While their voices may still legally be heard

Tyranny does not begin with the end of freedom, it begins with indifference to the end of freedom.

While their voices may still legally be heard
People who know what it means to not have freedom. Picture credit: Tablet magazine.

Tablet magazine and the Jewish Confederation of Ukraine are presenting an event that could well turn out to be a flickering candle holding out in a mounting gale.

French philosopher, essayist, playwright, and filmmaker Bernard-Henri Lévy joins heroic former Soviet prisoner of conscience Natan Sharansky to address and debate the most urgent questions of our moment, starting with Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine and ongoing U.S. engagement with Iran’s tottering dictatorship as it pursues a nuclear bomb.

The event will be hosted at the Museum of Jewish Heritage, "A Living Memorial to the Holocaust", in New York on Sunday 12 February at 3pm (15:00).

Two of the greatest Jewish voices of the past half-century appear on stage together for the first time in what promises to be a significant public intellectual event.

Soon it may no longer be legal to hear voices such as those of Bernard-Henri Lévy, Natan Sharansky and many others. Freedom is not lost when tyranny descends, it is lost when we no longer care.

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