Israel inching towards the i-word, sort of

If the message is still not getting through, Israel cannot be a normal country because in no normal country does seventy-four percent of the population go around with a price on their head.

Israel inching towards the i-word, sort of

Part 5

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Amid all the talk of war in Gaza, “innocent civilians,” regional war, and the doubling-down on “Israeli occupation,” I want to conclude this series of essays by returning the spotlight to the fantastic counter-civilisation we all witnessed on 7 October. In the jihad against Israel, the tip of the spear of jihad against all kufaar, Palestinians, through their organisations, in this case Hamas, perpetrated an act of Islamic worship so vile that it shook many who up to that moment still held the humanity of Arab Muslims as paramount in their considerations, this despite the latter’s propensity for violence, substitution of loyalty for truth, and open genocidal aspirations towards the Jews.

If one should move from the Islamic periphery in towards the areas under Palestinian control, the propensity for violence, substitution of loyalty for truth, and open genocidal aspirations towards the Jews intensify, culminating at the centre in almost daily acts of Islamic barbarism, such as murderous attacks on Jews, widespread open unrestrained celebrations of those murders, rockets fired at Jews in their homes, and horrors such as the massacre on the Simchat Torah holy day. One wonders whether the free self-righteous useful idiots with placards saying, “We are all Muslims now,” as thousands of mujahideen (we are all refugees now) on the identical mission as Hamas poured in through Western airports, might now be having a rethink, after all, there is no Donald Trump to virtue-signal against. It is possible that many of them just might be.

A little over two weeks have gone by since Hamas perpetrated its Simchat Torah Massacre, and already the talk is all of how many Palestinian “civilians” are dying in Gaza, with those incapable of  admitting their error in supporting the Palestinians doubling down into even more shrill condemnations of Israel. “Forget about last week!” Muslim thug Mohammed Hijab rebuked Piers Morgan for daring to once again bring up the massacre of Israelis. Naturally, this is to be expected of Palestinian spokespersons, not a single one of whom can be found who will unequivocally condemn Hamas for this attack. Hanan Ashrawi point blank refused to even acknowledge the massacre at all. Yet, so many in the West are now tearing their hair out over “innocent Palestinians.” Still, so horrific was this massacre that it finally got through to some of the comfortable virtue-signallers of the West, leaving many of them, according to Victor Davis Hanson, embarrassed by how low they had allowed themselves to sink. He says:

There are people now on the Left saying this is embarrassing, and these people really do hate Jews. They say they hate Israelis. And anti-Semitism is no longer some crazy guy on the Right that’s in the Stone Age. These are Left-wing, sophisticated elites, professionals.

The point here is the wish, the desire, for Palestinians to be victims so they might support them and feel good about themselves. The Jews, after all, are white—aren’t they? This wish for the Palestinians to be deserving victims is shattered. It is shattered only in part due to the barbarism on display on 7 October. The main reason for the disillusionment with the Palestinians amongst the chattering classes, I think, is that the massacre and the Palestinian celebrations of it, ended their use of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu as cover for their own Jew-hatred.

It is obviously disingenuous to claim to be against Israelis, but not against Jews. Much easier is it to zero in on one scapegoat whose character you have been assassinating for years. There is a great deal that Netanyahu can and should be criticised for, but “Crime Minister” is demonstrably not one of them. So valuable was Netanyahu as a cover for anti-Zionism, polite society Jew-hatred, and Palestinian apologetics that facts no longer mattered. The Simchat Torah Massacre blew that cover wide open.

The battalions of Western dhimmi journalists had to fall back on Israel, rather than Netanyahu, as the great evil, and their frenzied eagerness to devour Hamas’s claim of Israeli responsibility for the shelling of a hospital in Gaza is the perfect illustration of that. Such “new journalists,” (an unashamed propaganda army) and the media outlets they work for, condemn themselves in, instead of correcting their information (let us not hope for apologies) and running new stories about the event, still tried to salvage whatever Palestinian innocence they could from the Gazans having shelled the hospital themselves. Yet, there are a number of hopeful developments.

