In his cage by Eid*

During some months of the year, Muslims are encouraged to be peaceful for their advantage, while during other months, they are encouraged to be violent. Compounding the incongruity is that these months are all sacred months, a form of political manipulation.

In his cage by Eid*
Picture credit: Jornal do Libano

*By Jalal Tagreeb

In a previous article, Mr Jalal Tagreeb, a former Muslim apologist, talked about his defeat in debates with secularists.

Ramadan 2022 was the first for Mr Tagreeb as a former Muslim. For him, the spiritual power of the holy month of Ramadan was one of his last two powerful Islamic lines of defence. This year, for the first time in his life, Mr Tagreeb did not follow any Ramadan religious rituals, simply because they mean nothing to someone who has failed to defend his Islamic faith in arguments before secularists.

Islam’s second line of defence is the holy first ten days of the month of Dhu’l-Hijjah, one of the holiest periods of the Islamic year, exceeding in holiness even the days of Ramadan. Not only did Mr Tagreeb not follow any of the rituals in the ten best days this year, he also dispatched the current article on the 8th of Dhu’l-Hijjah (7th July) in an act of complete surrender. This demolishing of his last powerful lines of defence truly marks the victory of secularists over his untenable stance. Perhaps secularists should celebrate Eid al-Adha this year but from a different perspective, they secularised the Muslim scholar who vowed to defeat them in debates!

In this article, Mr Tagreeb lays out his thoughts on the Islamic sacred months, publishing it on the first day of Eid al-Adha marks the complete downfall. So let us hear it from a former Muslim apologist.

“In Islamic culture, the sacred or inviolable months are four months of the Hijri (Islamic) calendar: Dhul-Qa'dah, Dhu'l-Hijjah, Muharram and Rajab. Fighting and struggling is forbidden during these months, except in response to aggression,” (Wikipedia). The holiness of these months is not to be confused with the holiness of Ramadan. The purpose of the tradition of four inviolable months was to enable pilgrims, merchants, and others to go to markets or places of worship and return home safely. The pilgrimage (Hajj) is performed on the eighth, ninth and tenth of the month of Dhu'l-Hijjah. The Hajj Day of Arafah is the ninth day of the month. Eid al-Adha, the “Festival of the Sacrifice,” begins on the tenth day and ends at sunset on the 13th.

However, in the other sacred month, Ramadan, which is Islam’s holiest month, Muslims are commanded to fast and encouraged to do good deeds and pray. Some intensify their killing, committing the ultimate sacrifice for their faith, fuelled by the reverence of Ramadan as ‘the month of Victory and Conquest.’ This means that, during some months of the year, Muslims are encouraged to be peaceful for their advantage, while during other months, they are encouraged to be violent. Compounding the incongruity is that these months are all sacred months, a form of political manipulation.

Ironically, the Ottoman sultan Bayezid I, at the height of his power in 1402, thought of himself as “the Terroriser of the World,” superior to fortune, and for whom Europe and Asia were little things easily controlled. While he besieged the Byzantine capital, Constantinople, i.e., on the verge of realising the jihad dream of “conquering Rome,” a new threat emerged from eastern Anatolia, that of the advancing army of Central Asian ruler Timur (Tamerlane) that distracted Bayezid from his jihad against the Christians. Timur sent a polite letter to the sultan, but that courtesy was returned with Bayezid’s own insult. He ordered the beards of Timur's envoys be shaved, sending the emissaries back to their master in disgrace, thereby demonstrating that the sultan feared no man.

Timur defeated and captured Bayezid I at the Battle of Ankara, variously dated to 20 or 28 July 1402 Julian (28 July or 6 August 1402 Gregorian). The Hijri dates are 19 or 27 Dhu'l-Hijjah 804, either way, within the holy month. The sultan’s haughty pride remained undiminished, in contrast to his captor’s continued respect. Timur’s remedy for the sultan’s arrogance was to have him shackled in fetters and chains of gold in a small iron cage exposed on all sides, and carried up and down like a bird in a cage amongst his other trophies. Byzantine officials on their way to hand the sultan the keys to their city, were instead given the key to his cage! The Terroriser of the World was plucked from the highest jihad victory and put on display in a cage by none other than “The Sword of Islam” himself, during one of Islam’s holiest months!

This is the result of arrogance and aggression. Do not be a victim of this ideology. Therefore we encourage Muslims to turn away from violence and instead look at logical reasoning and embrace love and peace.


" ... stay safe in the cage!"

" That's an interesting take and honestly we need to present it more. Shamed Muslims will probably be saying things like "he wasn't a proper scholar... Bla Bla" or "he is fake". We all know it is not and we can prove it."

" I am sure that the Eid is now more interesting to celebrate!"

"... this is what he insisted on, so he paid the price. Thank you Tamerlane for putting the sultan in his place!"

" ... your intellectual defeat is very hopeful for many of us who have pondered the arrogant overconfidence we meet in many Muslim apologists (particularly of the genre of Mohammed Hijab!)"

" ... what a wonderful lesson to learn on the first day of Eid!"

" ... this is God's work on you, because you attempted to debunk Christianity on Christmas, we look forward to seeing more of God's work on you! " ... Christian

" ... serves him right, he deserves it."

" ... fantastic! Thanks for posting on the first day of Eid."

" ... GAME OVER! Finally raising the hand of the winner ... Secularism."

" ... that's too heavy, but after reading the other article I would say that he and the sultan were flogged by their own whips."

" ... in his cage and no escape! "

" ... Eid Mubarak!!!"

" ... that finalises our debate, Jalal."

" ... WOW! finally!"

" ... well-deserved, congratulations to secularists."

" ... I knew this would happen at the end because his arguments were weak ... thanks for posting on Eid."

" ... shave off your beard as the sultan did for Timur's envoys :-)"

" ... please pass it to Harris Sultan to make a video about it ... it's wonderful!"

" ... well-done secularists!"

" ... nice to see this misconception about sacred months being explained by an ex-Muslim on the first day of Eid. Thank you."

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"... I do not know if Jalal published that as an act of surrender, sulk or both ... anyway, I shall include it in my next lecture about secularism ;-)"

"... perhaps you have to fast for three days (expiation for breaking the oath/vow to defeat secularists :-))."

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"... the cage certainly protected the sultan from the "Victory and Conquest!", believe me it is better for him."

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"I was one of Jalal's opponent debaters, he put massive effort in preparing the 'theatre' for the aftermath of the debate so he can expose his victory and present his opponents in a very humiliating manner using social media platforms, forums, etc. Instead, he should have put this effort in preparing his arguments, he used basic techniques and it was fairly easy to counter all of his Islamic arguments. The quick evaporation of his ego and overconfidence gave him the sense of emptiness which eventually led to collapse. Jalal did not accept his defeat because he is "strong" but because he was confronted with the strong truth, he had no other choice but to accept the defeat. He bristled with the thought that he can easily defeat an uninformed Kafir in debate -- he promised -- but he was surprised that his opponents are more knowledgeable than him. Jalal owes us an apology on his joyful day of Eid-ul-Adha.