At both ends of the Disengagement disaster, Jews are forced to confront their defenders

"With an accord or without an accord, the State of Israel must have security control over the entire territory west of the Jordan River. That’s a necessary condition. It clashes with the principle of sovereignty, what can you do?"

At both ends of the Disengagement disaster, Jews are forced to confront their defenders
Gush Katif, 2005

"Families of hostages attempt to block aid trucks into Gaza"

Arutz7 Israel National News reports, 18 January 2023

A group of relatives of hostages held in Gaza on Thursday morning arrived at the Kerem Shalom Crossing between Gaza and Israel to protest the transfer of humanitarian aid to Gaza, and to stop the trucks from crossing.

Defence Minister Yoav Galant will not allow his boss, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, to interfere in his work. What chance do Israeli voters have of stopping their government from feeding the monsters that are starving their loved ones?

Galia and Yehudit, sisters of hostage Avinatan Or, who is held by Hamas, said, "We are here, the sisters of Avinatan Or, in order to say that it is unthinkable that we have hostages within the Strip and we have soldiers who are fighting within the Strip, who are sacrificing their lives, and our hostages are there, malnourished, receiving half a pita or a quarter of a pita a day, and no aid reaches them, and we are simply bringing in trucks, every day, which bring in the oxygen that Hamas needs in order to continue fighting."

Released reservists joined the relatives of captives. The protesters shouted, "In these trucks is a prize for Hamas," and, "No aid for terrorists!"

"This is an illogical reality and no one agrees to this - not on the right, and not on the left - and we have here representatives from the entire nation, who are not willing to allow this to continue. We are here with the goal of blocking the trucks, and not allowing them to pass," they concluded.

Like a sinister vicar doing his rounds, US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken turns up every week to make sure Israel obeys the American commandments. Feeding your enemy during war is just the latest in a long string of international law innovations specifically contrived for, and enforced on, Israel uniquely. Bafflingly, Israel complies, "because we are a country of laws."

They added, "No logical country in the world would do such a thing, because not only are they not receiving medications and food in a logical fashion, they are undergoing torture, and we know that. It is unthinkable that we allow Hamas to continue holding them, to continue fighting us, and we sit quietly."

The International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC)'s dereliction of duty towards the captives in Gaza is a scandal as egregious as that of UN Women's unwillingness to respond to the mass-rapes perpetrated on Israeli women and girls. Two months after Israelis had been seized and abducted to Gaza, the government still had to demand the Red Cross actually see the captives:

For sixty-seven days the Red Cross has failed in its mission to reach the hostages, deliver proof of life, check their condition and deliver medicine to them, and every day that goes by is another failure of the Red Cross.

It took France, a party unconnected to the conflict, to negotiate with Qatar, a Hamas lifeline, to supply medicines to the Israelis who remain in Hamas captivity. Commenting on this deal in a press release on 18 January 2024, the Red Cross spun:

From the onset of the events of 7 October 2023, the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) has been calling for the unconditional release of the hostages as a priority, while also pressing for access to them and the ability to provide medical care.

Bullshit. It was distinctly uninterested in the Israeli captives, and ostentatiously concerned for the humanitarian situation of the Gazans. Even here its sickening propaganda continues. What "events", one might ask, took place on 7 October?

With that goal in mind, the ICRC has been engaging with the parties to agree to a mechanism to deliver medicines to the hostages. The ICRC initiated the conversation in its role as a neutral intermediary.

Bullshit. Its ambulances are Hamas military transports and the ICRC knows it.

The ICRC welcomes the agreement to deliver medications to the hostages and to medical facilities for the residents of Gaza as a positive humanitarian step.

Bullshit. When they are forced to say something unfavourable to Hamas, they make sure to balance it with something favourable, even if it has nothing to do with the immediate issue. The ICRC's concern remains solely for the terrorist entity and its bedrock, the Palestinians.

"Think of the Palestinians," the ICRC said to the families of those in Hamas captivity. In 1977, when black South African leader, Steven Biko, was murdered in police custody, apartheid South Africa's Minister of Justice, Police and Prisons, Jimmy Kruger, let the world know that Biko's death, "leaves me cold".

But to those families, determined to stop the resupply of the people killing their sons and starving their loved ones, insult to injury came from an unexpected quarter:

The families crossed the police checkpoint in the area, and were stopped by IDF forces, who prevented the protesters from continuing their march.

