We need to remind ourselves of how we rose to become the kind of people who are sickened and revolted by the massacre of the Jews, and offended by being fed lies, and how Muslims sank to become the kind of people who revel in slaughter and lie all the time.


Last chance for our Western civilisation

It is rare that both Islam and the Palestinians discredit themselves at the same time, and in such a way as to jolt civilised people out of their ideological stupor. Of course, not every liberal or humanist find himself or herself flung into a moral crisis by the barbarism that they have helped to sustain for decades, but many are. There is notable public reexamination of axiomatic self-righteous conduct over the last few decades. Hard as useful idiots, dhimmis and Islamic propagandists and apologists may be working to bury the Simchat Torah Massacre under an "Israel massacres innocent Palestinians in Gaza" narrative, Hamas, Palestinians and Muslims in general screwed up big time with their massacre of Jews on 7 October, and again ten days later, on 17 October, with their blatant abuse of Western credulity, as well as in their conduct and utterances in the aftermath of both events.

Whole generations of Western people have had their humanity corrupted since the 1960s, reaching the perverted humanity of the current woke generation. Many of the flower-power generation and of the "people's liberation" generation of the 70s, still have enough of their humanity intact. The grotesque massacre in Israel on 7 October and the brazen lies about Israel on 17 October, destroyed their illusion that becoming totalitarian, whether as a single-issue tyrant, such as a feminist, a black consciousness activist, an eco-warrior, a social justice warrior, etc., or by immersion in regional ideological alignments, such as Stalinism vs Maoism, or, latterly, all the variants of Islam vs the West, these have shown themselves to be appalling substitutes for the common human decency that our civilisation has handed down to us. The distorting lens through which immorality and barbarism appeared convincingly as moral and civilised was shattered by these two events.

Hamas/the Palestinians/Muslims blew it because their jihad warfare is supposed to subjugate the entire world before the people of the West realise that they've been duped all along, by which time it would be too late and the great reign of terror can be unleashed against them "until all worship is for Allah." Muslims, the Russians and the Chinese are all thrown off balance by the Western public's response to these events, and only the most die-hard ideologues, such as Greta Thunberg, Ilhan Omar and George Galloway, will press on as if nothing happened.

The thing about the people whose certainties have been shattered by their realising exactly what they've been so stubbornly and self-righteously advocating for, and who are now deeply ashamed of how they have let themselves become quite the opposite of the decent people they all along believed themselves to be, is, firstly, that they are still capable of honesty, and secondly, that they are vocal about their disillusionment and emotional crises. Their disillusionment is public and the Western powers that be have no alternative but to take note and respond accordingly. Of course, those of a totalitarian bent do not get this, and continue to say and do things that compound their now compromised position.

An illustration of this is British Muslim propagandist Latifa Abouchakra, who takes to the media to incessantly whine about the mistreatment of Muslims in the UK. Asked on national television for her response to the murder of 1400 Israelis by Hamas on 7 October, she beamed with glee saying,

Nothing will ever be able to take back this moment. This moment of triumph. This moment of resistance. This moment of surprise. This moment of humiliation on behalf of the Zionist entity. Nothing. Ever!

This disgusting public revelling in mass murder comes a mere ten days after the Western mainstream media found themselves running for cover since they had immediately and faithfully parroted as fact the Palestinian lie that the IDF had bombed a hospital in Gaza. The Palestinians themselves deepen the hole they now find themselves in even faster, because they know no other way to be.

This awakening of conscience has afforded civilisation an extremely lucky break, and we must press our advantage to the full. We must be generous in sharing information in all their gruesomeness as widely as possible. We must bring to public debate how it is that so many well-meaning people have for so long been party to advancing the grossest forms of human abuse and excess, and believed themselves virtuous for doing so.

Yes, there needs to be a reckoning with Palestinians, Muslims, and the Western leaders and officials who effected this corruption of decent people and this decay in our civilisation. But there also needs to be an inner reckoning, and we can all help in that by refraining from vilifying and castigating the old hippies, single-issue champions and ideologues who are finally saving themselves, and instead make this a dispassionate conversation about our having succumbed to decades of philosophical and psychological degeneration, and by reminding ourselves of how we rose to become the kind of people who are sickened and revolted by the massacre of the Jews, and offended by being fed lies, and how Muslims sank to become the kind of people who revel in slaughter and lie all the time.

Being open, generous and kind to those now struggling with themselves is not only the human thing to do, it is also the strategic thing to do. The totalitarian forces arrayed against our Western civilisation: Islam, communism, and wokism, are not down. They are merely stumped. We, inheritors of the Enlightenment, need all our forces united for the battles to come. Those who came of age in the 60s and 70s and now look back over their lives in horror, have one advantage over the rest: bitterness at a life wasted, with enough time left to yet redeem themselves. The world that they are soon to leave to their children does not have to be the terrible world that they have so blindly created. Now is the time to undo the damage they have done by so assuredly supporting Islam and Muslims, and especially Palestinians. To compose a list of that damage would be churlish.

Our civilisation has many, many faults. Nonetheless, fight for it, because what Islam and communism and wokism have in store for you, we've had but a foretaste of on 7 October. It is a boot stomping on a human face, forever.

Picture credit:

Ali Esfandiari at the Persian language Wikipedia, CC BY-SA 3.0, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=12047217