Orwell, Jabotinsky, Fascism and Islam - Part 2

"At every hour of every day, I can tell you on which page of which book each school child in Italy is studying." — Benito Mussolini

Orwell, Jabotinsky, Fascism and Islam - Part 2
Believe Obey Fight

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Every now and again a study or report appears about young children being taught to hate, kill, fight in war, commit suicide, and so forth. Such reports usually focus on schools or children's summer camps in an isolated case, such as Russia, China, the Taliban, ISIS, Gaza, or the Palestinian Authority, and at a particular point in time. They tend to be long on righteous indignation, shock and sentimentality[1] with little attempt to seek out other cases, find a common thread with them, let alone attain a more abstract insight. To bring home the shocking nature of their discoveries, some mention Nazi Germany, but only by way of analogy, if as much as that. The Loawhy86 report, cited above, even berates China for bringing, "rampant Nazi-like nationalism and fascism to these children," without realising that Nazi Germany and China are both fascist.[2]

IMPACT-se has no excuse for failing to point out to its readers that Palestinian children receive the education they do not because the authorities are anti-Semitic, but because Islam is fascist. The point here is that fascism, as a system, is predicated on the complete forging of each generation in its entirety, from cradle to grave, into instruments of hatred, obedience and killing.[3] According to Benito Mussolini:

All within the state, none outside the state, none against the state.[4]
The Fascist conception of the State is all-embracing; outside of it no human or spiritual values can exist, much less have value. Thus understood, Fascism is totalitarian, and the Fascist State -- a synthesis and a unit inclusive of all values -- interprets, develops, and potentiates the whole life of a people.[5]

Muslims will recognise this as "Islam is a complete way of life." Ayatollah Khomeini expands:

Islam and divine [i.e., Islamic, AP] governments …have commandments for everybody, everywhere, at any place, in any condition. If a person were to commit an immoral dirty deed right next to his house, Islamic governments have business with him. …Islam has rules for every person, even before birth, before his marriage, until his marriages, pregnancy, birth, until upbringing of the child, the education of the adult, until puberty, youth, until old age, until death, into the grave, and beyond the grave.[6]

Fascist doctrine required the Italian people to “Believe, Obey and Fight,” exactly the same as Islam: "We hear and we obey"; "Fight in the way of Allah." Each case is, of course, difference to every other, but they are united in that these societies all hardwire young brains to hate, to obey without question, and to kill. As adults, such victims of indoctrination can be perfectly rational in all aspects of their lives, but the object of their indoctrination will be a sealed strongroom never to be breeched. They are also all totalitarian and have total control over their subjects' minds. Western education (ante-multiculturalism) could break through, which is why they all take particular care in avoiding, or strictly controlling, access to Western education[7] and universally-accessible information, such as the Internet.

Such societies are either already fascist, or in transition to fascism, and their children are being prepared as pre-programmed robotic soldiers in an army for future wars. Muslims, and not just ISIS, have been doing this to six-years-olds in their madrassas for over a thousand years. Joining the dots would make the connection obvious. And if two or more such societies find a common expediency, then they have a motive to combine.[8] At this point, it might help to remind ourselves of Orwell's warning:

…Against that …world in which black [today] may be white tomorrow, …there are in reality only two safeguards. One is that however much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing, as it were, behind your back, and you consequently can’t violate it… The other is that so long as some parts of the earth remain unconquered, the liberal tradition can be kept alive. Let Fascism, or possibly even a combination of several Fascisms, conquer the whole world, and those two conditions no longer exist.[9] (emphasis by AP).

One part of the earth that must remain unconquered is Israel, the part Islam has had in its sights since the demise of the Ottoman Caliphate, and towards which three fascisms are converging, eagerly aided by the Western Left. When totalitarianisms attack democracy at the same time, they do not necessarily share a common agenda, and their actions are not necessarily coordinated, but their aims and modus operandi coincide to create opportunities for them all. Any totalitarianism can and will take advantage of any tactical or strategic weakness its ideological kin engineer or expose in free societies.