That the Simchat Torah Massacre is shaking up so many complacent certainties is a hopeful development. According to Hanson, the US government, corporations and academic institutions cannot afford to alienate the decent Americans whose confidence in Palestinian goodness has been so ruthlessly destroyed, especially as that country enters its election season. Virtue-signalling for the Palestinians, if Hanson is to be believed, has reached its sell-by date. Those who just cannot let go are frantically nitpicking the distinction between Hamas and Palestinians, more to save themselves than to save the Palestinians.

Ex-Muslims, too, especially Arab ex-Muslims, are running up against their own contradictions. All along they have played a double game of opposing Islam, but supporting Muslims, and especially Palestinians. They cast the Palestinians as moral and good, since they are the “oppressed group,” and Israelis as immoral and evil, since they are the “oppressor group,” and built and maintained their ex-Muslim identity on this asinine conception. It was a mental construct that required them to ignore the obvious barbarism of the Palestinians.

Well, they can ignore it no more. There is blood everywhere they might care to look. Yet, only in some cases is it revulsion at what Palestinians have done to the Jews on 7 October that precipitates their soul-searching. Others, especially Arabs, are conflicted over whether the Palestinians deserve their hitherto unconditional support, and not whether they ought to look again at their unconditional condemnation of Israel and the Jews, whether dressed up as anti-Zionism or not. See, for example, the equivocating anguish of popular Arab YouTube ex-Muslim Apostate Aladdin. This too, though, is a hopeful development.

The third hopeful development is the dawning on the Hamas leadership that, in the Palestinians giving such free rein to their inner murderers, Hamas has bitten off more than it can chew. Hanson makes the point thus:

I think that their original plan was to go in and take a hundred or two hundred captives, which in itself would be a coup, and kill some soldiers. But in their blood lust, they not only killed over a thousand civilians, but they desecrated, mutilated their bodies. They attacked women and children. They burned them. It was premodern. It was pre-civilisational. It reminds me of Hernan Cortéz and his account of the Aztecs and their human sacrifice, the mutilation. They really inflamed Israel, justifiably, in a way that we had never seen before. They [Israelis] have woken up and the reaction is going to be exactly like the Yom Kippur War, except to the n-th degree and I don’t think Hamas understands that this is the first time in our lives that there’s no restraint to speak of.

Palestinian spokespersons in general, under tough questioning from real journalists, are bereft of answers because “Israeli occupation” and “Israeli apartheid” will no longer cut it, leaving them floundering and exasperated. With Hamas spokespersons, their discomfort belies something else: they are no longer the cock-sure supremacists of yore. Confronted with their murder of unarmed Israeli citizens in an interview on Times Radio on 19 October, it is not just that Basem Naim, Hamas’ Head of Political and International Relations, refused to answer questions about the Simchat Torah Massacre, he could not control the interview, as Muslims always try to do, nor terminate it, despite multiple times threatening to do so. It was a demeanour uncharacteristic of even a “beginning-beginning student of knowledge,” let alone a top official of a jihad army with delusions of one day defeating the IDF. Both those on the Left who still support the Palestinians and those ex-Muslims still unable to make up their minds on where they stand, ought to take note: their heroes themselves are no longer so sure.

I might have been wrong to have feared an imminent night of the long knives, and Caroline Glick might have been right in asserting that the Jews would come together when their existence is threatened. One of the most alarming Leftist leaders had been former IDF General and Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Barak, who had openly called for civil war using the most inflammatory of language. Perhaps it came as no surprise to others, but I paused to reconsider after watching the same Ehud Barak say the following a few days ago:

The barbarian massacre that happened on October 7th started to be prepared more than a year ago, before the Netanyahu government was even established, and it has nothing to do [with them] whatsoever. They are a huge damage to Israel in more than one way, but they are not the direct cause of these events and these attacks…

