Give the Qur'an to Jews!

The bizarre situation in which Muslims are welcomed as citizens of Israel, but non-Halakhic Jews are seen as a threat to the state, is simply storing up trouble that can still easily be avoided.

Give the Qur'an to Jews!
The Ottomans gave it to the British who gave it to the Israelis. No one thought to get rid of it.

Part 3

Shari’a is practised in the Jewish state

Astonishing as it might seem, Israel explicitly allows Shari’a courts to operate on her territory! No doubt, retaining it was seen as a magnanimous gesture of goodwill.

According to the Israeli Ministry of Justice:

The British Mandate left the legal situation that preceded it subject to the changes it introduced, and thus the Sharia courts remained in place, but their powers were limited to matters of personal status of Muslims only. (My emphasis)

In this arrangement, Muslim Israeli citizens, in certain aspects of their lives, are either subject to two legal systems, secular Israeli law and Shari’a, or not subject to Israeli secular law at all. So at best, the legal writ of the Israeli state is contested within the legal boundaries of the Israeli state. On this basis alone, twenty percent of the Israeli population, in some aspects of their lives, are outside of Israeli jurisdiction. This is one respect in which the Israeli state is less than a state. But all this is still, in a sense, academic. The Israeli Ministry of Justice details the powers of the Shari’a courts in Israel as follows:

“The powers of the Sharia courts were determined in the Proclamation of the King and his Council for the Land of Israel for 1922 – 1947, in accordance with the Procedure of the Muslim Religious Courts Law for the year 1333 H., as follows:

Matters pertaining to marriage – proof of marriage, marriage permit, marriage confirmation, wedding gift and dowry.

Matters pertaining to divorce – proof of divorce, arbitration, separation and annulment of marriage.

Alimony – wife, son, father and grandfather.

Guardianship and legal competency.

Child support – visitation and hospitality procedures.

Genealogy of minors – paternity.

Management of assets of missing and incompetent persons.

Obedience – domestic peace.

Waqf – endowments.

Prevention of domestic violence – the Prevention of Domestic Violence Law, 5751 – 1991.

Conversion to Islam – the Religious Group (Conversion) Ordinance.

Financial relations between spouses - the Financial Relations Between Spouses Law.”

The Israeli government could be satisfied that the extent of Shari’a they are permitting in their land is “limited to matters of personal status of Muslims only.” In Shari’a, however, that matter has been settled for a thousand years, and no kafir presumption is going to change that. In the Shari’a manual, Reliance of the Traveller, Appendix w43.5, we read:

Areas where Muslims reside and there is a remnant of Islam’s rules—even if this is limited to marriages and what pertains to them, for example—are considered Muslim lands. A Muslim land does not become an enemy land except under three conditions:

(a) that the security of Muslims through their leader no longer exists and the security of non-Muslims has taken its place;

Israel prides herself in ensuring that all three Abrahamic faiths may freely be practised, yet Muslims do not appreciate this guarantee at all. It is something most Israelis do not understand and will make no effort to understand, despite the grave danger it poses for them.

(b) that they have been surrounded on all sides such that it is impossible for the aid of Muslims to reach them;

Israel facilitates the transfer of aid to the Palestinians, even to Gaza from the jihad wellspring, Qatar, thereby unwittingly keeping the land "Muslim land."

(c) and that not a single one of Islam’s rules remains therein (which effectively means that none of the lands that Islam has spread to and in which something of it remains can be considered an enemy land. …in the light of which, it is clear that there is virtually no country on the face of the earth where a Muslim has an excuse to behave differently than he would in an Islamic country). (My emphasis).

Israeli authorities were caught by surprise when the 2021 pogroms erupted, and surprised all over again, a mere two years later, by the Simchat Torah Massacre.

The astute reader may surmise from “none of the lands that Islam has spread to and in which something of it remains can be considered an enemy land,” that Shari’a does not permit Muslims to attack Israel, since Shari’a is practised there. But that would be to ignore that the architects of Islam never anticipated that Jews, the sons of apes and pigs, would ever have a state. Islam presumes the Jews to always be beneath the Muslims as their dhimmis, otherwise dead. A Jewish state is the ultimate affront to Islam, especially as Shari’a allows for there being times when Muslims may not have a caliphate. That Jews can have a state is bad enough, but that such a state should exist while Muslims pine for a caliphate is an intolerable humiliation. That Muslims should have to live in such a state under the authority of Jews is a calamity. There is only one way to avenge this humiliation: kill all the Jews, and in the most gruesome, humiliating way possible.