China buying up Washington officials and American tech bosses also creates favourable conditions for Russia and Islam to erode the society. Muslims taking over American academic institutions weakens the country also for China and Russia. Muslims destroying the European criminal justice system also helps crime that benefits China and Russia. Russia corrupting American elections also aids China and Islam. Each is a force multiplier for all of them.

To not see this "combination of Fascisms" and its effects is fatal. Similarly, to treat each individual Muslim terrorist, rapist, fraudster or perjurer, or Chinese thief or vandal, or Russian hacker or assassin as an isolated criminal who committed an isolated crime simply demonstrates once again our legal paralysis when faced with war on our law. To try to play off one fascism against another is delusional, because it simply creates more opportunities for the one favoured, which ultimately benefits them both. A clear example of this delusion, albeit on a smaller scale, is Israel imagining that it is playing off Fatah against Hamas, and Hamas against Palestinian Islamic Jihad, when in fact, it is creating a pyramid of benefits for them all in their pursuit of jihad against Israel. Christopher Hitchens is one of the few who understood that nothing short of extirpation will solve the problem of jihad. He did not shy away from saying so.

It's a purely primate response with me: recognising the need to destroy an enemy in order to assure my own survival. I've no interest at all in what they think. I'm only interested in refining methods of destroying them, a task in which, by the way, one gets very little secular support. Most atheists don't want this fight. The most important one is the one they want to shirk. They'd far rather go and dump on Billy Graham, because in that they know there's no danger. ...I said extirpate: complete destruction of the jihadist forces.[10] (My emphasis)

Where totalitarian regimes, despite their deadly communal enmity, do explicitly combine, they become especially adept at undermining the fabric of free, democratic societies through the latter's most vain-glorious elements: red-green alliance politicians, officials and activists opening the city gates to jihad armies (aka "refugees)"; career politicians chasing the “Muslim vote”; universities lowering their standards to attract or retain mainland Chinese students and their money; universities changing their curricula to attract Saudi funding, and getting rid of "awkward" staff to safeguard such funding; information technology companies restricting constitutionally-guaranteed freedoms to secure lucrative deals with totalitarian states; powerful and influential American men lured into bed, and sometimes marriage, by Chinese honey pots; politicians undermining their own country's national security by making them dependent on cheap Russian oil and gas, or worse, accepting seats on the Boards of Russian companies. Destroying the freedom of the West from within is the only endeavour in which totalitarian collaboration is sustainable.

In the context of Russia's war to obliterate Ukraine, the news is full of chatter about, first, a Russia-China axis, then a China-Iran axis, then a Russia-Iran axis, and finally, a Russia-China-Iran axis. Certainly, such an axis is possible, and such an axis is also extremely dangerous, since the axis provides a window of opportunity in which each can use the others to advance its own pursuit of dominance over them, apart from over their collective adversary, the West.

All three totalitarian societies, Russia, China and Iran, and other lesser specimens, are predicated on dependent subordination. Such societies can only be hierarchical, rule can only be arbitrary, putting pressure on everyone to hide within conformity and if they have to speak at all, they to seek refuge in vague generalisations. Everyone’s primary preoccupation is to be the first to please their superior, or at least, never to displease the one above them. Eventually, not displeasing is not enough, for the dissidence concealed within failure to actively compete to please the dog above is soon detected, and punishment for such dissidence swiftly exacted.

This kind of culture cripples both production and war-fighting, because meeting the criteria that satisfy the superior are not necessarily conducive to efficiency or combat effectiveness. The joke about a factory producing a single fifteen-tonne nail is not entirely hyperbolic. Russian commanders in the field prefer to seize and hold settlements rather than strategic points, because it makes their superiors' reports look good. Superiors in such societies do not always want to hear sound military advice from their generals. During the Yom Kippur War, when Egyptian generals tried to persuade President Sadat to effect a tactical retreat back across the Suez Canal, Sadat absolutely refused. Retreat, for whatever reason, is a humiliating "loss of face."