I witnessed our people—it was the most severe blow that Israel suffered since its establishment. We had never such an event. Within twenty-four hours it’s much more than 1400, probably we'll end up with 1,800 and several hundreds were caught as hostages, and they were slaughtered, slaughtered, literally. It’s not just a terror. it’s a crime against humanity. No one can remember such pictures since probably Eastern Europe during World War II under the Nazi rule and that, of course, shocked the public. But we are a defiant species. We know how to unite when we face an external threat. We are united. We mobilised over 300,000 reservist to make sure there is enough force to avoid any kind of a further surprise and to be able to have a major offensive in the Gaza Strip. (My emphasis)

It seemed too good to be true and some further digging threw up "Chapter twelve - The failure and unreliability," in The Unforgivable Betrayal by military historian Dr Uri Milstein, published in 2013, in which Ehud Barak stands illuminated in all his sinister glory. I am afraid I do not share the seemingly nation-wide confidence that the bickering Jews will this time come together to confront an existential threat to their country.

What we have seen since the Yom Kippur War, culminating in nine months of law and order breakdown to “defend democracy,” is not the bickering for which Jews are so endearingly famous. You do not spend decades actively dismantling your own country’s territorial integrity (the so-called “Disengagement”), and bring into your midsts armed genocidal murderers intent on annihilating you and obliterating your homeland, while you systematically subvert the very institutions by which your country defends itself, and then just like that forget all your differences in order to defend that same country.

The best way to guarantee a country’s inability to defend itself is not by disarming it physically, but ideologically. For years, the education of a generation of Israelis has substituted Wokism for Zionism and Judaism. An entire generation of Israelis already believe that Zionism and Judaism are bad things best gotten rid of and want nothing more than to make things right with the Palestinians, oblivious to the fact that in all likelihood, none of them would even exist today had it not been for Zionism and Judaism. Guy Millière, in his article, “Who Wants to Destroy Israel? You Might Be Surprised” on Gatestone Institute, 15 May 2923, reports that:

On April 17-18, Israel observed Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day. Sirens sounded across the country while people stood for two minutes of silence in remembrance of six million Jews who had been murdered. Wreaths were laid at the Yad Vashem World Holocaust Remembrance Center. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu delivered a speech calling on Israelis for unity.

The speech, however, was apparently not heard by everyone. Protests against his government soon resumed. A week later, on April 24-25, on Memorial Day, when Israelis pay their respects to soldiers who have fallen so that Israel might live, Netanyahu once again called for unity. The next day, when Israel celebrated Independence Day, some people decided not to participate in the official ceremony and held a "protest celebration" instead.

A generation of Israelis (virtue) signalled, “Not my state!” The State of Israel, Medinat Israel, was no longer what it had been prior to the Yom Kippur War. Professor Elisha Haas places great hope in the generation now coming of age, seeing increased numbers of young people closely settling the land. While this is notable, I find it hard to share his optimism. The Israeli Left is now large enough, influential enough, destructive enough and sinister enough to hand their fellow-Jews over on a platter to anyone intent on setting off another Holocaust, and in allowing such a catastrophic situation to develop, “Israel’s longest serving Prime Minister” does, indeed, have much to answer for.

He might want to start by explaining to the Israeli public why he and Defence Minister Yoav Galant, about two months ago, pressed upon them the urgent need to save the Palestinian Authority. Perhaps he would care to clarify some of the many ambiguities in his address to the nation after the Simchat Torah Massacre. President Joe Biden, after an extraordinary visit to Israel that he had invited himself to, made the following staggering statement, “The vast majority of Palestinians are not Hamas. Hamas does not represent the Palestinian people,” when he is well aware that, firstly, Hamas was elected in a landslide victory, and secondly, that the PA has been avoiding elections for eighteen years precisely to forestall another certain Hamas landslide.

Distinguishing between Hamas and the Palestinians in this way, of course, opens at least two lines of action for the Americans: firstly, putting pressure on Israel to avoid "Palestinian casualties," since they are not Hamas; and secondly, by the same token, compelling Israel to permit "humanitarian aid" to the "Palestinian civilians." Then came talk of putting the Palestinian Authority that Benjamin Netanyahu two months ago had the brilliant insight to save as a matter of urgency, into power in Gaza.

