4 July in the Land of the Free, the Mother of Parliaments and the Only Democracy in the ME, Part 1

No one mentions that dream anymore, not now that "all white people are racist," Black Lives Matter, and the governing elite cannot bring themselves to putting forward the candidate most suited to the Presidency over the head of a useless black woman.

4 July in the Land of the Free, the Mother of Parliaments and the Only Democracy in the ME, Part 1

It crossed my mind, as I scanned the news in my inbox, that there was nothing about barbecues or Star-Spangled Banners, nothing about Founding Fathers, tea parties, Red Coats, Constitutions, freedom, way-of-life, apple pie or, for that matter, independence. All the American news was about whether an increasingly decrepit President Joe Biden could, should or would run for President in the rapidly-approaching 2024 elections. This was not a free English lesson on auxiliary verbs for illegal—sorry, undocumented—immigrants, no; it was a substantial argument, some would say a row, over averting the very real prospect of the Democratic Party handing the Presidency back to President Trump unopposed for lack of fielding a candidate themselves.

OK, no. That's not what the Democrats are fighting over. That's "just" the deep, dark, imponderable subtext underlying the fall-out from Biden's disturbingly-realistic impression of a dead man walk ...ing ...and ...t-t-talk ...ing during the first candidates' debate against President Trump. They are not yet at that deep dive, at least not publicly. Six days after the debate, they were still wrestling with the DEI albatross they had hung around their own necks: Kamala Harris, Vice-President of the United States of America. OK, let us go wa-a-a-y back.

On 28 August 1963, a now somewhat-forgotten hero of what makes America great, Dr Martin Luther King Jr., had a dream:

I have a dream that my four little children will one day live in a nation where they will not be judged by the color of their skin, but by the content of their character.

Oh, dear.

The Democratic National Convention, where the Presidential candidate for the party is confirmed, will take place on 19-22 August 2024. The two surviving of Dr King's four little children, may they enjoy good health, are in their sixties, around twice the age of their father at the time he held onto that dream for them. Believe it or not, but during those days in coming August, just one week shy of sixty-one years since the great "I Have a Dream" speech, the Democratic Party is going to have to choose between "content of character" and "color of skin" as the deciding criterion for their selection. Well, they should not have to, because the correct choice is obvious and had been settled more than sixty years ago, rightly celebrated as a major milestone in American social development. They would make a choice, if both options were available to them. Bizarrely, they could not make a choice. Although there is plenty of colour on plenty of skin, there is no content to any of the characters, at least not such as would have been considered worthy at the time of the Civil Rights Movement. This, too, is not a free English lesson.

Let me explain. Four years ago, a certain kind of lawyer could have argued: it just says: "content of their character". It doesn't say what that content has to be. OK, so he's a white guy. Stick a black woman on the ticket with him and we've got eight years. Lo and behold, Joe makes a strong, visionary, Presidential decision, and Kamala Harris becomes the Vice-President of the United States. So for four years, an incoherent, unsteady crook was deemed suitably qualified to hold the most powerful office on earth, despite his colour not being black, while his Vice-President is black, but is also the dumbest woman in the northern hemisphere. The Democratic Party could get away with it because for four whole years, the content of the President's character was not going to be tested. On the contrary, the Democratic Party and their media machine did everything to conceal the hopeless condition of the soon-to-be President from the American people, while this VP isn't VP for the content of her character, anyway.

But now, after that horrid debate, Biden's character is being tested and is found sorely wanting, publicly. This was not in the plan. The real snooker is that those Democrats whose character might be presidential, even by the abysmal standards of the 2020 elections, also fail to meet the now immovable and insurmountable pre-eminent "color of their skin" criterion that the Democrats have set for themselves in an ostentatious sacrifice of Dr King's dream on the altar of Woke. Those who do meet the hallowed color of skin criterion, unlike Biden, will not this time be able to get away with characters void of all content. There is, however, one more card to play: a woman for President, a black woman. But Kamala, I hear you say.

Again, they would if they could. But they know very well that should they put forward the one woman they've hand-picked and groomed for four years as the President's replacement in the event that, God forbid, the worst did happen, Kamala Harris, too, will have her character tested as Biden's character is finally being tested. The content of Kamala Harris's character is as vacuous as the character of "the big guy" is corrupt. If only they had abolished the debates while Covid gave them the chance! Who screwed that one up?

So on 4 July, instead of enjoying barbecues with friends and family in the sun, celebrating their great nation and all its extraordinary accomplishments, such as its Civil Rights Act, Americans, at least those in some way associated with the governing party, found themselves agonising not over Kamala's character that stands no chance even against that of a "convicted felon," but over which black woman to put up against Trump, overriding Harris's VP entitlement.

