Which of them should get the humanitarian aid?

"My mother gave birth to me for the sake of the religion." —Muslim jihad mass-murderer, Kibbutz Mefalsim, Israel, 7 October 2023.

Which of them should get the humanitarian aid?
The UN General Assembly votes unanimously to stop abusing Israel


The IDF shared a recording of a conversations between a Muslim jihad mass-murderer from Gaza and his innocent civilian family members while the Simchat Torah Massacre was underway. The recording from Palestinian Media Watch was shared on 24 October 2023. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QtktxOQ7BU

Muslim on jihad: Hi dad. I’m talking to you from [Kibbutz] Mefalsim. Open my WhatsApp and see all the killed people. Look at how many I killed with my own hands. Your son killed Jews!

Father: Allahu akbar! Allahu akbar! May Allah protect you!

Muslim on jihad: Dad, I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone! I killed her and killed her husband. With my own hands I killed ten!

Father: Allahu akbar! And to Allah belongs all praise!

Muslim on jihad: Dad! Ten with my own hands! Dad, open WhatsApp and see how many I killed! Dad! Dad, I’m inside Mefalsim! Dad! I killed ten! Ten! Ten with my own hands, dad! Their blood is on my hands!

Mother: May Allah bring you home safely!

Muslim on jihad: Dad, go back to WhatsApp. I want to give you a livestream.

Mother: I wish I was with you!

Muslim on jihad: Mom, your son is a hero! Kill, kill, kill them!

Brother: Mahmoud, where are you?

Muslim on jihad: I’m inside Mefalsim. I killed ten! Ten with my own hands! I’m talking to you from a Jew’s phone!

Brother: You killed ten?

Muslim on jihad: Yes, I killed ten, by Allah! I was the first [to get in] by Allah’s grace and help. Lift your head up, dad. Lift your head… Inside the [Jewish] town, see on WhatsApp the ones I killed!

Brother: Come back. That’s it. Come back.

Muslim on jihad: There’s no coming back! It’s victory or martyrdom! My mother gave birth to me for the sake of the religion—

Sister: Open your phone?

Muslim on jihad: Open my phone. See the killed people, how I killed them with my own hands!

Sister: (swoons)

All those talking about "humanitarian corridor", "humanitarian aid" and "ceasefire", please help us identify the "innocent civilians" so we may give them the humanitarian aid.

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Patrick Gruban, cropped and downsampled by Pine - originally posted to Flickr as UN General Assembly, CC BY-SA 2.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=4806869