I am grateful to my colleague, Avinoam Ben Dor in Israel, for drawing my attention to an oversight in my analysis so far. He writes (slightly edited for clarity):

I tend to agree with most of what you have written here but I believe that you have missed a critical point.

As long as the West, along with India, China and Japan, have been totally dependent since the end of the 19th century on the supply of energy from the Middle East, the geopolitical situation towards the State of Israel will not change, no matter how much money we invest in Hasbara or even propaganda.

Remember that the largest American, British and Dutch oil companies are totally dependent on OPEC and they all make a killing of $ trillions each time the Middle East flares up. So it is built into their DNA to make sure that this part of the world is constantly on fire.

There's also another point, the General Managers of the American oil companies are always former CIA Chiefs that have interwoven businesses with American politicians, Bush, Biden, Baker, Zbigniew Brzezinski and many others.

Don't forget that $ billions are poured into the American Education System by Qatar and Saudi.

Remember 9/11? Bush declared that Islam is a religion of peace.

Biden here in Israel declared that Hamas does not represent the Palestinians and the Palestinians are not Hamas!

I take from Ben Dor's input that the American government's interference in the domestic affairs of Israel through its various agencies' influence over Israel's "normal country" elites and the Leftwing NGOs feeding the Supreme Court, is aimed at, one, never upsetting the Muslim potentates, and two, ensuring that the IDF can never accomplish a decisive victory over Israel's enemies such as would ensure they never try again. And given that they are Muslim, they will always try again because their religion commands them to do so. As long as the Americans can ensure no iron wall, there will never be peace, and the dollars will keep flooding in. It throws a whole new light on why Ze'ev Jabotinsky is virtually written out of Israeli history.

It would have been unthinkable to Jabotinsky that soldiers of the Israel Defense Forces could refuse to report for duty. The point is not that they did turn up in the end, the point is that they, supposed defenders of the Jews, thought nothing of blackmailing their own Jewish state with the lives of the very Jews they are supposed to defend. Whether wittingly or unwittingly, the words of former Chief of General Staff, former Defence Minister and former Prime Minister Ehud Barak reveal a great deal more than might at first seem.

The barbaric invasion of Israel might have, “started to be prepared more than a year ago, before the Netanyahu government was even established,” but so have the sedition and insurrection that for nine months turned the society inside out, events in which Ehud Barak himself not only participated, but played a leading role, to boot, nominating himself as Israel's dictator-in-waiting. When Allah clears a path for Muslims in this way, it is a sin for them not to take that path. Of course the last nine months precipitated the massacre. The imminent Saudi normalisation deal was only the firing pin.

After your hallowed Jewish state has been subjected to decades of such military and ideological erosion, that same country no longer exists. What exists is a caricature of that country, militarily and ideologically crippled from decades of self-harm. It is the height of folly to believe that Benny Gantz, Naftali Bennet, Ya’ir Lapid, Gadi Eizenkot, Aharon Barak, Esther Hayut, Dan Halutz, Moshe “Bogie” Ya’alon, Shikma Bressler, Gali Baharav-Miara, the entire Brothers in Arms fascist mob, and so many others, having exposed themselves and having come this close to their objective of destroying Israel, are just like that going to turn around and walk away. The President of the United States does not drop everything to fly halfway around the world and gatecrash a country he loathes just so as to parlez with a Prime Minister he detests. He has a project to save.

The very first act of the Bennett-Lapid government, after they made common cause with the Muslim Brotherhood, was to rush to report to their handlers in Washington. Their final act was to surrender, at the command of their Washington masters, Israeli sovereign territorial waters to Iran through Hezbollah, the de facto government of Lebanon. In between, they found ways of continuing to fund the Palestinians' Pay-for-Slay policy, support and encourage Palestinian encroachment on Oslo Area C, oppress the Jews of Judea and Samaria, and protect Palestinians who attack those Jews. With such a track record, and Biden's visit, they must be expected to regroup and charge again. Their war against Israel “started to be prepared more than a year ago, before the Netanyahu government was even established,” and the woke youth in their thousands, on cue, plunged headlong into irresistible relevance.