Did these families scream and cry at the soldiers like they did in 2005? Either way, it would please Anthony Blinken, who had this to say about the Hamas resupply, called "humanitarian assistance":

For me, I think for so many of us, what we're seeing every single day in Gaza is gut-wrenching and the suffering we're seeing among innocent men, women, and children breaks my heart. The question is: what is to be done? We've made judgments about how we thought we could be most effective in trying to shape this in ways to get more humanitarian assistance to people, to get better protections and minimize civilian casualties. And at every step along the way, not only have we impressed upon Israel its responsibilities to do that, we've seen some progress in areas where, absent our engagement, I don't believe it would have happened.

It was Ithamar Ben-Gvir who, in a recent similar context, retorted, "Israel is not a star on the American flag." Well, the American government believe she is, and treat her that way, and the Israeli War Cabinet believes she is, and is complicit in that treatment.

Unfortunately for Netanyahu, he is not going to see his legacy sealed by a handshake with MBS on the steps of a brand new Saudi Embassy in Jerusalem. This is his last lap and he knows it. His remaining options are: either history remembers him as the man who sacrificed his country to save himself, or history remembers him as the man who sacrificed himself to save his country. He either keeps out of the way of Galant, Gantz and the IDF top brass, and lets them get on with handing over the Jews on a platter to the Palestinians, as their masters in Washington demand, or he takes such action as will bring them to heel, with 70 percent of Israel's post-massacre population behind him. It is about going out as a weak leader or as a strong one. Netanyahu has just seen, along with the rest of us, for the umpteenth time, what happens when Palestinians get their hands on Jews. He has a decision to make and his body language over the last few days suggests that he's made it.

Compare Netanyahu on 7 October speaking about Gaza to Netanyahu two days ago, and again yesterday, speaking about Gaza. The first speech came from the mind of a politician; the second and third speeches came from the heart of a Jew. It is worth quoting extensively, as reported on TV7 Israel News. The Prime Minister vowed:

Today I received a message from Neta, the mother of the late Yinon Tamir, a soldier in the Paratroop Brigade, who fell in the battles in Gaza. She wrote to me: "So that we know that they did not fall in vain, destroy the evil." Neta, I would like to tell you and all of the bereaved families: Yinon and his heroic friends did not fall in vain. We will destroy the evil of Hamas. In the last forty-eight hours, our soldiers have conducted battles in Khan Yunis, in which they eliminated dozens of terrorists. In the northern Gaza Strip, our soldiers have destroyed rocket launchers and eliminated dozens of additional terrorists. Also, in recent days, we have destroyed a major rocket production facility, and it is not the only one.

Contrary to what is being said, the war is continuing on all fronts, and it will continue on all fronts – until all of the goals that we set are achieved. This is my directive. This is the political leadership’s directive to the military leadership. This is the directive of the Government of Israel to the IDF and all of the security services, and they are carrying out – and will carry out – their assignment.

Now I say this simply and with candor: victory will yet take many long months, but we are determined to achieve it. And there is another 'but', a very difficult 'but': While our soldiers are giving their lives in order to complete the victory over Hamas, I hear other voices which are trying to weaken them. There are those in the studios who claim: 'Victory is impossible’.

I utterly reject this!

Israel under my leadership will not compromise on less than total victory over Hamas, and we will win. I say this again, so that no one will be in doubt: We are striving for total victory, not just ‘to strike Hamas’ or ‘to hurt Hamas’, not ‘another round with Hamas’, but total victory over Hamas. We will continue to fight will full force until we achieve all of our goals: Returning our hostages, and I say – only continued military pressure will lead to their release, eliminating Hamas and ensuring that Gaza never again constitutes a threat to Israel, that there will be no element in it that educates for terrorism, finances terrorism and sends terrorists against us. Halting the war before our goals are achieved will harm Israel's security for generations.

We will yet have difficulties and challenges along the way, but after the terrible massacre of October 7, we have no other choice. This is a victory that we must achieve for the security of Israel, for our future and for true peace in our region.

I promise here before our soldiers, I promise before the bereaved families who have lost what is dearer to them than anything, and I promise before the families of the hostages: we will not stop. We will not finish the war before returning our loved ones home; we will not finish the war before total victory. Together we will fight, and with God's help – together we will win.

This conflict is not about the absence of a state, a Palestinian state, but the existence of a state, a Jewish state. Therefore, I clarify that in any arrangement in the foreseeable future, with an accord or without an accord, the State of Israel must have security control over the entire territory west of the Jordan River. That’s a necessary condition. It clashes with the principle of sovereignty, what can you do?

I tell this truth to our American friends, and I also stopped the attempt to impose a reality on us that would harm Israel's security. A prime minister in Israel should be able to say ‘no’ even to our best friends, say ‘no’ when necessary and say ‘yes’ when possible.

