Arabic sister site, مسلم إلى إنسان, launched


Arabic sister site, مسلم إلى إنسان, launched

Murtadd to Human is proud to announce the launch of our Arabic sister site, Muslim to Human, today. We hope that the site will be meaningful to our Arabic readers. Please bear with us while we get up to speed. Our apologies for the few bits of English still on the site, we might not be able to translate it all. In the meantime, comments can be left at this link. Constructive feedback would be gratefully received. A sincere Thank You to the people who helped make this happen.

In other news:

In response to the Simchat Torah massacre on 7 October, the intensified United Nations abuse of Israel, the exculpation of the Palestinians, the wide-scale endorsement of jihad barbarism on Western streets, the inexorable march towards declaring Jews fair game, and the occasion of International Women's Day, our major essay, "Rape, Slavery and the Shari'a takeover of the United Nations", is now being prepared for publication.

Look out for the launch of our Hebrew sister site, הסברה להדר, within the next few weeks. The Hebrew content of Murtadd to Human will move over to Hasbara to Hadar.