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It is in the thinking, questioning, researching, more thinking and conclusions, that the free person excels over the Muslim, and why da’wah never stood a chance. It is also why Muslims, the best of people, have the worst of countries, why they cannot produce anything and why their lives are so grim.

From the 'About' page of Muslim to Human
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Special Series on Apostasy: There's no better time than Ramadan

Editorial note: This is an excerpt from the About page of our sister site Muslim to Human, launched on 11 March 2024 CE / 1 Ramadan 1445 AH

Defending Islam is hopeless and bound to lead to frustration, demoralisation and defeat for those who try, as lay Muslims and sheikhs alike have been discovering to their horror. Consider, for example, the experiences of Abdullah al-Qasemi, Bahaa el-Din Ahmed Hussein el-Akkad, Brother Rachid, Dr Mario Joseph, Omar ibn Said Fula, Paul Mulla, Ayaz Nizami, Humayun Azad, Turan Dursun, Sheikh Adi ibn Musafir, Shayesteh, Pandit Mahendra Pal Arya, Imad ud-din Lahiz, Jalal Tagreeb and many others, both historic and contemporary, prominent and obscure, active and reserved. The reason is simple: Islam is indefensible. Islam has always been indefensible, because it requires of a human being to be something other than a human being. Islam teaches that Muslims are better than all other people, while demanding of Muslims that they behave worse than all other people. With enough indoctrination from a young enough age, a human being can be made to believe that sub-human behaviour is superhuman behaviour. The result is a pretty messed-up human being.

We need only cast our minds back a short few months to 7 October 2023 to illustrate this. In the streets of major cities around the world, on television screens and on the Internet, Muslims were ecstatic. They rejoiced and felt affirmed in their superiority because they saw their fellow-Muslims do what is beneath any animal to ever do: kill everyone in sight in cold blood and move on to kill the next. Animals are too good for such behaviour.

Islam is a religion that makes you feel that you can never do enough. In 1989, it was not enough simply to want to kill Salman Rushdie, no. Muslims had to demonstrate their deep ignorance and backwardness by burning his book in public squares in ostentatious rejection of the modern world, civilisation and humanity. But that was not enough. They further demanded the right to kill everyone associated with his book. Even that was not enough. They went on to make a point of being seen justifying this call to murder.

It took years before some Muslims began to understand that the bloodlust with which they burst forth onto city streets around the world baying for the head of Salman Rushdie, was not something to be proud of. Still, this late rethink was evidence that somewhere inside every Muslim, grossly deformed, horribly misshapen, is a human being, perhaps reachable, perhaps recoverable. It is worth the effort, even if only to stop the impulses that cause Muslims to do such terrible things, generation after generation after generation for well over a thousand years.

Muslim to Human is a website run by Anjuli Pandavar with support and advice from a former imam and sheikh. Anjuli left Islam forty-five years ago in her early twenties, seeing the inhumanity of the Muslims around her become that much worse in the wake of the Iranian Revolution in 1979. In the last ten years, she has been holding up a mirror to Muslims, and showing those who have escaped Islam that they are psychically damaged and need to recover from the religion of peace.

Five years ago, when Anjuli began to appreciate the importance of Israel and the Jewish people, both to her own recovery from Islam and to saving civilisation from Islam, she immersed herself in the detailed study of Israel and the Jewish people. Her second priority today is to actively counter the demonisation of Israel and the Jews, especially the people of Judea and Samaria.

Jalal Tagreeb used to be a self-proclaimed advocate for Islam, who initiated debates with the kufaar, intending to prove the superiority of Islam and to humiliate his vanquished opponents. He consistently met with resounding defeat, eventually acknowledging his loss and offering unconditional surrendering. The "Lion of Da’wah" has been working against Islam ever since, doing his Friday work for Muslim to Human with full commitment and dedication, translating the articles on this website from English to Arabic, adding works of his own and contributing his thoughts to the work of other authors.

Jalal tried to sell people Islam by trying to demonstrate his power over them, only to end up overpowered himself, and very quickly so. Between him and the people he was going to convert to Islam, he was the only one who thought Islam was great. He prepared for twenty years, yet never saw his defeat coming. That is partly because he, as a Muslim, was not allowed to think, only to obey.

The people Jalal targeted were free people. Not disobedient servants, not stubborn unbelievers, not corrupt souls, just free people. In the main, free people do hear, they hear very well, but after that, they think, then question, then research the sources, then think some more, then come to conclusions. Once all this is done, they work out how to express their conclusions convincingly. It is forbidden to Muslims to do any of this, except hear and obey. If you have to live on this earth, then deliberately keeping your own people ignorant is a recipe for disaster. It is in the thinking, questioning, researching, more thinking and conclusions, that the free person excels over the Muslim, and why da’wah never stood a chance. It is also why Muslims, the best of people, have the worst of countries, why they cannot produce anything and why their lives are so grim.

Muslim to Human is the Arabic sister site of Murtadd to Human. These websites are Anjuli Pandavar's humble contribution to rescuing the human inside the Muslim, and nursing him or her back to psychic health. Ramadan Mubarak!

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