Ideological subversion brought Black Lives Matter onto the streets of the United States, the Iranian regime into the government of the United States, and Jew-hatred into the heart of the Israeli body politic. Those who instigated and participated in the “protests” against the democratically-elected government of Zionist Jews, a government of Hebrews, have done much more than just bicker; they have done serious, possibly lethal, damage to the State of Israel and her capacity to protect and defend the Jews and, worst of all, have given every aid and encouragement to Israel’s enemies by signalling loud and clear that she is ripe for the taking—thus the enemy within.

A few days ago, I was dismayed to learn from my Israeli friend, Timor Aklin, that the music festival held right next to the Gaza border and upon which Hamas descended on 7 October intent on slaughtering everyone they did not take prisoner, was not just a music festival, but a peace festival. These idealistic Leftwing young people held their peace festival up against the Gaza border where they virtue-signalled to the Palestinians that they, in contrast to the "Messianics," believe in peace. The profound tragedy is that these poor people, doing their bit for peace, had come from all corners of Israel to hand themselves over like lambs to the slaughter. Had they but known that the Palestinians they so badly wanted peace with want only one thing: a war of annihilation. The price, both personal and national, was higher than anyone should have to pay for a simple lesson. But they were young, and their ignorance and idealism can be forgiven.

Those who are older and should be able to learn from their mistakes, are instead falling back on a new fantasy: Hamas is not Palestinian. And in one more step, they can hamstring their own state’s actions in Gaza by forcing it to avoid harm to “Palestinian civilians.” Already by yesterday, this collapse in their determination had reached demands for a ceasefire. Let us just be clear once and for all, if your enemy brings you jihad, then by the very nature of the case, there are no “civilians” on either side. War is conducted by people with weapons; jihad is conducted by weaponised people.

As far as those conducting jihad are concerned, whether on their side, or on the side of their enemy, everyone is either one of us, or one of them, and so, obviously, is a combatant. Everyone who is one of us, will perform their duty according to their ability. Everyone who is one of them, must be killed. “Barbarism” is not just one side’s chosen word for expressing revulsion, it has real substance. That substance, in this case, is Islam, Shari’a and the Muslim.

This explains why Palestinians are so perplexed when pressed over their slaughter of Israeli civilians on 7 October. When Muslims scream about Palestinian civilians killed, it is the same outrage that they feel when a kafir terrorist kills Muslims, such as in Oslo or Christchurch, and they will never let you forget that, no matter how many Muslims they themselves kill—44,000 since 9/11 and counting. They feel nothing at all about blowing themselves up in a crowded market or even a jumu'ah mosque, killing hundreds of Muslims at a time, or when a Muslim tyrant murders hundreds of his own Muslim subjects just so everybody knows who’s boss.

Their outrage is never over killing civilians, even when they dress it up that way, which is only to abuse Western sensibilities. Their outrage is over kufaar, “the lowest of created beings,” killing Muslims, “the best of people.” To the Muslim mind, a kafir killing one Muslim is an act so extreme as to warrant an immediate massacre. When Palestinians object to outrage over their massacre of 1400 Jews by saying that the “occupation” has “massacred” so many Palestinians for seventy-five years, this is neither obstinacy, nor fantasy history. It is how their heads work. They would have dismissed complaints about their massacre of 1400 Jews had the Jews killed just one Palestinian decades ago (the reason being utterly irrelevant). Because Jews killed a Muslim, Muslims killing 1400 Jews is perfectly justified, nay, necessary, for the natural order to be restored. If any Muslim does condemn it, then you have not been listening properly.

In short, when you are confronted with jihad, international law becomes irrelevant. If you insist that Israel deals with Hamas and the Palestinians according to international law, then you obviously have not understood what jihad is, even if you acknowledge that jihad is what you're dealing with. Jihad is not just an exotic word for holy war, it has real substance that sets it apart from war as we have come to develop conventions for. Muslim thugs become Oxford graduates precisely so they can play our own cards, such as international law, against us.