In other words, as far as Israel’s Muslim “citizens” are concerned, where any Shari’a exists, any at all, the writ of the Israeli state does not run. Having so generously “granted” Muslim Arabs citizenship without first abolishing Shari’a, Israel has effected taqiyya upon herself. Israelis have convinced themselves that 20 percent of their population are citizens when far more often than not, they nothing of the sort and might have no desire to be so.

Most such citizens have Israeli passports while calling themselves “Palestinian” and pledging allegiance to the PLO, Hamas, or any other jihad outfit. Most wish for the state of which they are citizens to be destroyed, believing that what is legally their “own state” has no right to exist. Force them to choose between Israel and any area ruled by Palestinians and they would take to the streets to remain Israeli, and afterwards resume complaining about how “oppressed” they are. They can have their cake and eat it, for the icing is taqiyya, so the cake is halal.

If Israel’s Muslim citizens were serious about being Israeli citizens, they would use their positions in the Knesset to abolish Shari’a from Israel altogether to deepen and secure the jurisdictional integrity of what is purportedly their state. Since they are quite happy to maintain Shari’a, it means that Shari’a, and hence their severance from the Israeli state, indeed, abolition of that state, is really what they should want, and while this “should” exists, they will continue to play the double game of sucking the Jews dry while despising them. Shari’a mandates that Muslims live at the expense of non-Muslims, and they make that a reality as much as they can wherever they can.

In Israel’s “Arab sector,” for example. Muslim criminals already exact jizya from Jews in their Shari’a zone in order to drive them out. “Kill them wherever you find them, and drive them out from where they drove you out, as Fitnah (strife) is more severe than killing,” (Quran 2:191) So much for Israeli sovereignty “within the Green Line.” Timor Aklin, interviewed by Tamar Yonah, brings this point across powerfully:

Timor Aklin: They just tax you. They tax businesses. If you want to build a house in their neighbourhood, they will make it extremely uncomfortable for you to be there. So you’re going to have to pay them to be there. So that’s an extra rent you have to pay.

Tamar Yonah: And nobody tries to stop them, not even the Arabs themselves don’t like this. Nobody tries to stop them? What happens?

TA: What do you mean, “The Arabs don’t like this?”

TY: I mean, the Arabs don’t like to get that knock on the door saying, “Pay protection money or else.”

TA: But they don’t do that to Arabs.

TY: Aah!

TA: They do that to Jews only.

TY: Oh, the Jews who live in Yaffo [Jaffa]?

TA: Right.

TY: Aha, interesting.

TA: To demoralise them, to demotivate them, so they wouldn’t really move to Yaffo.

TY: Wow. That’s interesting. So the police stay out of the neighbourhood? They don’t get involved?

TA: The police only help those who are wealthy, or have good connections. But sometimes, the wealthy ones are the ones who don’t mind paying: I’ll pay for this peace of mind. I’ve got the money. I’ve got the funds.

“Co-existing” Jews pay to maintain co-existence that they know to be a fiction. In Israel, Arab Muslims impose apartheid on Jews, which they can get out of only if they pay jizya! This is not the only apartheid to which Jews are subjected in their own land. In the Jewish state, Medinat Israel, Muslims decide whether, if and when Jews may approach Judaism's holiest site, Har haBayït, where they may and where they may not set their feet, what demeanour they may hold while there, exactly what they may and may not do while there, exactly what they may have or display on their persons, by which gate they may enter, how many of them may group together, how long they may remain, and by which gate they may leave. Of course, any of these “mercies” the Muslims can ignore at any time, such as when they hurl rocks onto Jewish worshippers at the Kotel. This list reads like an Appendix to the Pact of ’Umr. And who enforces these dhimmi restrictions on behalf of the Muslims? None other than the Jewish police of the State of Israel. But it gets worse…

Timor Aklin reports on the 2021 pogroms that Muslim Arab “citizens of Israel” unleashed on the hapless coexisting Jews in Israel’s model “mixed cities” of Ramle, Lod and Yaffo, among others. He says:

Ten synagogues were set aflame, while there were no mosque or church arsons. In twenty-eight mosques, stones and molotov cocktails were prepared, while no such things were seen in any church or synagogue. Out of the mosques, twenty-two were used for rioting, while not one synagogue or church was used for such purpose.

