This is what has never been done to Islam and is why that murderous religion managed to revive itself after the abolition of the Ottoman Caliphate. Through technological and institutional development, together with militarism, Kokka-Shinto sought to surpass the West. Islam predates Kokka-Shinto by a thousand years, and arose in a desert amongst nomadic barbarians. Muslims have no desire to surpass the West, but instead, through their religion, seek to reduce the West to the state of Islamic barbarism. The fools who allow Muslims to practise Shari'a (no matter how little) in Western democracies dig their own graves. The humiliation of Yahya Sinwar must be such that a barbarian would recognise it as humiliation, i.e., an entirely different order of humiliation to that meted out to the Japanese by MacArthur.

Civilisation has a unique opportunity here. Crown Prince Muhammad bin Salman (MBS), the de facto Guardian of the Two Holy Mosques, has done as much to enfeeble Islam as he is currently able to get away with. He has dwarfed the holy Ka’aba, the cubic holy House of Allah, in the shadow of a gargantuan replica of Big Ben right next to it, giving the ultimate finger to Shari’a, that prohibits the construction of any kafir house higher than a neighbouring Muslim house. Not only that, in Riyadh he has built a much bigger cube as a Ka'aba to fun, joy and entertainment. In short, to destroy Islam now would be to push at an open door.

Publicly humiliating Yahya Sinwar on 1 Ramadan will give a huge boost to MBS, because it will show to Muslims the world over that jihad is futile, that their master, Allah, has either abandoned them or is not the mighty protector of his slaves that he claims to be, and that they have been the victims of the world’s longest-running and most spectacular fraud. Jalal Tagreeb offers the following insight:

From my personal experience in dawah (jihad by word), it is the humiliation pill that I swallowed that let me surrender and lose the ego as a Muslim scholar. It remains with you to remind you not to attempt that mistake again, and keeps you moving in the opposite direction to Islam.

Clearing out Rafah of Hamas is decidedly one in the eye for jihad, Islam, Palestinians and Muslims. Let them celebrate a massive defeat in Rafah on the first day of Ramadan! The likelihood is high that Yahya Sinwar will be captured before then. I sincerely hope that Netanyahu acquires General MacArthur’s wisdom to understand the critical importance of revealing the captured Sinwar inside that tiled cage in the tunnel, and the courage to actually do it. As Jalal Tagreeb suggests, the curtain (hijab) concealing Sinwar must be drawn open by a female IDF soldier, better than that, an Arab female IDF soldier, better still, in my opinion, three female IDF soldiers, one Arab, one Ashkenazi and one Ethiopian.[1] Each has to have a black dog with her that she is obviously in control of.

Just as news of the Simchat Torah massacre emboldened Muslims the world over, so, revealing such a scene on 1 Ramadan will demoralise Muslims the world over for generations to come, buy time for Muslims to overcome their reverence for their sheikhs, and for mass apostasy from Islam to set it. Many Palestinians will seize the opportunity to freely leave Gaza (and the Palestinian Authority), since they will have been shown that they can never defeat the Jews. Being unable to kill Jews makes being Palestinian meaningless, something that most Jews do not understand. If they did, they would not waste their precious time with hasbara and seeking peace. Displaying Sinwar in this way also humiliates Iran, the self-appointed protector of the Palestinians.

The end of Israel’s perpetual wars will come within reach. If Netanyahu carries out his own order in the way we strongly urge, then he will have salvaged his legacy and can look forward to joining Muhammad bin Salman in opening the Saudi embassy in Jerusalem. The Yom Kippur anti-Zionist Jews will go quiet and Netanyahu will be able to hand over the reigns to the next generation of leaders who have been so admirably rebuilding Jewish power.

Acknowledgement: I thank Jalal Tagreeb for his input to this essay.


  1. The IDF still needs to atone for the appalling way in which the top brass dismissed the female soldiers' repeated warnings of the alarming developments they were seeing on the Gaza side of the border in the hours leading up to the 7 October attack.

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On 20 February 2024 at 14:33, Tim wrote:

Thank you for publishing this nice and important article. The choice of pictures in the article significantly enhances its impact, conveying the profound meaning of defeat and surrender. The visual elements complement the narrative and contribute to a powerful portrayal of the discussed topic.

I'd like to inquire about the possibility of publishing more material on defeated Da'wa scholars who have openly admitted defeat. This kind of content is crucial in fostering transparency. It is only a matter of time until some prominent figures in Islamic Da'wa follow in Jalal's footsteps, publicly acknowledging defeat. When this happens, it could mark the beginning of a significant shift in the perception of this doctrine.

On 20 February 2024 at 15:57, Anjuli Pandavar wrote:

Thank you for your kind words, Tim. I especially appreciate your appreciation of the visual elements. Few comment on that. I have not thought of publishing more material on da'wa scholars "who have openly admitted defeat", but it's a great idea. Thank you! I am thinking about it now. If you have any material/further thoughts on that, I'd be happy to receive it. I agree 100% with the strategy of taking the fight to Islam itself. Ultimately, the only way we're going to save ourselves from it is by destroying it from the inside.

BTW, I think there must be many defeated da'is, for the simple reasons that Islam is indefensible, there are many of them and they've enough hubris to dare bring their da'wa to free people. Not only do we know how to argue, we take the trouble to actually learn the facts, something expressly forbidden to them. Even if we don't defeat them in debate, or make them see the barbarism of their religion, or the convince them of the futility of trying to spread such a horrible religion amongst free people, failure to convert anyone for years and years wears them down and is also defeat.