Happy Birthday, beloved Israel

The same fate that befell once Buddhist and Hindu Afghanistan awaits the secular West – think of the Notre Dame, think of St Peter's Cathedral, then think of the Temple Mount, think of Ayodhya and think of Bamiyan.

Afghanistan was once Buddhist
Afghanistan was once Buddhist.

Murtadd to Human offers its wish for happiness to Israel on this her 76th birthday. It is a difficult birthday and we have to recognise that the most promising country in the world suffers on this day. Her people mourn the deaths of so many loved ones, are dismayed at the bickering and vacillation of their leaders and are frustrated that the greatest technological and military powerhouse in the Middle East is taking more than six months to eliminate a gang of brutal savages hemmed into a 10Km x 45Km strip of land with their backs to the sea, yet having to feed them, and this after they have perpetrated "the worst massacre since the Holocaust". Oh, and she has friends she cannot rely on.

When we say, Happy Birthday Israel, we do not mean as in Happy Birthday America, Happy Birthday France, or Happy Birthday Guinea-Bissau. What we, at Murtadd to Human, mean is Happy Birthday Jewish State. Israel (and India) are the two countries with the inherent potential to withstand the dark forces of Islam now threatening to overwhelm civilisation everywhere. We say "potential," because while Israel started out as a Jewish state, that Jewish state is under threat from secularism. India started as a secular state that can become a Hindu state, but that is by no means certain. This comment will alarm many. Please bear with us and read on.

The Achilles' heel of secularism is its insistence on treating all religions in the same way, refusing to acknowledge any substantive difference between them. It makes those who adhere doctrinally to secularism blind to the fact that there is one religion whose adherents expressly do not subscribe to the idea of everyone living together in peace and harmony, and whose first order of business is to destroy secularism, and all other religions along with it. Such secularists cling to the belief that they have only to prove, by their own good example, that we can all get along, then Muslims will be persuaded to get along, too. This is to fundamentally misunderstand the nature of the problem, and to have an inflated sense of their own influence, while Islam makes great inroads wherever secularism obtains and persuasion by good example persists.

The point of an expressly Jewish state, or a Hindu state, is not that they are against other religions, for they are not, far from it, but that such states protect all religions against the one religion that would destroy them all. The same fate that befell once Buddhist and Hindu Afghanistan awaits the secular West – think of the Notre Dame, think of St Peter's Cathedral, then think of the Temple Mount, think of Ayodhya and think of Bamiyan – and today threatens both Israel and India. Judaism and Hinduism are capable of protecting all religions and secularism, because they are non-proselytising religions that seek the good of all mankind, not just the good of themselves. In defending the world against Islam, Israel and India must not stay their hand, for they will not be returned the favour.

"We should consider the rebirth of the Jewish State to be a blessing for the Muslims," writes Amil Imani in his birthday message to Israel. We could not agree more. That this light should appear in the midst of such overwhelming darkness is the best gift that history has ever handed Muslims, if they could but let go of their love of death, and embrace life that has landed right within their grasp.

In the meantime, when Amil Imani cautions that:

Since any attempt to level these mosques would lead to an international Muslim holy war (jihad) against Israel, the Temple cannot be rebuilt in the foreseeable future,

we would just add that that international jihad against Israel is not delayed by the Third Temple not being built. That jihad is already underway, having hugely escalated since 7 October. It is certainly Muslim, it is certainly international and it is certainly jihad. The Simchat Torah massacre has freed the Jews from the risk of precipitating international Muslim jihad by levelling those mosques. Dithering about rebuilding the Third Temple now, is to allow Israel's enemies to secularise Israel to the point where doing so would no longer be possible. 7 October and the global Muslim jubilation in response to 1200 Jews being butchered were clear signals that those mosques have to go. The longer this is delayed, the harder it will get. Israel dithered, instead of bombing Iran's nuclear facilities when it was easy to do so...

Facing the same question in Ayodhya, the Indian Supreme Court was far from timid. The Court acted decisively against Islam, seeking no compromise and no one's approval. The demolition of the Ram Mandir-Babri Mosque was not about asserting "Hindu extremism", as many claimed at the time, but about putting Islam in its place, so as to safeguard all of India. Similar charges will be levelled against any who seek to clear those mosques off the Temple Mount, and a similar counter will be just as valid. Only this time, the matter is much more urgent, because another holocaust does indeed loom, and "it leaves Israel with no alternatives but to lash out without pause or restraint," to quote Imani again.

This is a weighty birthday message, but it is a weighty birthday. Happy Birthday, beloved Israel.

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“The Provisional Council of State Proclamation of the Flag of the State of Israel” of 25 Tishrei 5709 (28 October 1948) provides the official specification for the design of the Israeli flag.The color of the Magen David and the stripes of the Israeli flag is not precisely specified by the above legislation. The color depicted in the current version of the image is typical of flags used in Israel today, although individual flags can and do vary.The flag legislation officially specifies dimensions of 220 cm × 160 cm. However, the sizes of actual flags vary (although the aspect ratio is usually retained). - http://mfa.gov.il/MFA/AboutIsrael/IsraelAt50/Pages/The Flag and the Emblem.aspx, Public Domain, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=343614


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Thank you for posting this Blessings

Those who Bless Israel shall be Blessed.

Did you compose it or did someone from India compose it?

If you composed it, why did you also mention India in the blessings for Israel?

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On 14 May 2024 at 21:48, Anjuli Pandavar wrote:

Hi Avinoam,

I composed it. My beloved Israel is isolated. There is one country that is, in this respect, very similarly placed, and whose recent history offers something that Israel can trust.

That is the birthday blessing.

Thank you for your kind words, and for inspiring me in the first place.

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