There is every incentive to not share knowledge or ideas with anyone, as these are precious tickets to the favours of the one above them. Western analysts interpret this phenomenon as reluctance to be the bearer of bad news to a powerful superior. This is a limited understanding, because reluctance to share information is integral to hierarchical systems in which readiness to obey is the only merit. It is extremely difficult to get Chinese university students to discuss anything amongst themselves, because each operates on the expectation that the others will "steal my ideas" and so more quickly gain favour with the teacher at his or her expense. Anything that does not contribute to improved access to favours is not worth knowing or doing. This accounts, in large part, for the abysmal standard of Chinese and Russian workmanship. In the case of Muslims, the superiority of the Afterlife, the "real" life, over this life, which is nothing more that a test and preparation for the Afterlife, is an added factor.

The flip-side is to not take responsibility for anything and to avoid blame at all costs, for being unable to avoid blame can cost you dearly, even your life. The result is that no one will ever report a problem, no matter how small, as they will be held responsible for causing it. No one will help someone who has fallen in the street, for they will be blamed for causing the fall (why else would you help?) Thus, reticence and inaction are integral to the system at all levels. Such behaviour is still present in Eastern Europe, a generation after the "fall of communism," and has very little to do with not wanting to give bad news to a bad boss.

As has been shown countless times, a society fundamentally in contradiction with itself will eventually consume itself. When its leaders answer the imperative to invade neighbouring territories, it is quickly forced to fall back on the physical bodies of its dependent subordinate population, whether sending them to their deaths on the frontlines, working them to death in the factories (including as baby-making factories) and on construction sites, or starving them to death in mines and labour camps. Slavery suggests itself as the logical solution to any lingering moral quandaries. Similarly, machines will be worked until they break, then cannibalised for parts, since maintenance means that neither the machine nor their operatives are working while the machine is being maintained.[11] Yet, if they are at war, they will have to give up fighting before they impoverish themselves beyond recovery, a dilemma that, all else being equal, a totalitarian society would face long before a free one does. This, simply expressed, is the problem now facing Russia.

In the old days, we called this calculus absolute surplus value. In simple terms, it means overworking everyone, even to death, i.e., falling back onto a more primitive, pre-automated, or even pre-mechanised form of economy. Except for the ruling elite, material hardship is the order of the day, while only the bureaucracy and coercive organs of state, through corruption and the general abuse of power, provide some relief from the hardship for those lucky enough to be in such coveted positions. Here people are not only materially, but also culturally and morally impoverished, in short, they become meaner and nastier. Violence is completely normal in such societies and human life worthless. These are societies permanently at war with themselves. Existence is indeed "solitary, poor, nasty, brutish, and short." Even totalitarian societies that appear to be prosperous are never far from material insecurity.

We have wilfully unlearnt that Communism, Nazism and Islam result in inhuman societies, and it is very common to hear analysts say things like, “Putin doesn’t care how many Russians die.” Nobody in Russia cares how many Russians die, and those who do seem to care, such as their immediate families, show little sign of bereavement upon receipt of a compensation gift. This same degradation of human emotions characterises Islam, under which all must love what Allah loves and hate what Allah hates. All other love, such as for children, spouse or parents, is through love for Allah. Sheikh Dr Yasir Qadhi, on the prohibition on asking Allah to forgive a deceased non-Muslim loved one, reveals what a Muslim's love consists of:

I don't understand personally why some of our youth are troubled by this. This person did not believe in Allah, so why would you ask the god he didn't believe in to forgive him. It doesn't make sense to me. This person didn't believe in the god that you believe in, so why do you want to ask the god he didn't believe in to forgive him. Let it be.[12]

How many Muslims care about how many Muslims blow themselves up in jihad? Many in the West simply cannot comprehend that beating the living daylights out of your wife is not a crime in Islam or Russia or China. In Islam, there is no concept of rape.

In contradistinction to absolute surplus value is relative surplus value, characterised by integrated economic activity and ever-increasing technological efficiency, providing the surplus value upon which freedom is based. Such societies formalise equality between individuals and each is autonomous. It is the social form that encapsulates the inner relations of trade and drives continuously towards greater efficiency, their many contradictions notwithstanding. Societies of absolute surplus value cannot prevail over societies of relative surplus value, unless the autonomous individuals of which free societies are composed give up their freedom, or have it taken from them. That Ukraine is able to hold its own again Russia is not only down to high-tech Western weaponry and legendary Ukrainian fighting spirit. It is also down to Ukrainian society being integrated, while Russian society is atomised.