"The State of Israel must have security control over the entire territory west of the Jordan River. That’s a necessary condition. It clashes with the principle of sovereignty, what can you do?" Indeed, indeed, indeed. Whether this transformation is enough to redeem Netanyahu in the eyes of history remains to be seen. The people of Judea and Samaria can be forgiven for viewing this commitment with some scepticism. They've heard it all before, more than once, and each time, Netanyahu dumped them. Whether the days of Israeli leaders riding roughshod over the wishes of the electorate are over, might be to early to tell, but we are in a different world since 7 October.

And in other good news, the Eurabian useful idiot seems to be a useful idiot no more. The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted by 312 vote to 121, a staggering absolute majority of over 70 percent, in favour of a resolution tying a ceasefire in Gaza to the release of all captives and the complete dismantling of Hamas. It is a stunning opening salvo in the reconquest of Europe. The Simchat Torah massacre alone achieved this. Antonio Lopez-Isturis White, spokesperson for the European Peoples Party (EPP), said:

As nobody can turn a blind eye to the losses of human life in Gaza and the humanitarian challenge faced by the Palestinian people, true. As we cannot forget either the pain of the Israeli families waiting in despair for the return of their loved ones. We all want it to end and there is a solution for that: the release of Israeli hostages and the demilitarisation of Gaza.

This is highly significant, because the EPP are centre-right Christian-democrats. The Simchat Torah massacre did that for Europe, just as the Hong Kong crackdown did for Taiwan, the Covid lockdowns did for China, the Ukraine invasion is doing for Russia and the Mahsa Amini murder is doing for Iran.

But the most positive news out of the Diaspora yesterday is this demonstration of what is possible when hasbara gives way to Jewish power. May this Jew, who has clearly taken the trouble to study the Qur'an, Islam and Muslims, and is taking the fight to his enemy, point the way for others to follow. Muslims have no mechanism for dealing with defeat, because their entire psyche is built on their unassailable invincibility. Besides that, it is bad enough to be defeated by a Christian, but by a Jew! That is the end. This gives Jews an inherent psychological advantage over Muslims. Jews have wasted a century on hasbara, but the new year could see that change.

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Screen grabs from "Gaza: The Fight For Israel", YouTube, 22 Oct 2019


On 20 January 2024 at 13:40, Ben Dor A. wrote:

Dear Anjuli Pandavar

Thank you for writing this heart wrenching essay about the battle of the families of hostages against the supply of humanitarian aid, especially fuel to Hamas ISIS in Gaza.

The Security Cabinet totally surrendered to the dictates of the disgraceful demands of the O'Biden Administration.

It seems that the top level security and political Leadership of Israel are still frozen in the concepts of 6th Oct. 2023.

As an example, there's an ongoing dispute between the Security Cabinet including Netanyahu and the security committee whether to allow the entrance of thousands of "Palestinian" workers into Israel in order to reduce the poverty and pressure in Areas A and B under the PA/PLO because they have not been working since the 7th of Oct.23

Any logical person would ask himself, if the PA/PLO and UNRWA get $ billions of aid every year, why do we have to supply them work and occupation? So there will be more money in the coffers of these terrorist organizations to continue their Pay to Slay policies?

"There were over 2,600 terror attacks in Judea and Samaria since Oct. 7, 2023

"Palestinian terrorists in Judea, Samaria and the Jordan Valley have killed five civilians and wounded many others since Oct. 7.

"As the Israel Defense Forces battles Hamas in the Gaza Strip, the country’s Judea, Samaria and Jordan Valley regions are experiencing a parallel rise in terror incidents, according to data published by Rescuers Without Borders (Hatzalah Judea and Samaria) on Tuesday.

"Between Oct. 7 and Jan. 15, Rescuers Without Borders first responders recorded more than 2,600 attacks targeting Israeli civilians and soldiers, including 760 cases of rock-throwing, 551 fire bombings, 12 attempted or successful stabbings and nine vehicular assaults.

"Among the report’s findings was a sharp increase in the number of shootings, with 127 instances of gunfire reported over the past three months. By comparison, in all of 2022, Hatzalah recorded just under 100 shooting attacks.

"The organization’s figures do not include the hundreds of violent attacks on security personnel occurring during counterterrorism operations in villages under the control of the Palestinian Authority.

"Palestinian terrorists in Judea and Samaria have killed five Israelis and wounded many others since Oct. 7, according to Hatzalah.

"On Monday, an Israeli woman in her 70s was killed and at least 17 other people were wounded in a combined car-ramming and stabbing attack in the central city of Ra’anana." —

Why should we supply jobs to these heinous psychopathic terrorists?

I don't understand what happened to our military, defense and political leaders but they certainly have lost their minds and their balls.

Sorry for ranting on Saturday.
Best Regards 

Ben Dor A.