They sit in the Knesset. It's coexistence. Mazel tov!

Many lack the cognitive tools to deal with a religious problem. Because they don’t understand religion, they disconnected from the religious mindset. They refuse to believe that there could be religious reasoning behind what’s happening in the Middle East.

They sit in the Knesset. It's coexistence. Mazel tov!

Everything you need to know about Mansour Abbas; the Muslim Brotherhood; the southern Islamic Movement
כל מה שצריך לדעת על מנסור עבאס - האחים המוסלמים - התנועה האסלאמית הדרומית - עם ד"ר מרדכי קידר

Dr Mordechai Kedar

Video: Alex Tseitlin, YouTube, 13 June 2021
Translated: Alexandra Troush
Edited: Anjuli Pandavar
With the kind permission of Alex Tseitlin and Dr Mordechai Kedar

The fact that the Islamic Movement sits at the Knesset is in itself part of political Jihad. Why? —because if they sit there, they get financing. We can see it with the new government about to take its oath on Sunday, if it indeed happens according to what was published. Mansour Abbas, head of the southern Islamic Movement, will become a deputy minister at the PM’s office and will be getting 500 million NIS to distribute as he sees fit. Half a billion! Will he spend it on Israel-loving actions?

By the way, Al-Mithaq, the newspaper of the southern Movement, a very harsh anti-Israel newspaper, in 2002, during operation Defensive Shield after the Passover massacre, the official newspaper of the southern Islamic Movement printed in its headline “their crimes detract from the crimes of the Nazis” for what we did in Jenin. We didn’t raze Jenin to the ground; we sent our soldiers there, 28 of our paratroopers died there, but it is apparently worse than the crimes of the Nazis, you know? That’s the newspaper of the southern movement.

This movement is an arm of the Ikhwan [the Muslim Brotherhood]. They manage Jihad everywhere the best they can with the tools they can get locally. So if it’s possible, it’s preferable to sit in the Knesset, to get financing, and to continue the educational Jihad, or other kinds like the media Jihad, like they do with their newspaper. This is how it is. They don’t go to the Knesset to be part of the Israeli state as the state of the Jewish people, no. They accept the Jewish state for lack of another choice, out of true hope accompanied by actual actions to get rid of it one day, when the state is weak enough and they could send their people to the streets and do Jihad. The southern movement is also tied with Sheikh Ekrima Sabri, the mufti of the PA who curses Israel in every second word. Overall, this political Jihad of the Islamic Movement is part of the grand Jihad that’s conducted against Israel.

Here it’s worth mentioning the way in which our neighbouring countries treat the Muslim Brotherhood, those that sit in the Knesset. In Egypt this entire movement is outlawed, here we only banned the northern branch of Sheikh Ra’id Salah and Kamal Khatib who is currently undergoing various investigations concerning his involvement with the Jihad in May, and the southern Movement that we have here is also outlawed in Egypt. As for Syria, what is happening there erupted because the Muslim Brotherhood objected to Assad's rule. Not that I justify what Assad is doing to them, but this is between the Muslim Brotherhood and the Alawite rule, because the Alawites are not Muslim, and an Alawite, a heretic and a heathen, cannot rule over Muslims. This is also the reason for the First Intifada, between 1976 and 1982, which ended with the Hama massacre, and for what started in March 2011, which is also part of the Muslim Brotherhood Jihad (with the help they later got from ISIS, another creation of the ideological creator of the Muslim Brotherhood).

So here they get to sit in the Knesset? This is odd, but well, it’s happening because they don’t call for immediate violence. If they called for immediate murder they would be out of the Knesset, but as long as they don’t, according to the rules set by Bagatz [the Supreme Court] who as we all know, runs this country. It’s alright, they may sit there, despite the fact that they don’t acknowledge the existence of the state as a Jewish and a democratic one.

By the way, the Balad movement too, as a national movement, not an Islamic but an Arab nationalist one, does not acknowledge the right of the Israeli state to exist, but it does post factum, so they will sit in the Knesset to try and stop the state from being democratic. Incidentally, according to Balad, all the Jews and their offspring who came here after the Balfour Declaration need to get the Hell out of here. In other words, the only Jews who are allowed to stay here are those who were here before the Balfour Declaration and their offspring. As far as I know, the great majority of the Jews here are either those born afterwards or those whose parents came here during the Haapala, or during the 3rd, 4th or 5th Aliyah [post-independence waves of Jewish immigration], which were all after the Balfour Declaration. So according to Balad, a modern national Arab party, the entire Jewish population that came after the Balfour Declaration has no right to exist.

Here we are dealing with ideologies that claim that the occupation is not what happened in ’67, but what happened in ’48, and it needs to be gone. How is it to be done? Balad says national activity, and Ra’am says Jihad. Israel needs to survive among these. This is how it is. Let’s hope that Knesset members, government members, our PM, lobbyists, journalists, will understand the true essence of what’s happening here.

Look, in the Middle East, religion is a principal foundation of many things that happen, unlike what’s happening here, because ours is a modern, liberal, mostly secular society, even postmodern if you’d like. It doesn’t run on religion, not even on Judaism. I’m talking about the majority of Israelis; they’re mostly liberal. This is why it’s hard for many people here to understand that the motivation for the wars against Israel is religious. Many even refuse to acknowledge it as a religious problem. I think they lack the cognitive tools to deal with a religious problem. Because they don’t understand religion, they disconnected from the religious mindset and from all religious discourse. They refuse to believe that there could be religious reasoning behind what’s happening in the Middle East. They don’t understand that religion is the reason, at least in some of the Middle East.

It’s not the majority of Muslims in Israel, it’s a minority, but wherever there’s a violent minority against a non-violent majority, the violent minority takes the lead. It’s clear. And this is why what happened in May was precisely that. Let’s hope that those who are to take responsibility for this country, the upcoming government, will be smart and aware enough when it comes to the challenges we are facing with Jihad, to its various kinds and methods, and will do what they must to protect us, the citizens who pay them their salaries.