Of course, Kamala Harris is having none of it. She's spent four long years honing her gibberish to titanium sharpness like the sharpness of titanium, because, if you think about it, titanium is sharp, very sharp, very very sharp. Titanium is so sharp that it is as sharp as titanium and, you know, that makes it titanium-sharp, and she is not going to let that be taken away from her, no, girl, no, no, no, not on these streets—and just for the record, Murtadd to Human supports her wholeheartedly in this.

The real President of the United States, Barack Hussein Obama, always selflessly helping out behind the scenes—God bless him—even suggested a Kamala-Michelle ticket. But Michelle Obama doesn't fancy her chances in a one-on-one with Trump and soon let it be known that she is not available. Did her husband just forget to mention this to her? Or did Michelle suddenly sit up in a cold sweat in the middle of the night, having just realised that "the Donald" might ask her how she was getting on with bringing back our girls?

But this might all be moot, dear readers, for The Family has gathered in conference and closed ranks, as all good families do in times of trial. The First Lady, already dubbed Lady Macbeth, and her knight in urine-stained armour drug-addict son, Hunter, they got plans. And central to those plans is the big guy, the President of the United States. Guys don't come much bigger than that. Just ask Hunter's dodgy business associated in, oh, so many dodgy countries. This raises an interesting question: who owns Joe Biden, actually? While the Democratic Party may be desperate to rid themselves of Biden asap, they can't just feed him half an apple cut with a Florentine knife. They judge, correctly, that the voters are finally onto them. They are no longer in November 2020 territory.

They just need old Joe (meant affectionately, just thought I'd make that clear) to do the right thing and bow out of his own accord, and they're working on that day and night. But now there's this damn Hunter and Jill thing, and the word on Kamala's street is that they made their feelings known in rather colourful terms, here translated as: "Dad ain't going nowhere and kindly leave us alone." They could do Hunter with the laptop thing, but that opens a whole other can of worms. So they won't go there. And how to put the screws on Jill? So far, no suggestions have leaked. Six weeks to go. It looks bad, real bad. This will probably go down in history as the ultimate case of something you created turning around and biting you in the proverbial, very, very hard.

"Hey, didn't Biden's dog bite one of their security details?"

"Great angle! Work that, work that. How much time you need?"

"Two three days."

"You got ten minutes."

There are many statues and busts of Dr Martin Luther King Jr. still proudly adorning public spaces around America, and Martin Luther King Jr. Day is still observed on the third Monday of each January. But no one mentions that dream anymore, not now that "all white people are racist," Black Lives Matter, and the governing elite cannot bring themselves to putting forward the candidate most suited to the Presidency over the head of a useless black woman. The optics just wouldn't be right.

Sadly, only two of Dr King's four little children survive. In 2018, President Donald Trump signed into law a bill elevating the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site into the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Park. Perhaps each year in the park's Ebenezer Church, or perhaps in a modest house somewhere, Dr King's surviving two little children, gather with their families and friends to still read "I Have a Dream." May the day never come, when they have to do so behind locked doors, in hushed tones, huddled over the light of a single candle.

Happy Fourth of July.

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On 6 July 2024 at 12:28, Ben Dor A. wrote:

Dear Anjuli Pandavar 😱

Are you actually exposing American politics for what they are? OMG, are you certain that someone over there will take you seriously? Don't bet on it.

I would like to share it, but kindly first make some typo corrections:

"The real President of the United States, Barack Hussain Obama, always selflessly helping out behind the scenes."

"Or did Michelle suddenly sit up in a cold sweet in the middle of the night, having just realise that "the Donald" might ask her how she was getting on with bringing back our girls?

Best Regards
Ben Dor A

On 7 July 2024 at 12:55, Anjuli Pandavar wrote:

Hi Ben Dor A.,

No, I don't hold out much hope of any more than a handful of people taking me seriously. But the writing will be out there, ready to be taken seriously. By the way, I'll return to the US social disintegration at the end of the series. When my wife and I got married in San Francisco in 2015, it was my first visit to the city in about ten years. I was horrified by what I saw and expect it to be much worse today.

Thanks for the typo alerts, now fixed. And thank you very much for always sharing my work.

Best regards,

On 7 July 2024 at 14:21, Ben Dor A. wrote:

Thank you for your corrections.

Shared on Quora.

Democrats will be pissed off.

Best Regards
Ben Dor A

On 7 July 2024 at 14:26, Anjuli Pandavar wrote:

They were pissed off last week. Now they're in ice-cold terror. Remember the November 2020 "elections"? Each of them has been lying awake at night and it's all coming back—f*ck... f*ck... f*ck... f*ck... f*ck... f*ck... F**********CK!!!

The Democratic Party and the Biden family are not on opposite sides of this horror story. They are on the same side: they all need to keep themselves out of jail. It's just that one side needs Joe Biden to do the opposite of what the other side needs him to do.

Oh boy. You're going to need a special box of schadenfreude-edition popcorn for this one.