112 Jewish houses were burned, while only one Arab house was burned down by Arabs that thought the household belonged to Jews, which led to the victim, an Arab twelve-year-old child, having to live with serious burns and permanent disfigurement to his face and scalp. Furthermore, 386 Jewish homes were looted, but not a single Arab home was looted. 673 Jewish homes were damaged, compared to thirteen Arab homes. 849 Jewish cars were burned, while thirteen Arab cars were.

Additionally, arrests were made of Jews who were legally armed, while no detentions, extensions or arrests were made of Arabs who had illegal weapons. Forty-one cases of stone throwing at uninvolved Arabs are reported compared to 5018 cases of stone throwing at uninvolved Jews. Moreover, dozens of weapons were confiscating from licensed Jews, whereas no illegal weapons were taken from Arabs.

Arab leaders in Israel have long had an uneasy relationship with the Israeli government. They have used their power and influence to stir up violence and unrest in various mixed cities, particularly in Yaffo, Lod and Ramle.”

Aklin continues:

In 2022, just one year after the Guardian of the Walls operation that sparked an enormous amount of hate crimes in Israel, a survey was conducted and the poll results showed that 75 percent of Arab citizens believe Jews have no right to sovereignty in Israel. The survey, conducted by Israeli NGO Habithonistim [IDSF/Habithonistim], found that, should war erupt between Israel and Arab states, there would be nearly equal numbers of Israel’s Arabs fighting for and against the Jewish state.

The 2021 pogroms in Israel’s mixed cities, proof positive that “Arabs and Jews can live together” in “peaceful coexistence” was the occasion that reduced the President of the State of Israel, Reuven Rivlin, to begging, quite literally, the mayors of Arab cities to do something to calm the situation lest coexistence be damaged. But something in the Israeli psyche ensures that the costly lesson of this experience, and so many before it, cannot be learnt. A mere two years later, in July 2023, a young Jewish woman in Jerusalem could still insist:

The biggest obstacle to peace is Palestinian government incitement teaching their children that Jews are evil, the Jews are the descendants of apes and pigs, that they should pick up their AK-47s and go fight. The notion that the term AK-47 appears in a children's show should be mind-boggling to any Westerner, should be the thing that the westerners are breaking down the doors of the PA saying, how dare you teach children this? That’s the biggest obstacle to peace. If they continue to preach that kind of rhetoric and now there are no Jews or no Israelis that these Palestinians ever encounter, what’s gonna stop them from believing it? So the idea that the solution is completely separating these populations is crazy. A lot of people say to me who promote this, they say, well, Arabs and Jews will never be able to live together. I look at them and I [say], “I live in Jerusalem. Arabs and Jews live together every single day and we’re not killing each other. So the notion that that’s not possible is crazy. No! The problem is the ideology.

And at the centre of power, one month after the worst massacre since the Holocaust, we find the same disconnect. Arutz 7 Israel National News reported on 8 November 2023 that the Knesset had approved a bill to fight terror, banning “systematic and extended consumption of certain publications of the Hamas and ISIS terror organisations.” The bill includes a ban on praise of, sympathy for, or encouragement of acts of terror, or footage of acts of terror, as well as the consumption of associated publications. The Constitution, Law, and Justice Committee approved the bill, adding identification with the terrorist organisation to the criteria for violation. MK Simcha Rothman said, “We came together around a version in the spirit of the unity of these days - of the war on terror which threatens us all.”

Naturally, I cannot know the debates in the Knesset, but I have to wonder about “certain publications” of the terror organisations, and whether this includes the mostly unread and totally misunderstood Hamas Covenants, and whether the Israeli state intends to go after all the people in Israel who are in praise of, sympathy for, or encouragement of acts of terror, who consume that document, while leaving those in Area A of Judea and Samaria to get on with it. While the Qur’an is neither a Hamas, nor an ISIS publication, the Hamas Covenant is nonetheless a condensed version of it. Will the Israeli state’s ban include these Class-A terror manuals? Somehow, I doubt it.

In the days following the Simchat Torah Massacre, angry Muslims felt free and empowered to run around London, their dhimmi British police in tow, tearing down posters depicting Jews in Hamas captivity, destroying paper records of the past. This, precisely this, was the job of Winston Smith in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four, the 1948 novel set in a future dystopian London that is recognisably taking shape right before our eyes, and before our ears, as Muslims drive around the Jewish neighbourhoods of that once-great city announcing through megaphones their intention to rape Jewish women, another reality foreshadowed in another dystopian novel, Margaret Atwood’s 1985, The Handmaid’s Tale, already a reality for Palestinian (and for ISIS) women, from whom are bred “martyrs” for the religion, who will live only to die in the cause of Allah. An Islamic future is a future of competing dystopias.

