"In response to Israel's oppression"

We always forget what Muslims do; each time reject (or worse) the Cassandras who warn against them; each time give them the benefit of the doubt; and each time discover to our bloody cost all over again that Muslims do exactly as they have done countless times before.

"In response to Israel's oppression"
Kibbutz Be'eri: 1948-2023, "Israeli oppression" in full view of Francesca Albanese

In light of the latest United Nations step on the road to Holocaust 2.0, the UN Special Rapporteur on Palestinian Territories, Francesca Albanese, shared the following insight with the world:

The victims of 7/10 were not killed because of their Judaism, but in response to Israel's oppression.

In one respect Albanese is right: they were not killed "because of their Judaism." If the cause of their killing were their Judaism, then everyone who is not a Jew should, at the very least, wish to kill them. The cause of the killing does not lie with the victims, but with the killers. They kill Jews because they hate Jews enough to want to kill them and that is all. The Jews who cry, they kill us just because we are Jews, already accept that there is something wrong with being Jewish, but not so much as to justify their killing. They cling to what is fundamentally a victimhood culture. But, of course, this is neither where Albanese is coming from, nor where she is going.

The high official has jumped the gun a bit. The totalitarian forces of Islam assembling, with her organisation as its principal useful idiot, do not quite yet have "an unending series of victories over our memories." Only once the global jihad, in its many guises, has attained victory over our memories can she fall back on the maxim:

Who controls the past, controls the future: who controls the present controls the past.

As matters currently stand, for example, Albanese's fanciful assertion immediately causes those still in possession of their own memories to look back past 1948 for the "Israeli oppression" in the many Muslim massacres of Jews. Of course, it would be completely pointless to counter Albanese claims with these facts. Francesca Albanese isn't making any historical claims.

To her mind, Israel must be destroyed, so what she says about Israel is a means to that end. If it serves that purpose, then it is true. If it does not, then it is not. So whether the statement pertains to the future, the present or the past becomes irrelevant, as does the distinction between cause and effect. All thought becomes a jumbled mess from which any string of random ideas can be recognised as coherent or incoherent depending on whether they have the desired effect on the listener or reader. The desired effect, in this case, is a deepened hatred of Israel and Jews and a heightened readiness to harm them, either directly by, say, boycotting Israel or beating up Jews, or indirectly, by, say, going out onto the streets chanting "Free, free, Palestine!" Consider the factual account below:

House to house, Arab mobs went, bursting into every room looking for hiding Jews.  Religious books and scrolls were burned or torn to shreds.  The defenseless Jews were variously beheaded, castrated, their breasts and fingers sliced off, and in some cases their eyes plucked from their sockets.  Infant or adult, man or woman—it mattered not.  The carnage went on for hours, with the Arab policemen standing down—or joining in.  Blood ran in streamlets down the narrow stone staircases outside the buildings.  House to house, room by room, the savagery was repeated.

Most of us will immediately associate the passage above with a recent horrific event we are all too unpleasantly familiar with, the Simchat Torah massacre. We have read and heard about it in every sickening detail. If we've had the stomach for it, we've seen the pictures and heard the sounds. It is unmistakeable. Yet, this is not a description of the Simchat Torah massacre in Southern Israel on 7 October 2023, but a description of the Hebron Massacre on 23 and 24 August 1929.[1]

The point here is not that Francesca Albanese is wrong: Israel did not exist in 1929 and could not possibly have oppressed anyone, let alone precipitate a massacre of her own people. The point is that when Muslims go on their jihad mass murder orgies, they remain chillingly true to the facts of their religious commandments. Stretching back over the centuries, accounts of their slaughter remain remarkably consistent in their details, so that, in a sense, where or when a particular massacre took place ceases to be a variable, and so the cause becomes irrelevant. Whether it is Muslims sticking to the facts, or their propagandists riding roughshod over the facts, both serve the same purpose: to advance Islam.

Albanese can change history back and forth as her propaganda requires, we do not fall into line because we do not share her objectives, and we are free to recall that things were not quite as she says. In the case of her protégés going on mass-murder sprees, we may forget the details of their past mass-murder sprees because those details are exactly the same. The descriptions are perfectly interchangeable.

If we subject Albanese's account to logic, then the Hebron Massacre of 1929 could not have taken place. Since Israel did not yet exist, no one could have responded to Israeli oppression. The implication is that the very existence of Israel is an injustice. Israeli politicians, particularly Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, play right into this propaganda by constantly repeating that Israel has the right to defend herself, thereby drawing what is self-evident, Israel's right to exist, into question.[2] By not insisting that Israel has the right to not be attacked, the focus must necessarily shift to the specifics of Israel's defence (to the exclusion of all else), thereby both transforming Israel's defence into an unjustified "attack", and inadvertently acknowledging that the Simchat Torah massacre was justified. This is exactly what Albanese is doing. If this does not illustrate how hasbara damages Israel, then I am not sure what will.

The description of the Hebron Massacre highlights our fatal habits: we always forget what Muslims do; each time reject (or worse) the Cassandras who warn against them; each time give them the benefit of the doubt; and each time discover to our bloody cost all over again that Muslims do exactly as they have done countless times before. I am far from the first to notice this head-in-the-sand-response when it comes to Muslims. André Servier warned about it in 1924,[3] the same year the Ottoman Caliphate was abolished.

Is anyone able to tell from the description above whether this Muslim slaughter of Jews took place on 7 October 2023 in Southern Israel or 23/24 August 1929 in Hebron, Mandatory Palestine? Yes we can: "the Arab policemen standing down—or joining in." If you scour the details, you can find differences, and each difference found leads us down a whole new rabbit hole of horror. Readers may recall Ahlam Tamimi regaling her admirers with details such as the PA policeman congratulating everyone on the Jerusalem Sbarro pizzeria mass murder in 2001. The same passage above can just as easily describe jihad against Christians in Turkey, the Balkans and West Africa, against Hindus in India, against Buddhists in Afghanistan and Burma, both today and going all the way back over 1400 years to the very beginning of this curse. We are too good to learn the lessons of history. Francesca Albanese is not to blame for that. It's low-hanging fruit.


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  2. Something similar has been on display with each discovery of weapons in Gaza schools, hospitals, children's bedrooms, etc. All that Israeli commentators could do with such information has been to issue the same "breaking news" over and over again, as if something worse than the Simchat Torah massacre had been found, and we now, finally, have proof that Hamas (at least ten groups of Palestinians joined in, including the supposedly Fatah-disowned Al-Aqsa Martyrs Brgade) are barbarians.

    This is propaganda incompetence. Either people already know that Hamas are barbarians and need no further information to prove that, or they already hold whatever Hamas do to be justified, in which case the information is irrelevant. No one is going to change their mind. A propaganda unit worth its salt will find ways of using new information strategically. The more I learn about hasbara, the more I become convinced that it is a Jewish ploy to disarm Jews.
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Israel will bar Francesca Albanese, the United Nations special rapporteur on the “occupied Palestinian territories,” from entering the Jewish state, including Judea and Samaria.


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