As Holocaust clouds gather again, EU Commission rushes to appoint “Islamophobia” Czarina

To be accused of “Islamophobia” is, by that very act, to be guilty of it, for it is an accusation against which there can be no defence, against which everyone has to constantly prove their innocence to avoid being accused.

As Holocaust clouds gather again, EU Commission rushes to appoint “Islamophobia” Czarina
And you're gonna love me!

Yes, you might not realise it, but worsening anti-Semitism means Muslims are in danger. Muslims riding on the coattails of the Holocaust is distasteful and offensive, but can sometimes be simultaneously preposterous and funny. Take, for example, British Imam Abduljalil Sajid, known for his second-rate propaganda, third-rate historical revisionism and first-rate whining. So moved was the imam by his visit to Auschwitz, that he let go of the following: “Muslims have to stand up with Jewish friends because in Europe, anti-Semitism is rising - and where there is anti-Semitism, Islamophobia is not far away.” In other words, even at Auschwitz, forget about anti-Semitism; watch out for “Islamophobia.” Some Palestinians equate the Holocaust to their self-inflicted Nakba, while others equate it to “the Occupation.” What’s reality got to do with it?

Nothing, if the EU Commission’s latest appointment is anything to go by. “The Commission has repeatedly stated its commitment to propose EU laws to criminalise what it deems to be Islamophobic speech.” This is a legal impossibility, as “Islamophobia” is legally undefinable. The EU Commission knows this, which is exactly why its “repeatedly stated its commitment to criminalise” it. The “laws” on which such “crimes” will be based are going to have to be of the FREEDOM IS IN HIJAB variety. You cannot deny that something that did happen, say, the Holocaust, did not happen, but you can claim that something that cannot happen, for instance, “Islamophobic” speech, did. And the EU now has Marion Lalisse, the new “Islamophobia” Czarina, to make sure. Just to make sure.

There is no debate about what the Holocaust was. Some might contest the claim that the indifference that created the conditions that led to the Holocaust can again be observed. History is replete with genocides galore, of Jews and of others, but the Holocaust,[1] a term befitting the unique barbarism and destructiveness of the act, the catastrophic effect on those targeted, as well as the indelible scaring left on the survivors and their descendants.

“Islamophobia.” Firstly, at the most superficial level, there is nothing irrational about fearing Islam. The truth of this is most clearly demonstrated by those who tout the term, for so rational is their fear of Islam that they do everything they can to avoid provoking Muslims, and to make sure no one else provokes Muslims either, by combatting “Islamophobia,” i.e., saying or doing anything that might provoke Muslims, i.e., anything they do not like said or done or thought (oh yes, thought, too. No self-respecting totalitarian system is without thought-control).

On one level, “Islamophobia” looks like a contrivance aimed at silencing any criticism of Islam and Muslims, which of course it is. But there is a deeper and much more sinister point to “Islamophobia” than the mere bullying of critics, serious as the consequences of such bullying might be. Something altogether different is at play here: the conditioning of the mind to totalitarian control, the Western mind in particular. “Islamophobia” can only be described in sentimental terms, and as such, it is legally undefinable (the best legal minds have tried) and so unenforcible under law. Its power to modify behaviour lies in sentiment and subjectivity, backed by the intimidation of the prospect of violence. To be accused of “Islamophobia” is, by that very act, to be guilty of it, for it is an accusation against which there can be no defence, against which everyone has to constantly prove their innocence to avoid being accused. In a world that sniffs out "Islamophobia," everyone is a suspect, and so permanently on trial.

The totalitarian control inherent to “Islamophobia” works by pre-emptive restraint. Muslims are likely to get upset if you were to say that their prophet was a paedophile, even though their own Islamic holy texts are the source of this information. To avoid “Islamophobia,” many will avoid mentioning this inconvenient truth to Muslims. Self-preservation is a valid concern. But when, in the absence of Muslims, we rebuke one another for “Islamophobia,” or worse, we shut down our own thoughts and beat ourselves up for being “Islamophobic,” then it no longer has anything to do with whether Muslims are likely to burn down a city in response. It now has to do with our having become less than ourselves, and in this reduced state, we lead what used to be our free lives.

This hobbled and depoliticised state is the precondition for the British police’s great Orwellian move in October 2019.[2] In what it called “Hate Crimes Awareness Week,” British police asked the citizens of Orwell’s island to report “hateful behaviour” even if it isn’t a crime and even if they have no evidence. What possible interest could the police have in people who have not committed any crime, and there being no evidence that they have done or might do so, you would be justified in asking. This used to be called “wasting police time.” One of the hallmarks of totalitarianism is everyone spying on everyone else. In Islam this is called enjoining the right and forbidding the wrong, which turns every Muslim into the police.

In taking this step, Britain had graduated from a shabby police state to a decent, respectable police state, one that can claim its rightful place and hold its head high in the top tier of police states, right up there with the Soviet Union, with the People’s Republic of China, with the People’s Democratic Republic of Korea, with the Syrian Arab Republic, with the Islamic Republic of Iran, and of course, with Oceania. It would be a fair bet that reporting the Qur’an for hate crime would get the plaintiff arrested for hate crime.

Britain might have escaped the totalitarianism under rapid construction in the European Union, but it is too late. The septic isle has no need of an “Islamophobia” Czarina. Now that Muslims and their acolytes are hard at work clearing the Jews out of Europe (including Britain), the EU’s new “Islamophobia” Czarina need only watch out for writing such as this.


  1. Middle English: from Old French holocauste, via late Latin from Greek holokauston, from holos ‘whole’ + kaustos ‘burnt’ (from kaiein ‘burn’).
  2. Robert Spencer, “UK police urge public to report ‘hateful’ behaviour ‘even if it isn’t a crime,’ say ‘you don’t even need evidence’,” Jihad Watch, 22 October 2019,