The Knesset’s banning of “certain publications”, hamstrung from the outset by multiple caveats in an environment where the legislative achievement seems not to be the effective curtailment of terrorism (let alone jihad), but that “We came together around a version in the spirit of the unity of these days.” This inspires little confidence.

One’s heart goes out to Professor Korbi Michael, who must be going up the wall at this time. He knows that Islamic reality is much worse than the reality Israelis are shutting their eyes to. Not only do the past and the future unite to expunge the present, the past is simultaneously destroyed and celebrated. Muslims deny the Simchat Torah Massacre ever happened, and in the same breath claim it as a victory. If Muslims are allowed to do as they intend, then the future for the kufaar, after the great slaughter, will not be one of “second-class citizenship,” as so often contended, but one of complete indifference, no past, no present, no future, an existence of no consequence. The soul destroyed, utterly. Dr Andrew Bostom quotes Tafsir ibn ’Ajibah on Qur’an 9:29, an exegesis by Ahmad ibn Muhammad ibn ’Ajibahan:

[The dhimmi] is commanded to put his soul, good fortune and desires to death.  Above all he should kill the love of life, leadership and honour. [The dhimmi] is to invert the longings of his soul, he is to load it down more heavily than it can bear until it is completely submissive. Thereafter nothing will be unbearable for him. He will be indifferent to subjugation or might. Poverty and wealth will be the same to him; praise and insult will be the same; preventing and yielding will be the same; lost and found will be the same. Then, when all things are the same, it [the soul] will be submissive and yield willingly what it should give.

A development of profound significance for Zionism and the fortifying of the Jewish people is just beginning to unfold: former Muslims adopting Judaism. These are by far the most important converts and immigrants that Medinat Israel could ever welcome. That there is as yet no official effort to encourage them attests to Jews not understanding that, whether they like it or not, Muslims are at war with them, and that such former Muslims converting to Judaism are defectors, not only to the side of the Jews, but to the side of civilisation. The official paranoia surrounding conversions to Judaism belies a failure to keep pace with how complex the relationship between religious confession and national allegiance has become over the last three centuries. The bizarre situation in which Muslims are welcomed as citizens of Israel, but non-Halakhic Jews are seen as a threat to the state, is simply storing up trouble that can still easily be avoided.

If the Jews cannot see Islam for what it is, cannot see that Muslims are permanently at war with them, cannot see the insanity of giving Qur’ans to Hamas prisoners, and cannot see the suicidal implications “humanitarian corridors” for Palestinians, then it is unlikely they will appreciate the gift of ex-Muslim Jews dropping into their laps. Apparently the Ottoman authorities, while they still ruled what was later to become Mandatory Palestine, drew up a register of Arab Muslim families descended from Jews forcefully converted to Islam. The fact that the Israelis are not using this document to hollow-out their mortal enemies, the Palestinians, like a Swiss cheese, attests to their not recognising that they are permanently at war, whether they are fighting or not. This secret weapon, knowledge of which Palestinians are only Palestinians because their ancestors were forced to convert to Islam, can at a stroke, make the whole Palestinian cause evaporate itself. It requires Jews to recognise that all Palestinians are at war with them, not just the formal jihad terrorist outfits.

Over the weeks since the Simchat Torah Massacre, there has been much talk of “Hamas is ISIS.” This is true, but not because of their common barbarism, the highlighting of which served merely to give vent to our revulsion at what we witnessed. Hamas is ISIS because of the common source that inspires their barbarism. In the same way that ISIS themselves tie each of their barbaric acts directly to a specific chapter and verse of the Qur’an or a specific hadith narration, so the Hamas Covenant ties their every barbaric intention to a specific chapter and verse of the Qur’an or a specific hadith narration. Hamas is ISIS not because of barbarism, but because of Islam, the constitution of barbarism.

Even if you have no time for arcane debates about civilisation and barbarism, even if you have no appreciation for the great civilisational contributions of the Jewish people, even if you don’t particularly like Jews, give Qur’ans to the Jews, because only the continued existence of the Jews stand between civilisation and “all religion is for Allah.” The Jews bear the heaviest responsibility that any nation could ever bear, and it behoves the civilised world to lighten that burden for them. The Jews did not choose Muslims as enemies; Muslims chose them. The profound historic paradox is that it is the Jews who do not want to know.

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