Hubris is par for the course for both leaders and underlings in totalitarian societies. It is a natural outcome of the supremacism with which they all imbue themselves. Muslims are “the best of people.” Nazis are “the Master Race.” The Chinese are the central civilisation surrounded by barbarians, and Russians are the strongest of all. Both the society as a whole, and the people of which it is composed, are insular and self-referential, and find it inconceivable that they could lose against anyone who is not them. If they did lose, then it can only be because they have not been true to themselves. To the ruling elite of Iran and their downtrodden supporters, that they, Muslims, will bring “Death to America” and “Death to Israel” is self-evident. But even if they were true to themselves, almighty Allah might still choose not to favour them with victory today, though he might so favour them tomorrow, that is, if he wills tomorrow to exist. The same goes for the fools who rush to debate critics of Islam. They don’t need a reason to be right; they just are right. The Chinese Communist Party, and all who adhere to its ideology still believe that their hopelessly atomised society and disintegrating economy will soon overtake the West. Western media play their part in nourishing this shallowness of perspective.

Western opinion-makers, even after almost three years of economic and societal implosion, continue to talk of China as having “the second largest economy in the world” exactly as, until a few weeks ago, they talked of Russia as having “the second best army in the world.” Susceptibility to glib soundbites begins with not caring about truth. One utterance is as good as another. What speech is worth defending if speech itself is worthless. To relinquish free speech, in such a situation, is to relinquish nothing. First destroy language, then destroy speech, then destroy thought.

If there is nothing to say, there is nothing to think about. After all, in times of tribulation, freedom of thought alienates family and friends. Finally, abandoning freedom of action keeps you out of trouble. All of these diminutions are on garish display amongst the supposed custodians of the Enlightenment, and it does, indeed, appear as if “those two conditions” of which Orwell speaks “no longer exist.”

Flight from thought is well on display in Israel, a country with precious little room for manoeuvre. Uri Bar Joseph, political scientist at the University of Haifa, recounts that after substituting the PLO for their own security services and signing the Oslo Accords:

The [then Israeli government's] main approach was that the Hamas is a problem, but as long as Yasser Arafat and the Palestinian Authority want to continue, and see an interest in continuing, the peace process, they'll take care of of the Hamas.[13]

That the Palestinian Authority never wanted to even start "the peace process" in the first place, let alone continue it, is information readily accessible to any university professor. In the end, it was Hamas who "took care of" the PLO, and not the other way round, as the professor's baseless hope had it. The hopelessness and despair in Bar Joseph's diction and demeanour are palpable. In tortured bewilderment, he continues:

The problem was that at a certain stage, the Palestinian leadership decided probably to to slow down or it's it's war against against the Hamas and and this is where where the troubles started.

Much more catastrophic than the awkward stammers of a hopeless professor is when hopelessness and despair encourage the illusion of certainty and strength. This we saw in Yitzhak Rabin's ordering his own country's intelligence services to get out of his way as he plunged headlong towards the disastrous Oslo Accords. A sad and tired David Arbel, Former Head of the European Section of Mossad, recounts:

The Head of Mossad rushed over to Rabin and told him 'Sir, something's going on in Europe'—Rabin's answer was 'Drop it. I'm aware of it,'—without sharing it, without telling him what was going on. [Then Foreign Minister Shimon] Peres used to say, 'What do Intelligence Services know? What did they know about Munich? What did they know about Pearl Harbour?' Therefore he thought he could do without their advice.[14]

That makes two wilfully ignorant Israeli Prime Ministers in a row. Such wilful—and fateful—ignorance was far from exclusive to Israel.

Paul Pillar, Middle East Expert, US National Security Council 2000-2005, put Iran's supporting Hamas down to wounded pride. Pillar had worked out that Iran felt snubbed by its exclusion from the Middle East peace process, and just like that, a thousand years of Muslim sectarian rivalry evaporated.

