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Welcome to Murtadd to Human!

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I'd like to use these newsletters principally to share with you my take on the events of the past week/month as they pertain to Islam, that is to say, the demise of Islam. At the same time, there is a counter-trajectory that heads towards Terence's "Nothing human is alien to me." You may find my wonder and excitement at imbibing the richness of the Enlightenment and its antecedents quaint, but I shall ask you to keep in mind that I was once a Muslim, and everything human was then alien to me. To an enlightened person, the poverty of the Muslim world view is simply unimaginable.

Current ruling orthodoxy requires the presumptive deprecating of the accomplishments, large and small, of our great Western civilisation. I deprecate such deprecation. This is not only because I need Western civilisation for my own recovery from the stunted existence that was my Muslim life, but because, as civilisations go, it is the best that ever was, nothing else coming even close. While there will always be room for improvement, the West is the best because it comes closest to what it means to be human...

...and its tiny frontier outpost, Israel, has for seventy-three years been assailed by a culture that seeks to obliterate it as a prelude to obliterating all of civilisation. For this reason, and also because overcoming the antipathy towards Jews drummed into me in madrassa (though not in my family, I hasten to add), I will devote much of my energies to engaging with and supporting Israel. This site is for sharing that, too.

Finally, I hope that this site gives those who escape Islam a place to stand from which to chart their own course towards humanity. If you are a recent apostate from Islam, then firstly, congratulations. Welcome to the world of humans. Feel free to use my adventures as a template, a roadmap, a compass, a lodestone – can I think of anything else? – oh yes, a GPS, to follow or ignore as you will. May you reach your full potential. May you enjoy your life. When you look back, take courage in the fact that the human in the Muslim is finally stirring, and you, you personally, are instrumental in the downfall of the greatest curse that history has ever known. That is no small feat.