As for Israel’s own Palestinians, their Arab Muslim “citizens,” they are too adept at reading the signs to risk everything they’ve managed to squeeze out of the naïve Israeli state to “resist the occupation” at this point. According to Timor Aklin, they have fallen back on the same dissimulation that became the stock response of Western Muslims to Al-Qaida after 9/11 and to ISIS: ‘That is not Islam’ and ‘They are not real Muslims.’ Well, what do you know. Turns out that is exactly what most Israelis want to hear at this time. It brings them relief that this jihad of the tongue gets massive exposure on Israeli media. But that could change at any minute. Caroline Glick reports:

The Palestinian Authority is 100% with Hamas in this war and they declared Jihad against Israel on Friday. There was a directive put out to all the imams and the mosques in the Palestinian Authority… of what to say in their sermons. The sermon was saying that they need to join the jihad, the genocide of the Jews and the press release cited the hadith saying that they will only liberate Jerusalem and build their state after the tree talks to them and says, ‘Oh Muslim, there’s a Jew hiding behind me,’ or a stone will say to them, ‘Oh Muslim, there’s a Jew hiding behind me. Come and kill him.’ This is a Palestinian Authority directive to Palestinian Authority salaried imams in the mosques in Judea and Samaria, calling for them to tell the Palestinians of Judea and Samaria to join the Jihad against Israel.

Talk about not seeing the wood for the trees. No matter that such massacres happen over and over again throughout history: Muslims, even after centuries of seemingly living peacefully, suddenly bursting forth and putting their kafir neighbours to the sword. The warnings, too, have come repeatedly, and each time dismissed. Even when the warnings are noticed, as by Caroline Glick, above, jihad, mosques, imams, sermons, hadith, somehow, it never leads to Islam. Even the otherwise admirable resource Palestinian Media Watch that reported the PA's genocide hadith khutba directive, says silly things like, "The PA religious establishment is notorious for teaching Palestinians that it is their destiny as Muslims to exterminate the Jews."

It is not clear what else, as a religious establishment, they are supposed to do. The religion in question is Islam. They teach what Islam commands, in this case, that it is the Palestinians' "destiny as Muslims to exterminate the Jews." Practically all Western sources that report on the genocide hadith (Sahih Muslim 6985) cast those who teach it as at fault for doing so, when all they are doing is being true to their religion and teaching those in their charge to, likewise, be true to their religion. If anyone has a problem with the genocide hadith, they should have a problem with Islam. But all of them, Israelis especially, will avoid that simple second step into honesty at all costs. Unfortunately "at all costs" has a uniquely dark meaning in Judaism.


I am indebted to my colleague Avinoam Ben Dor, who so kindly shared with me Dr Uri Milstein’s What is the iron in the “iron wall”? that he had translated into English. It inspired this Afterword to the series. The quotations and paraphrases below are from: What is the iron in the “iron wall”?, 11 August 2023; Mikhail Krutikov’s review of Prof. Avner Holtzman’s Hayim Nahman Bialik: Poet of Hebrew, 18 May 2017 in Forward; “1948: Not everyone was dancing,” in the Jerusalem Post of 21 April 2012; Universo Paralallo publicity material for the Supernova Sukkot Gathering music festival; and “How a night of dancing and revelry in Israel turned into a massacre,” in The Washington Post of 8 October.

Many media outlets describe how the killings at the music festival on 7 October took place, but say nothing of how dancing in Israel came to be associated with a massacre. Let me try to address this.

Just an hour and a quarter north of the site of the massacre, seventy-five years earlier, at 16 Rothschild Avenue in Tel Aviv, “circles on circles formed as the music and movement of horas swirled across the generations.” It was, of course, the occasion of the re-founding of Israel, the land of the Jewish people, their gathering in from millennia in exile and the crowning glory the Jewish Enlightenment, Haskalah. At 22 Bialik Street, in the centre of that same city, had lived the national poet, Hayim Nahman Bialik, who asked, “How can we bring today’s secular Jews closer to their older religious cultural heritage?” It was a prescient question.