Part of the Iranian response to being excluded and snubbed was: it was back then that they started ramping up, increasing, their material aid to the likes of Hamas and the Palestine (sic) Islamic Jihad. They were basically saying, okay, if we're not going to be part of this process, don't expect us to support it, and don't be surprised if we undermine it. And that's basically what they did.[15]

This fest of ignorance notwithstanding, "however much you deny the truth, the truth goes on existing, as it were, behind your back." Just because we don't know, or would even deny, that there is historical precedent for what Iran is capable of and what it will take to defeat it, does not mean that the truth of it has ceased to exist. It is only a matter of being brave and determined enough to seek it, find it and bring it to light. We have seen Iran before, and within living memory: Kokka Shinto Japan.

Kokka Shinto, or State Shinto, had a similar effect on the Japanese psyche as Islam has on Muslims, especially in its more intense and vengeful form, Shi'ism. Until the final days of the Second World War, there was no force on earth capable of stopping a warring nation for which suicidal death was the highest honour. Iran, with its martyrdom ideology, is such a belligerent.[16] The United States, the same power that finally came to realise that the only way to stop a suicidal force Hell-bent on annihilation was to subject it to unthinkable shock and dropped the Bomb, today repeats the intelligence-insulting mantra, "We continue to believe that diplomacy is the best way to bring Iran back to the negotiating table." Imagine where would we be today if, on 8 December 1941, President Roosevelt had declared, "Kokka Shinto is a religion of peace."

The only way to avert the West eventually having to use a nuclear weapon again, this time on Iran, is by not only denying Iran a nuclear weapon and any human, financial and technological capacity for producing such a weapon, but additionally and more importantly, expunging from its society the idea that there is honour in suicidal death by murder. It is, after all, Iran that had decimated a generation of its children by having them run through minefields to clear a safe path for its soldiers. Without expunging Islam from Iran, its programme of annihilation will simply start up again. This means expunging Islam first from Iran, then from the world. The United States accomplished the expunging of Kokka Shinto by US General Douglas McArthur, a lesser being, granting Emperor Hirohito, a god, leave to remain the Emperor, but under McArthur's authority. While the two atomic bombs interrupted the Japanese sacred mission, this final act of both desecration and humiliation perpetrated on their emperor-god was enough to finally brake the Kokka Shinto spell for most. The Japanese were not superior, and no amount of honourable death was going to change that. We are very, very far from confronting that question in Iran, if American activist Medea Benjamin is anything to go by:

The only thing that’s going to counter this is if we get Congress to stand up to pass legislation that says, “We will not allow any unauthorized attack on either Iran or Venezuela”; if we get all the presidential candidates to stand up and say no to an attack on Iran; and if we get the American people to be very loud and clear saying, “We are totally opposed to any attack on Iran.”[17]

Exactly how the mechanism of psychological defeat of those who crave death in the act of killing unfolded in the Japanese case, I can only speculate on. I suspect that replicating the sun, a billion times brighter, right before their eyes, not once, but twice, followed by the enforced "setting" of Emperor Hirohito, the representative of the sun and descendant of the ancient Shinto sun goddess, Amatesaru, and the dénouement of the Empire of the Sun, brought home the inconceivable: their enemy was greater than God. Without breaking the line to the ancient sun goddess, Kokka Shinto could still have risen again, just as Islam has, through the centuries, continually been revived. The act of demonstrably putting the emperor under human, specifically McArthur, control, plus for a time after the war, banning the use of the sun-disc symbol, together with offering liberal democracy and massive financial assistance, enabled the Japanese to come to terms with the end of their Meiji-corrupted selves and recover their humanity free of a nihilistic ideology.[18]

If Iran manages to acquire a nuclear weapon, then something similar is going to have to be done to Iran as was done to Japan. No one, except perhaps a few in Israel, has the stomach and intellectual honesty to contemplate the true implications of such a weapon in the hands of a nihilistic power. If we never want to use a nuclear weapon again, we had better make damn sure that Iran does not get one, else we might end up having to use one ourselves anyway, despite all our lofty "never again" protestations.

Parts 3 looks at what we might learn from Ze'ev Jabotinsky/...


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