And its foreshadowing lay in Bialik’s great poem, In the City of Slaughter, written in response to the 1903 Kishinev pogrom that propelled his contemporary, Ze’ev Jabotinsky, to bring into existence a force capable of defending Jews and inspired him to formulate the concept of the iron wall. According to Dr Uri Milstein in his essay, What is the iron in the “iron wall”?, the necessity of embracing Hebrewness, implied in Bialik’s question, unites with Jabotinsky’s military genius as follows: it is “a return from non-sovereign and anti-military Judaism to Hebrewness, that develops excellent military capabilities, which constitute an iron wall.” This iron wall, Hebrewness that begets military professionalism, will ensure that never again will the Jews have to suffer another Kishinev. In short, in order for the Jews to escape slaughter, their state cannot be anything but a Jewish state, or more to the point, a Hebrew state.

“The event will take place in a powerful natural location full of trees, stunning in its beauty and organised for your convenience, about an hour and a quarter south of Tel Aviv.” Two steps: launch; kill.

The vanities of vulgar Jews, stars in the eretz of David, who so badly want to live in “a normal country” that they bequeathed the children of Israel a next-door neighbour in a powerful shamanic trance full of visions of killing Jews, stunning in its cruelty and organised for their murder, about an hour and a quarter south of Tel Aviv. A danse macabre on the edge of Hell. Sweet songs of l’chaim stood no chance of ever breaching the iron wall of “We love death more than you love life.”

Thirty gaping ruptures bleed in a veil of gossamer. Never again! We will keep you safe. From within a finite strip came infinite depravity, to redeem a claim that stood every chance of redemption. Descending on the circle of peace, they cut their way right through in Euclidian precision. Straight lines severed spheres from cylinders. Blood spurt in parabolas. Cries dropped in octaves.

From euphoric confirmation to incomprehension to stunned horror takes two steps. When the screams and gunshots died down, the camp resounded to triumphant cries of Allahu-akbar! that raced off to the nearby houses, leaving the man who wasn’t there still singing, “All we are saying is give peace a chance.” No one ever seems to wish he would go away.

During the pogroms of 2021, the police disarmed Jews, leaving them shocked and defenceless, trapped between ransacked homes and burning synagogues, that offered few hiding places. Arabs were free to maraud with their firearms, illegal firearms. “Nobody knew what to do,” said Millet Ben Haim, 27, a survivor. “Every direction we ran we had more people shooting at us; we were running for two hours trying to escape. We started crawling in bushes. Eventually I realised I couldn’t run anymore,” and finally, the police couldn’t help them, “because too many people were kidnapped.” The dance had come full circle for the normal country.

If the message is still not getting through, Israel cannot be a normal country because in no normal country does seventy-four percent of the population go around with a price on their head. Of necessity, Israel has to be a Jewish state. To deny this is to disengage from reality and to turn Medinat Israel into a psytrance festival.

“Organisers have not responded to requests for comment.” What could they say? What could they possibly say?

May the people of Israel find it within themselves to do whatever it takes to remove that price from their heads, may the rest of the civilised world do whatever we can to help bring that freedom and security about, and may those standing in their way be the barbarians alone.

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Screengrab from i24 video

Universo Paralello

Palestinian Media Watch 


Thursday, 26 October 2023 at 08:29

Dear Anjuli Pandavar

Thank you for taking your precious time to compose this masterpiece.

It's a loud and clear message to the people of Israel. Those who can have the patience to put aside TikTok or Instush, FB and X for just a few moments and read the grave warnings that you have just published.

Sadly or even regretfully, Jabotinski warned the Jewish people in Europe that a Holocaust is nearing but no one listened to him.

It's such a shame that he died so young at the age of 59 and could not influence the nescient State of Israel.

I read several books about him. He's my hero along with a few others that gave up their lives to establish the modern State of Israel.

Let's hope that we won't destroy it by ourselves as we have done so foolishly twice in the past.

You are a great mind.

Shalom my Friend.
Best Regards 

Ben Dor A.